2021 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek Art and Images Checklist and Details

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It’s time for the ladies to take the spotlight in 2021 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek Art and Images. The base set, inserts, autographs and everywhere in between, they’re the focus of the entire product.

2021 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek Art and Images

Typical for Rittenhouse products, there are lots of different card styles on the checklist. Autographs will be the central chase for many. These land three per box.

2021 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek Art and Images Checklist Overview

The base set consists of 72 total cards and covers the entire franchise. From the Original Series to Picard, it covers a lot of ground. Rittenhouse has done a few female-focused Star Trek sets before but new shows have continued to expand the universe they inhabit.

Autographs and Inserts

The expansive approach carries over to the product’s autographs. Among the headliners signing are Nichelle Nichols (Uhara – The Original Series), Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan – The Next Generation), Ashley Judd (Robin Lefler – The Next Generation), Zoe Saldana (Uhara – reboot films), Sonequa Martin-Green (Burnham – Discovery) and Michelle Yeoh (Georgiou – Discovery).

There’s also Majel Barrett who played Nurse Chapel in the Original Series. According to Rittenhouse, these are some of the final Barrett autographs they have. The actress passed away in 2008. The card maker is known for having autographs signed in advance so they can work them into future products. In this case, it’s more than than a decade later.

Dual Autographs are also available.

Sketch cards appear, although they’re tough, landing approximately every other case.

Enterprise‘s T’Pol has a relic card as well.

Starfleet’s Finest Painted Portraits are metal cards with art by Kevin Graham. Each of the set’s ten cards are numbered to 50.

A dozen Women of Star Trek Archive Collection cards also have serial numbers, this time to 99.

Other insert sets include Artists’ Renditions Triple Art (24 cards), Quotable Women of Star Trek Expansion (18 cards) and Vector Art (16 cards).


For those ordering by the case, there are some additional bonus cards not available in packs.

Every case has one of two different Rendered Art Metal cards featuring either Captain Janeway or Seven of Nine from Voyager.

The six-case incentive is a Legends of Star Trek Autograph of Nana Visitor who played Kira Nerys in Deep Space Nine.

Andy Price returns to Rittenhouse with sketch cards that will be used as nine-case incentives. Besides contributing to numerous Rittenhouse sets in the past, Price has worked on numerous comics including My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Finally, there’s a special Archive Box for those purchasing 18 cases. Among the exclusives in these are Printing Plates.

2021 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek Art and Images at a glance:

Release date (subject to change): October 13, 2021
Cards per pack: 5
Packs per box: 24
Boxes per case: 12
Set size: 72 cards

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What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Autographs – 3

2021 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek Art and Images Checklist

Please note that print runs for cards without serial numbers have not been announced.


Base Set Checklist

72 cards.


  • Blue – /99
  • Red – /50
  • Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions; exclusive to Archives boxes)

1 Uhura
2 Number One
3 Christine Chapel
4 Janice Rand
5 Vina
6 T’Pau
7 Elizabeth Dehner
8 Amanda Grayson
9 Edith Keeler
10 Beverly Crusher
11 Deanna Troi
12 Guinan
13 Tasha Yar
14 Ro Laren
15 Katherine Pulaski
16 Lwaxana Troi
17 Alyssa Ogawa
18 K’Ehleyr
19 Kira Nerys
20 Jadzia Dax
21 Leeta
22 Ezri Dax
23 Kasidy Yates
24 Winn Adami
25 Ishka
26 Keiko O’Brien
27 Female Changeling
28 Kathryn Janeway
29 Seven of Nine
30 B’Elanna Torres
31 Kes
32 Seska
33 Borg Queen
34 Kellin
35 Naomi Wildman
36 Rain Robinson
37 T’Pol
38 Hoshi Sato
39 T’Pau
40 Sarin

