2019 Topps Now Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 1 Checklist, Details


2019 Topps Now Star Wars: The Mandalorian takes a print-a-demand look at the Disney Plus show’s first season. With each new episode chapter comes a new group of cards highlighting key moments and storyline turning points.

2019 Topps Now Star Wars: The Mandalorian 7

Available exclusively through the Topps website, each chapter’s set has a one-week sales window. It’s at that time that orders are cut off, print runs are determined and the cards made.

Episodes get five cards with a screen shot from the show on the front and a very brief¬† caption on the back. It’s more of a quick recap than it is a deep dive into the first live-action Star Wars series. It’s also one of the first places to find merchandise of the show’s breakout star, Baby Yoda The Child. Its introduction with the Chapter 3 cards provided a boost to the print runs, almost tripling Chapter 2’s sales.

Starting with the first episode, autographs are also available. Sold separately, these offer up the first autograph cards connected to the show. These have set print runs and may sell out sooner than the one-week sales window.

2019 Topps Now Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 1 Checklist

More cards will be added as they’re released.

Base Set

Chapter 1

Date Available: November 13
Print Run: 714 sets

1 The Mythrol Discovers He Is Wanted
2 The Razor Crest Attacked
3 The Mandalorian Draws His Weapon
4 Kuiil Leads the Way
5 IG-11 Is After the Bounty

Chapter 2

Date Available: November 18
Print Run: 553 sets

6 Fighting Off Trandoshan Warriors
7 The Mandalorian Repairs His Armor
8 Scaling the Sandcrawler
9 Fighting the Beast
10 Recovering the Egg

Chapter 3

Date Available: November 25
Print Run: 1,315 sets

11 Returning to the Client
12 The Child Looks On
13 Delivering the Bounty
14 Backup Arrives
15 This Is the Way

Chapter 4

Date Available: December 2
Print Run: 1,004 sets

16 Landing on Sorgan
17 Cara Dune and the Mandalorian Meet
18 Ready for Battle
19 Facing the Imperial Walker
20 Leaving the Village

Chapter 5

Date Available: December 9
Print Run: 1,179 sets

21 Meeting Mechanic Peli Motto
22 The Mark – Assassin Fennec Shand
23 Toro Calican and the Mandalorian Ride Off
24 Showdown with Shand
25 The Child Survives the Shootout

Chapter 6

Date Available: December 16
Print Run: 998 sets

26 Attacked by Security Droids
27 The Mandalorian and Mercenaries Confronted
28 Sneaking Up Behind Mayfield
29 Saved by The Mandalorian
30 Tracked by the New Republic

Chapter 7

Date Available: December 19
Print Run: 884 sets

31 Discussing the Situation on Navarro
32 Bringing The Mandalorian In
33 The Client Hears from Moff Gideon
34 Moff Gideon Demands The Child
35 Imperial Troopers Assemble

Chapter 8

Date Available: December 30
Print Run: 2,219 sets

36 Taking Out the Stormtroopers
37 Receiving the Jetpack
38 IG-11’s Sacrifice
39 TIE Fighter Trouble
40 A Clan of Two



GC-A Gina Carano as Cara Dune (/49, Purple /25, Red /10, Orange /5, Gold 1/1)

GE-A Ginacarlo Espsito as Moff Gideon (/49, Purple /25, Red /10, Orange /5, Gold 1/1)

OA-A Omid Obtahi as Dr. Pershing (/49, Purple /25, Red /10, Orange /5, Gold 1/1)



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