2020 Topps Star Wars Masterwork Details


It’s back to the high-end with 2020 Topps Star Wars Masterwork. The ongoing line continues to be a chase-centric release with a hit in every pack as well as both an insert and a parallel. Delving further into the configuration, autographs remain a major focus with two in every four-pack hobby box.

2020 Topps Star Wars Masterwork Base Set Basics

The base set focuses on characters. But it’s Star Wars so that can mean humans, aliens, creatures and droids. The entire franchise is in play, including Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian, both of which makes their Masterwork debut.

2020 Topps Star Wars Masterwork Babu Frik

Sticking with the high-end theme, even the regular cards are premium in their construction. They’re done on thick 72 pt stock.

Parallels change up the colors in the background. Collectors can find these in Blue, Green (/99), Purple (/50), Orange (/10), Black (/5), Printing Plates (1/1) and Gold (1/1).


Autographs take on a variety of forms but they start with the main lineup. These draw from an expansive roster including all the live-action movies and The Mandalorian.

2020 Topps Star Wars Masterwork Autographs Silver Frame

The vast majority of signatures are in the regular Autographs set. These have parallels in the following colors and formats:

  • Blue Foil – /99
  • Rainbow Foil – /50
  • Canvas – /25
  • Wood – /10
  • Silver Frame – /5
  • Gold Frame – 1/1
  • Printing Plates – 1/1

2020 Topps Star Wars Masterwork Autographs Gold Frame

New to 2020 Topps Star Wars Masterwork are Behind-the-Scenes Autographs, which showcase some of the creators working on the other side of the camera. Despite the dozens of Star Wars sets over the decades, these are people who are seldom found on trading cards. 2007 Topps Star Wars 30th Anniversary would be the most prominent example.

Behind-the-Scenes Autographs parallels include Rainbow Foil (/50), Canvas (/25), Wood (/10), Silver Frame (/5), Printing Plates (1/1) and Gold Frame (1/1).

Multi-signature cards include Dual Autographs (/50) and Triple Autographs (/25). Both of these have additional Wood (/10), Black (/5) and Gold (1/1) versions. Dual Autographs also come with Canvas (/25) parallels.

2020 Topps Star Wars Masterwork Dual Autograph

Quad Autograph Book cards are extremely rare with just two copies each.

There’s also a one-of-one Ultra Autograph Book that has ten signatures.

Pen Relic Autographs return. These have a signature as well as a piece of a pen used during a signing.

Of the two autographs in every 2020 Topps Star Wars Masterwork hobby box, at least one is on-card.

Other Inserts

The additional hits take on a few different forms.

The cornerstone sketch cards are back. Besides traditional single-panel works of original art, there are panoramic and sketch book cards as well.

Dual Sourced Fabric Costume Relics come with a pair of swatches. They might not be screen-worn, but those are few and far between. These have Purple (/25), Orange (/25), Black (/5) and Gold (1/1) versions.

The remaining hit themes are more along the lines of premium inserts, Commemorative Dog Tag Medallions and Commemorative Stamp cards. Both sets have Purple (/50), Orange (/10), Black (/5) and Gold (1/1) parallels. Stamp cards also have Green versions that have 99 copies. Select medallion cards come with additional autograph versions that have their own assortment of Purple (/50), Orange (/10), Black (/5) and Gold (1/1) parallels.

Three regular inserts are on the 2020 Masterwork checklist as well: The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary, The Wisdom of Yoda, and Troopers of the Galactic Empire. These combine to land one per pack.

Inserts have their own assortment of parallel versions as well: Rainbow Foil (/299), Canvas (/25), Wood (/10), Metal (/5), Printing Plates (1/1) and Gold Metal (1/1).

2020 Topps Star Wars Masterwork trading cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: 5
Packs per box: 4
Boxes per case: 8
Set size: 100 cards
Release date: December 9, 2020

What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Autographs – 2
  • Additional Autographs, Memorabilia, Sketch, Stamp or Medallion Cards – 2 Total
  • Inserts – 4
  • Parallels – 4

The 2020 Topps Star Wars Masterwork checklist will be up as soon as it’s available, likely shortly before the set comes out.


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