Captain America at Heritage Auctions

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As we continue to honor those who served this Veteran’s Day, we wanted to take a look at some key Captain America books. These particular books have been graded by CBCS and sold at Heritage Auction. So, while this may not look like a typical keys list, it should be an interesting look nonetheless. Some of these realized prices are several years old, so we will compare them to current prices. Let’s get started with the first book on or Captain America at Heritage Auctions list.

Captain America Comcis #1

First, on our list is Captain America Comics #1. Back in August of 2016, Heritage sold a CBCS 8.5 copy of this book for $47,800. The most ever realized for this book in that grade at the auction house. A quick search of the current secondary market did not reveal any available copies of this book. Our Pop Report shows just 18 total copies, four of which are 8.5s, with six copies graded higher.

Captain America at Heritage Auctions

Avengers #4

The second book on the list is Avengers #4. Much like the book above, this one holds a lot of first. It was Cap’s first official appearance on a Marvel cover. His first appearance in a Silver Age book. Finally, he joined the Avengers. Now, if that weren’t enough, it also gives readers the death of Bucky and the first cameo of Baron Zemo. Back in February 2016 a CBCS 9.6 copy, with Rocky Mountain pedigree, sold at Heritage for $16,730. Currently, there are few available on the market. The best of which is a CBCS 9.4 listed at $34,500.

USA Comics #7

Next, is Timely’s USA Comics #7, published in March of 1943. Martin Oksner Burns, the second Marvel Boy, makes his first appearance here. This is not to be confused with Daring Mystery Comics #6, in which the first Marvel Boy, Martin Simon Burns appears. Also, the first cameo of Adolf Hitler in a comic. Heritage sold a copy of USA Comics #7 for $9,560 in February 2017. There are not currently copies currently available on the market.

Captain America at Heritage Auctions

Captain America Comics #74

Book number four on our Captain America at Heritage Auctions list is where the horror format begins. Captain America Comics #74 was Timely’s attempt at the genre. Unfortunately, it failed, and the title disappeared for four years following book #75. Now, it has its place with collectors though. In August of 2018, Heritage sold a CBCS 5.5 copy for $8,962.50. Again, no CBCS copies are available on the market, currently.

Young Allies #1

Finally, the fifth book on the list is Young Allies #1. What would later be explained as a comic that existed in the Marvel Universe, this key is unique. Now, what it did offer is the first team appearance of the Young Allies. A team made up of Bucky and Toro as well as a few others. Perhaps, just as important, Captain America and the Human Torch meet for the first time. Heritage sold a CBCS 7.5 copy in November of 2017 for $7,170.

Thanks for checking our Captain America at Heritage Auctions list. If you have any of these books let’s see them on social. Post them and make sure to tag us. Speaking of social media, make sure you enter this giveaway for a Captain America 377 remark on our Instagram page. Finally, check out our Eternals Spin-Off list from earlier this week.

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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