Topps Star Wars Living Set Checklist and Details


Nobody’s going to deny that there are a lot of Star Wars movies. The far away universe opens up even more through television and other forms of media. But to populate such a vast universe, you need characters. The Topps Star Wars Living Set is delving into that area like never before with an ongoing trading card set that looks at the ‘who’ of the franchise through art.

Like other Topps Living Set lines, this release has a beginning but no defined end. In fact, it’s not even planned. Each week, a pair of new cards will release on the Topps website. These cards are available for seven days and that’s it. The following week comes a new crop and so forth. As the months — and presumably years — go by, the checklist will continue to expand.

These cards are available individually starting at $7.99 or as a two-card lot for $11.99. You can also find them available with pre-sales on the secondary market through places like eBay.

As for the cards themselves, the basis of the design is the blue starfield border of the original 1977 Topps Star Wars set. Rather than using photos, characters have been drawn by Kris Penix.

Star Wars Living Set 1 Darth Vader

There are rules to the Topps Star Wars Living Set (feeding after midnight is optional). Each character will only be used once for each film, live-action TV series and animated series they appear in. So Princess Leia might have multiple cards over time, just one can come from A New Hope. Same for Return of the Jedi where she might be shown as Jabba’s prisoner or on Endor but not both.

This is the third take on the Topps Living Set model. Baseball debuted in 2018. UEFA Champions League started in spring, 2019.

Topps Star Wars Living Set Checklist

This checklist will expand in the weeks and months ahead. Print runs will be added as they become available. If you’re looking for a specific card, click on the link to see what’s available on eBay.

June 4, 2019

1 Darth Vader – A New Hope – 3,909
2 Nien Nunb – Return of the Jedi – 2,888

June 11, 2019

3 R2-D2 – A New Hope – 2,710
4 Stormtrooper – A New Hope – 2,601

June 18, 2019

5 Bossk – Return of the Jedi – 2,205
6 Val – Solo – 2,161

June 25, 2019

7 Queen Amidala – The Phantom Menace – 2,038
8 Death Star Gunner – A New Hope – 1,922

July 2, 2019

9 Grand Admiral Thrawn – Rebels – 1,760
10 Uncle Owen Lars – A New Hope – 1,721

July 9, 2019

11 Wedge Antilles – Return of the Jedi
12 Dengar – Empire Strikes Back

July 16, 2019

13 Jar Jar Binks – The Phantom Menace
14 Moloch – Solo


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