Beckett OPG By The Numbers: 2012-13 Hoops


By Chris Olds | Beckett Basketball Editor

The auctions have ended, the numbers have been crunched. The ranges have been tabulated and the OPG has been posted.

The 2012-13 Hoops basketball card set from Panini America has arrived on with the favorites, autographs and memories in tow. Let’s take a look inside the numbers crunched by Beckett Basketball Senior Market Analyst Rob Springs — and see even more — after the jump.

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Total value: $9,272

Average price: $7.61

Highest card: Hoops Rookie Impact Autographs #1 Kyrie Irving, $200-$400

Other Notable Cards:
— Hoops Autographs #223 Kyrie Irving, $200-$350
— Hoops Draft Night Autographs #1 Anthony Davis, $200-$350
— Hoops #KD1 Kevin Durant (Durantula), $60-$150
— Hoops Autographs #120 Ricky Rubio, $75-$150

Springs Says: Hoops has been broken really well and collectors are amped about the double rookie class. It has provided tons of regular rookies to chase, as well as a bunch of rookie autographs. The short-prints appear to be pretty tough again in the base autograph set. It’s interesting to see the mix of rookie values when you combine together a class that has already performed on the court and the prospecting for the 2012-13 NBA Draft class. Definitely a fun break — and one that overdelivers on value at the $2 price point.

Olds’ Opinion: Hoops is back for a second year under the Panini portfolio, and it’s an offering that has an important place in the hobby — it’s a product that can get new collectors into the game without breaking the bank. That alone should tell you how under-appreciated this low-end brand really is. Bigger-picture, this is the kind of brand that collectors in other sports might clamor for — a deep checklist, a no-frills back-to-basic printing approach that is autograph friendly, a couple of quality hits (at least they aren’t jerseys) in every hobby box and a little bit of variety, too.

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Basketball magazine. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an email to him at Follow him on Twitter by clicking here.


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  1. XstreamINsanity 30 August, 2012 at 19:55

    Two things. First, you mention “2011-12” Hoops in the article. Secondly, the checklist is posted, but no values are showing up. Just bought a blaster and rack pack of this tonight to try out. Liking it, going for the set.

  2. Joshua (jpleazme805) 5 September, 2012 at 18:11

    Hoops is a good product for beginner collectors, but those that have collected for years & years.. know they are taking a gamble if they are buying boxes of Hoops… the odds are against you for the average collectors… who have to save up to buy a box or two… Power Dealers have an advantage.. buying cases at dealer’s prices, to bust, then to sell off the singles for a profit..

    The average collectors will buy a couple boxes & will lose money or break even.. Kobe’s autos do not sell very well anymore.. there are way too many of them.. you can buy last years Hoops Kope for under a $100.

    the huge autograph checklist will make it hard to get a A-List player!!

    I am against the dual ROOKIE release that Panini is doing.. they are trying to manipulate the Basketball Card Market.. They had plenty of time to get RC photos & produce cards for in-pack pulls.. instead of releasing thousands of redemptions for last years hoops & this years hoops.. not all the RC’s will be pack pulled.. Panini created extra work for themselves.

    photos for RC cards don’t need to be taken at a Rookie photoshoot.. why not get an action shot for the 2011-12 RC’s? Panini should have any problem making cards of 2012-13 RC’s

    I loved hoops back in the day.. I was excited that it was coming back!! but after buying 4 boxes of 2011-12 Hoops & getting autos of unpopular players, that will not sell for $10 (including trade value).. I decided not to buy Hoops anymore..

    I will rather buy or trade for a few singles online…

    Hope my comments gets posted on this article.. I hate that comments are screened before they are posted.
    Free Speech..

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