2021 Topps Now Star Wars Visions Checklist and Details


2021 Topps Now Star Wars Visions represents the first trading cards for the series of Disney+ anime shorts. Releasing to coincide with their streaming premier, the line takes a print-to-order format with a bit of a twist. Rather than one larger set, each episode gets its own group of five cards.

Available through the Topps website for one week (September 23-30), each episode’s set costs $19.99. There are discounts for ordering three, five, ten or 20 of the same set but, as of now, there isn’t a bundle available with all of the episodes together.

Whatever is ordered during the sales window is what’s ultimately printed. Exact print runs will be announced after the sale is done.

The layout is the same for all nine mini sets. Still from each episode are mainly a mix of characters and some action. Backs have a short synopsis of what’s going on.

This isn’t the first time that there have been Topps Now Star Wars cards. Both season one and season two of The Mandalorian had small sets released after each episode.

2021 Topps Now Star Wars Visions Checklist

Episode 1: The Duel

Print Run: TBA

2021 Topps Now Star Wars Visions The Duel

1 The Ronin
2 Prepared for Battle
3 The Ronin, B5-56 & Sullustan Shopkeeper
4 Sith Bandit Leader
5 The Village

Episode 2: Tatooine Rhapsody

Print Run: TBA

1 Jay Is a Big Dreamer
2 Jabba the Hutt
3 The Band Prepares to Play
4 Jay, Kurti & Lan
5 Boba Fett in Pursuit

Episode 3: The Twins

Print Run: TBA

2021 Topps Now Star Wars Visions The Twins

1 Am Enters the Room
2 Am Is a True Believer in the Dark Side
3 Karre Pushes Against the Dark Purpose
4 The Star Destroyer
5 R-DUO Is a Trusty Companion

Episode 4: The Elder

Print Run: TBA

2021 Topps Now Star Wars Visions The Elder

1 Dan & Tajin
2 The Elder
3 Dan & His Lightsaber
4 Showdown
5 The Elder Is Stronger Than He Looks

Episode 5: The Village Bride

Print Run: TBA

1 F & Valco
2 F: A Young Jedi
3 Saku & the Villagers
4 Izuma
5 Haru & Asu

Episode 6: Akakiri

Print Run: TBA

1 Tsubaki & Masago Battle
2 Tsubaki & Misa
3 Masago & His Army
4 Tsubaki: A Jedi with a Dark Destiny
5 Senshuu & Kamahachi

Episode 7: T0-B1

Print Run: TBA

1 The Inquisitor Arrives
2 T0-B1: A Cybernetic Boy
3 Mitaka: A Loving, Protective Scientist
4 Mitaka & T0-B1
5 T0-B1 Dreams of Becoming a Jedi

Episode 8: The Ninth Jedi

Print Run: TBA

1 Ethan Summoned by Mysterious Jedi Master
2 Zhima
3 The Warriors Assemble
4 Juro & Roden Clash
5 Juro & Kara

Episode 9: Lop & Ocho

Print Run: TBA

1 A Happy Family
2 Lop Training
3 Lop, TD-4 & Yasaburo
4 Lop & TD-4
5 The Encroaching Empire


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