Steiner Sports launches DJ3K memorabilia line after Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit

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By Chris Olds | Baseball Editor | Commentary

Derek Jeter finally has his 3,000th hit, so now comes the exciting part for New York Yankees fans who collect the captain.

That’s right, the commemorative merchandise.

And that’s where Steiner Sports comes in as the New York-based company has an exclusive deal with the Yankees shortstop for autographed memorabilia and has readied a line of DJ3K memorabilia including several autographed items and game-used dirt displays from the game. The items will feature photos from the actual hit once they arrive.

Among them is a “commemorative dirt bat” which will include dirt adhered to the bat inside a Yankees logo.  Other items include replica scorecards and ticket collages as well as a selection of signed photos.

Thanks to a sneak peek from Steiner, you can see them all — and see the prices — after the jump.

Commemorative dirt bat — $199.99 (above)
Commemorative dirt Bat (autographed) — $999.99
Olds’ Observation: Game-used dirt affixed within a Louisville Slugger is certainly a new one. Could look pretty interesting in-person and bats have a certain appeal as they can be held and swung unlike other items.

Timeline framed 20×24 collage — $149.99
Timeline framed 20×24 collage (autographed) — $799.99 (above)
Olds’ Observation: This looks like it might be the most-informative piece of memorabilia here. That doesn’t always jive perfectly with tastes of collectors, but that’s why there are a few items to choose from.

Framed 11×14 mini dirt collage — $69.99
Olds’ Observation: A simple and inexpensive item that includes a little piece of the game with an MLB-authenticated dirt capsule. This one might end up being very popular.

“In The Game” framed 16×20 collage — $249.99
Olds’ Observation: Affixing game-used dirt to the photo also is something new — at least to this writer — so if it’s done well it could be quite interesting.

Replica lineup card framed collage — $99.99
Olds’ Observation: The replica lineup card might be something that has appeal for some fans of the Yankees. The game-used dirt adds a bit more to the package.

Replica ticket framed collage — $99.99
Olds’ Observation: Depending on its size, this item (for its price) might be the most-impressive of the more-affordable options.

Autographed 8×10 photo (image No. 1) — $599.99
Autographed 8×10 photo (image No. 2) — $599.99
Autographed 16×20 photo (image No. 1) — $699.99
Autographed 16×20 photo (image No. 2) — $699.99
Olds’ Observation: For the discerning fan, the standard autographed photo is probably the best route. For the price, go with the 16×20 — a much more impressive item than an 8×10 for not that much more.

Dirt plaque (4×6) — $24.99
Olds’ Observation: Steiner’s dirt plaques are made for many players — so much so they could almost be considered oversized baseball cards. This would be Jeter’s 3K highlight card to go along with his standard card and those of his teammates. Collect ’em all!

Road To 3000 floating 14×18 framed dirt collage — $149.99
Olds’ Observation: This item showcases the DJ3K logo quite well while including all the pertinent information as well as an action photo, a studio portrait and a capsule of game-used dirt. Not a bad item. It’s balanced quite well design-wise.

Autographed 3000th Hit Engraved Baseball — $699.99 (Engraved image TBD.)
Olds’ Observation: Jeter has signed plenty of baseballs in the past, so the newest thing here is a 3,000-hit engraving burned onto the baseball itself. If it’s the DJ3K logo, I think it’s a winner. If not, it might just be an item that the collecting traditionalists latch on to.

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Baseball magazine. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an email to him at Follow him on Twitter by clicking here.

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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  1. Richard M. 12 July, 2011 at 12:57

    The guy who catches the ball gives it to Jeter and now he faces a tax bill for the gift tax (approx50% of whatever they think the ball could have sold for.) Nice guy. Yet Jeter already was ready to cah in at our expense as Steiner is already to go. What an idiot

  2. peter ullman 13 July, 2011 at 11:37

    What a bunch of absolute overpriced garbage…I’m embarrassed to be a Yankees fan!

  3. Anderson Milan 14 July, 2011 at 16:29

    Amazing how Steiner Sports is gauging the industry with their crap memorabilia line. Have you seen the prices on the website? How can that company continue to thrive off of milestones like this when they charge the prices that they do? I hear they are still sitting with chairs and other artifacts from the old stadium because they are priced way too high! Hey Cristian Lopes- I also hear from an inside source (the annoying Steiner Sales Person who calls every 2 days offering me “Special Deals”), that the CEO is one of the biggest racists out there! Hope you don’t think he is looking to help you!!! Unlike you, he sees dollar signs on somebody else’s good deed

    From mod: They can charge those prices because people will buy the stuff. It’s really that simple.

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