First look: 2012 Topps Finest Football


By Andrew Tolentino | Football Editor

Not long after the retro-filled, quarterback commemorative, Andrew Luck-infused goodness coming in basic Topps football,  2012 Finest should hit hobby  shops with distinct, higher-end appeal.

The fourth brand in Topps’ early-season release schedule lands on Aug. 20  — leaving plenty of time  to swap these airbrushed mockup images for fully-licensed NFL photography. According to the manufacturer, 2012 Topps Finest will include even more on-card autographs which should make for a lineup of big hits in Rookie Refractor autograph variations, Finest Atomic rookie autograph Refractors, and, let’s be honest, anything with Andrew Luck’s signature on it.  More details after the jump.

Among the Luck-y charms, the Topps press release highlights the allure of pulling one of his exclusive “Lucky Cuts” autograph die-cut cards.

  • Lucky Cuts autographs parallel the plain, but desirable Lucky Cut insert with on-card autographs and will be numbered to 10.
  • Lucky Cuts Patch Relics feature multi-color swatches and are numbered to 25.

Obviously, autographs from the projected top pick aren’t a guarantee, but the product does offer a more-than-mediocre “Master Box” manifest. Here’s the rundown on what to expect from each 12-pack (six packs in each two-per-box mini box) break:

  • One numbered Rookie Autograph Patch
  • One numbered autographed Jumbo Relic
  • Two Atomic Die-Cut Refractor Rookie Cards
  • Two Finest Moments inserts

Autograph patch cards showcase up to 40 rookies with multi-color patches and signatures on refractive chrome printing. The plethora of parallels include:

  • Blue Refractors (numbered to 99)
  • Gold Refractors (numbered to 75)
  • Red Refractors (numbered to 50
  • Pulsar Refractor (new, numbered to 25)
  • Prism Refractors (new, numbered to 10)
  • Black Refractor Pigskin NFL Shields (new, featuring Rookie Premiere footballs, 1/1)
  • Superfractors (1/1)

One-per-box autograph Jumbo Relics feature up to 55 rookies and veterans alongside penmanship and large jersey swatches. Parallels include:

  • Blue Refractors (numbered to 99)
  • Gold Refractors (numbered to 75)
  • Red Refractors (numbered to 25)
  • Prism Refractors (numbered to 10)
  • Black Refractor Logos (1/1)
  • Superfractor patches (1/1)

2012 Finest will also feature numbered, hard-signed versions of the base Rookie Cards, each with increasingly exclusive parallels.

  • Red Refractors (numbered to 15)
  • Pulsar Refractors (numbered to 10)
  • Superfractors (1/1)

Finest Moments inserts fall one per mini box and highlight key moments in 25 veteran and rookie careers. These also come in Refractor parallels and in rarer autographed variations:

  • Pulsar Refractors (numbered to 10)
  • Superfractors (1/1)

The 150-card base set in 2012 Finest will be comprised of 50 rookies and 100 veterans with the following per-pack parallel odds and numbered allure:

  • Refractors (1:3)
  • Prism Refractors (1:6)
  • Blue Refractors (numbered to 99)
  • Gold Refractors (numbered to 50)
  • Red Refractors (numbered to 25)
  • Pulsar Refractors (numbered to 10)
  • Superfractors (1/1)
  • Printing plates (1/1)

Stay tuned to after the Rookie Premiere to see what these cards look like after official NFL photography and more details become available.






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  1. carl leidy 21 June, 2012 at 13:07

    Can’t wait for 12 Finest. Question about 2011 Finest Football. Checklist showed RAP of locker, ingram, Dalton and Gabbert. I only saw Refractors of Gabbert and Dalton. Did they not produce RAPs of these guys?

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