41 Erika Hernandez
42 Talas
43 Rajiin
44 Navaar
45 Alicia Travers
46 Michael Burnham
47 Philippa Georgiou
48 Sylvia Tilly
49 Keyla Detmer
50 Joann Owosekun
51 L’Rell
52 Airiam
53 Katrina Cornwell
54 Jett Reno
55 Nhan
56 Ilia
57 Carol Marcus
58 Saavik
59 Gillian
60 Caithlin Dar
61 Valeris
62 Martia
63 Azetbur
64 Lursa and B’Etor
65 Lily Sloane
66 Anij
67 Donatra
68 Uhura
69 Carol Marcus
70 Jaylah
71 Kalara
72 Syl

2021 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek Art and Images Checklist Top


2021 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek Art and Images Checklist – Autographs

Combined autograph odds – 1:8 packs

Print runs:

  • Scarce (S) – less than 100 copies
  • Extremely Limited (EL) – 100-200 copies
  • Very Limited (VL) – 200-300 copies
  • Limited (L) – 300-500 copies


Daphne Asbrook – VL
Bertila Damas – VL
Tracy Scoggins – VL

Deep Space Nine

Felicia Bell – S (Archive Box)
Nicole De Boer – VL

Deep Space Nine Quotable

Nicole De Boer – VL


Tig Notaro – VL
Michelle Yeoh – VL

Discovery Dual

Sonequa Martin-Green / Mia Kirshner – S (Archive Box)

Enterprise Full-Bleed

Ada Maris – L

Legends of Star Trek

Kirstie Alley – VL
Sofia Boutella – EL
Robin Curtis
Alice Eve – VL
Catherine Hicks – L
Nana Visitor – Six-Case Incentive
Grace Lee Whitney – EL


Zoe Saldana – S


Isa Briones – EL
Jeri Ryan – S (Archive Box)

Silver Signature

Barbara Anderson – VL
Nicole De Boer – VL

TNG Classic

Lucy Boryer – VL
Walker Brandt – VL
Ellen Bry – L
Ursaline Bryant – VL
Susan Christy – L
Alex Datcher – L
Angelina Fiordellisi – L
Fionnulla Flannigan – L
Judith Jones – VL
Anna Katarina – L
Page Leong – L
Amy Pietz – L
Margaret Reed – VL
Karole Selmon – VL
Michelan Sisti – L
Jandi Swanson – VL
Julie Warner – L

TNG Quotable

Whoopi Goldberg (TNG Quotable) – EL

TOS Black

Victoria George – VL
Tanya Lemani – L

TOS Black Border

Barbara Anderson – VL

Classic TOS

A314 Barbara Anderson – VL
A315 Barbara Baldavin – VL
Carey Foster – L
Victoria George – VL
Adele Yoshioka – L

TOS Inscription

Barbara Anderson – L


Cyia Batten – VL
Henriette Ivanans

Women of Star Trek

Kirstie Alley – VL
Carolyn Allport – VL
Barbara Anderson – VL
Daphne Asbrook – VL
Sharisse Baker-Bernard – L
Barbara Baldavin – L
Majel Barrett – VL
Lucy Boryer – VL
Barbara Bosson – VL
Sofia Boutella – EL
Walker Brandt – VL
Ursaline Bryant – VL
Brooke Bundy – L
Estee Chandler – VL
Lanai Chapman – L
Mary Chieffo
Nicole De Boer – VL
Juliana Donald – L
Stephanie Erb – L
Alice Eve – VL
Alex Datcher – L
Kathleen Garrett – L
Evelyn Guerrero – VL
Lindsey Haun – L
Gina Hecht – L

Catherine Hicks – L
Judith Jones – VL
Ashley Judd – EL
Cindy Katz – L
Kerrie Keane – L
Deborah Lacey – EL
Rosalyn Landor – L
Tanya Lemani – L
Peyton List – S (Archive Box)
BarBara Luna
Ada Maris – L
Marie Marshall – L
Sonequa Martin Green – S
Dina Meyer – L
Joanna Miles – L
Sara Mitich – VL
Marnie Mossiman – L
Nichelle Nichols – EL
Oyin Oladejo – VL
Linda Park – EL
Courtney Peldon – VL
Maryann Plunkett – L
Margaret Reed – VL
Lindsay Ridgeway – L
Wendy Robie – EL

Diane Salinger
Camille Saviola – VL
Tracy Scroggins – VL
Eileen Seeley – VL
Karole Selmon – VL
Marina Sirtis – EL
Louise Sorel – EL
Jandi Swanson – VL
April Tatro – VL
Sharon Thomas – L
Tamilyn Tomita – VL
Beth Toussiant – VL
Helen Udy – VL
Deborah Van Valkenburgh – S (Archive Box)
Pamela Winslow – L
Mary Wiseman – EL

2021 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek Art and Images Checklist Top


2021 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek Art and Images Checklist – Memorabilia Cards

Relic Cards Checklist

1 card.
1:1,152 packs.

RC51 T’Pol

Checklist Top


2021 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek Art and Images Checklist – Inserts

2010 Women of Star Trek Base Expansion

18 cards.
1:24 packs.

91 Commander Michael Burnham
92 Philippa Georgiou
93 Ensign Sylvia Tilly
94 Lt. Keyla Detmer
95 Lt. Joann Owosekun
96 L’Rell
97 Lt. Commander Airiam
98 Admiral Katrina Cornwell
99 Amanda Grayson
100 Commander Nhan
101 Lt. Commander Una
102 Martia
103 Azetbur
104 Donatra
105 Lt. Uhura
106 Lt. Carol Marcus
107 Jaylah
108 Kalara

Artist Rendition Checklist

24 cards.
1:12 packs.


  • Red – /50

AR01 Vina (Artists: Javier Gonzalez, Carlos Cabaleiro, Chris Meeks)
AR02 Dr. Elizabeth Dehner (Artists: Carlos Cabaleiro, Louise Draper, Huy Truong)
AR03 Lieutenant Uhura (Artists: Jason Davies, Kris Penix, Dan Bergren)
AR04 Nurse Christine Chapel (Artists: Kristin Allen, Javier Gonzalez, Norman Jim Faustino)
AR05 Yeoman Janice Rand (Artists: Kristin Allen, Dan Bergren, Carlos Cabaleiro)
AR06 Dr. Beverly Crusher (Artists: Jason Davies, Kristin Allen, Dan Bergren)
AR07 Commander Deanna Troi (Artists: Dan Bergren, Kristin Allen, Carlos Cabaleiro)
AR08 Guinan (Artists: Kristin Allen, Javier Gonzalez, Kris Penix)
AR09 Lieutenant Tasha Yar (Artists: Jason Davies, Dan Bergren, Jason Davies)
AR10 Colonel Kira Nerys (Artists: Kristin Allen, Huy Truong, Chris Meeks)
AR11 Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax (Artists: Louise Draper, Javier Gonzalez, Kris Penix)
AR12 Lieutenant Ezri Dax (Artists: Kristin Allen, Javier Gonzalez, Jennifer Allyn)

AR13 Captain Kathryn Janeway (Artists: Chris Meeks, Kris Penix, Chris Meeks)
AR14 Seven of Nine (Artists: Mick and Matt Glebe, Michael James, Chris Meeks)
AR15 Lieutenant B’Elanna Torres (Artists: Jason Davies, Huy Truong, Kristin Allen)
AR16 Kes (Artists: Javier Gonzalez, Carlos Cabaleiro, Kris Penix)
AR17 Commander T’Pol (Artists: Carlos Cabaleiro, Charles Hall, Javier Gonzalez)
AR18 Ensign Hoshi Sato (Artists: Louise Draper, Javier Gonzalez, Carlos Cabaleiro)
AR19 Lieutenant Ilia (Artists: Carlos Cabaleiro, Kris Penix, Charles Hall)
AR20 Borg Queen (Artists: Kristin Allen, Jason Davies, Kris Penix)
AR21 Lieutenant Saavik (Artists: Dan Bergren, Javier Gonzalez, Carlos Cabaleiro)
AR22 Lieutenant Valeris (Artists: Dan Bergren, Scott Rorie, Javier Gonzalez)
AR23 Dr. Gillian Taylor (Artists: Javier Gonzalez, Carlos Cabaleiro, Scott Rorie)
AR24 Dr. Carol Marcus (Artists: Javier Gonzalez, Dan Bergren, Javier Gonzalez)

Quotable Women of Star Trek Expansion Checklist

18 cards.
1:24 packs.

Q19 Tasha Yar
Q20 Ro Laren
Q21 Lwazana Troi
Q22 Winn Adami
Q23 Ezri Dax
Q24 Kes
Q25 Seska
Q26 Michael Burnham
Q27 Philippa Georgiou
Q28 Sylvia Tilly
Q29 Ilia
Q30 Carol Marcus
Q31 Saavik
Q32 Gillian Taylor
Q33 Valeris
Q34 Lily Sloane
Q35 Borg Queen
Q36 Anij

Rendered Art Metal Cards Checklist

2 cards.
One per sealed case.

Captain Janeway
Seven of Nine

Sketch Cards

20 artists.
1:576 packs.
Price is a nine-case incentive and not in packs.

Dan Bergren
Roy Cover
Gabe Farber
Jim Faustino
Javier Gonzalez
Kevin Graham
Charles Hall
Phil Hassewer
Tim Levondeski
Lee Lightfoot
Paul Maitland
Jeff Mallinson
Shane McCormack
Sean Pence
Ashleigh Popplewell
Andy Price – 9-case incentive
Brent Ragland
Scott Rorie
Westley Smith
Huy Truong

Starfleet’s Finest Painted Metal Portraits Checklist

18 cards.

AC60 Lt. Commander Uhura /50
AC61 Dr. Chapel /50
AC62 Chief Petty Officer Rand /50
AC63 Lieutenant Ilia /50
AC64 Dr. Carol Marcus /50
AC65 Lieutenant Saavik /50
AC66 Dr. Gillian Taylor /50
AC67 Lieutenant Valeris /50
AC68 Lily Sloane /50
AC69 Anij /50
AC70 Number One /50
AC71 Lt. Ro Laren /50
AC72 Keiko O’Brien /50
AC73 Lt. Keyla Detmer /50
AC74 Lt. Junior Grade Joann Owosekun /50
AC75 Lt. Commander Airiam /50
AC76 Uhura /50
AC77 Carol Marcus /50

Women of Star Trek 20th Anniversary Archive Collection Expansion

12 cards.

AC17 Commander T’Pol
AC18 Ensign Hoshi Sato
AC19 Commander Michael Burnham
AC20 Philippa Georgiou
AC21 Ensign Sylvia Tilly
AC22 Lieutenant Ilia
AC23 Dr. Carol Marcus
AC24 Lieutenant Saavik
AC25 Dr. Gillian Taylor
AC26 Lieutenant Valeris
AC27 Lily Sloane
AC28 Anij

Women of Star Trek Universe Gallery

17 cards.
1:12 packs.
U35 exclusive to Rittenhouse Rewards program and not available in packs.

U19 Lt. Uhura
U20 Edith Keeler
U21 Vina
U22 T’Pring
U23 Romulan Commander
U24 Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax
U25 Colonel Kira Nerys
U26 Lt. Ezri Dax
U27 Captain Kathryn Janeway
U28 Seven of Nine
U29 Lt. B’Elanna Torres
U30 Commander T’Pol
U31 Ensign Hoshi Sato
U32 Commander Michael Burnham
U33 Philippa Georgiou
U34 Ensign Sylvia Tilly
U35 L’Rell – Rittenhouse Rewards exclusive

2021 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek Art and Images Checklist Top


2021 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek Art and Images Checklist – Promo Cards

P1 – Binder

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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