2017 Topps Star Wars Journey to The Last Jedi Trading Cards Checklist and Details

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2017 Topps Star Wars Journey to The Last Jedi trading cards set the stage for the eighth film in the saga’s main timeline. While collectors can expect some early elements from The Last Jedi, the focus is more on putting together the puzzle of the many characters and events influencing the story.


Each hobby box promises at least one autograph plus one additional premium insert such as sketch cards and new Plastic Emblem cards.

Base Set

The characters aren’t the only thing that bring a sense of familiarity of 2017 Topps Star Wars Journey to The Last Jedi. Like 2015’s Journey to The Force Awakens release, the base set draws from the original 1977 Topps Star Wars set and its blue starfield border. Cards are also printed on thick, vintage-style stock like the kind that’s used in a lot of Topps Heritage products.

2017 Topps Journey to Star Wars the Last Jedi Base

The complete base set has 110 cards. It covers many aspects of the franchise as well as offering an early look from The Last Jedi.

Base cards have several parallels. Green Starfield are the most common, landing one per pack. Others include Black Starfield (1:2 packs) and Silver Starfield (1:4). Serial-numbered parallels only found in hobby packs are White Starfield (/199), Orange Starfield (/50), Gold Starfield (/25) and Imperial Red (1/1).

Printing Plates are also randomly inserted.

Autographs and Premium Inserts

The one-per-hobby box Autographs are based on the design used for the 1977 Topps Star Wars Stickers. Signatures from more than 30 actors are slated to be on the checklist with much of that coming from those in The Force Awakens, which should carry over to The Last Jedi in many regards.

Autograph parallels, which are noted by the outline around the character, come in Purple (/99), Orange (/25), Gold (/10), Printing Plates and Imperial Red (1/1). Gold and Red Autographs are only found in hobby packs.

Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley both have autograph variations found only at specific retail locations. Drivers, which features an unmasked Kylo Ren, is only in Walmart packs. The Scavenger Rey Daisy Ridley autograph is exclusive to packs found at Target.

Multi-signed autographs come with two, three and six signatures.

2017 Topps Journey to Star Wars the Last Jedi Triple Autograph

Based on early sales materials, autographs look to be done with stickers.

Plastic Emblem cards highlight both heroes and villains from the world of Star Wars.

Sketch cards can also be found in 2017 Topps Star Wars Journey to The Last Jedi. These are character-based interpretations drawn on the cards themselves.


2017 Topps Star Wars Journey to The Last Jedi has a handful of additional inserts. Like the autographs, Character Stickers have the familiar look of the original 1977 ones. Additional inserts include Darkness Rising, Character Cards, Blueprints and Illustrated Cards.

2017 Topps Journey to Star Wars the Last Jedi Sticker

This product also kicks off a cross-set continuity insert focusing on Rey. The first five cards are here while additions to the checklist will be included in future Topps Star Wars releases.

2017 Topps Star Wars Journey to The Last Jedi Retail Exclusives

Besides the Ridley and Driver autograph variations, there are a few other 2017 Topps Star Wars Journey to The Last Jedi retail exclusives that might have you visiting several stores.

Choose Your Destiny is a ten-card insert set that’s available in packs found at Target stores. The Walmart-exclusive Family Legacy set features six different familial connections found in the Star Wars saga. Finally, there’s five Allies inserts that are only in special Gamestop packs.

2017 Topps Star Wars Journey to The Last Jedi trading cards at a glance:

Packs per box: 24
Cards per pack: 8
Boxes per case: 12
Set size: 110 cards
Release date: September 1, 2017

What to expect in a hobby box:

• Autographs – 1
• Additional Autographs, Sketch Cards, Plastic Emblem Cards or Printing Plates – 1
• Inserts – 24
• Parallels – 24

2017 Topps Star Wars Journey to The Last Jedi Checklist


Base Set Checklist

110 cards.


• Green Starfield – 1 per pack
• Black Starfield – 1:2 packs
• Silver Starfield – 1:4 packs
• White Starfield – /199 (hobby only)
• Orange Starfield – /50 (hobby only)
• Gold Starfield – /25 (hobby only)
• Imperial Red – 1/1 (hobby only)
• Printing Plates Black – 1/1
• Printing Plates Cyan – 1/1
• Printing Plates Magenta – 1/1
• Printing Plates Yellow – 1/1

1 Qui-Gon’s Tutelage
2 Anakin’s Very First Lesson
3 Obi-Wan’s Teachings
4 Into the Nightclub
5 Yoda and the Younglings
6 Lessons on Geonosis
7 The Sprightly Padawan
8 Unconventional Wisdom
9 Luminara and Barriss
10 Younglings on Ilum
11 A Lesson for the Master
12 Anakin’s Fall from Grace
13 Imbalance in the Force
14 Jedi in Secret
15 Facing a Dark Destiny
16 Obi-Wan’s Gift
17 Luke’s Introduction to the Force
18 Obi-Wan’s Final Teaching
19 Luke Skywalker’s Impatience
20 Jedi Master Yoda
21 Darkness in the Cave
22 Tests in Concentration
23 Luke Skywalker’s Failure
24 Luke’s Test
25 Luke Skywalker’s Final Lesson
26 Aboard the Tantive IV
27 Return to the Rebellion
28 Overseeing the Battle
29 Celebrating the Victory
30 Echo Base Command Center
31 Briefing Rogue Squadron
32 Back on the Frigate
33 Meeting on Home One
34 The Second Death Star
35 The Battle Plan
36 The Rebel Assault
37 The Admiral in Action
38 Sabotaging the Shield
39 Another Rebel Victory!
40 Hope for the Resistance
41 Skirmish on Takodana
42 The Resistance on D’Qar
43 Princess turned General
44 The First Order’s Threat
45 Han Solo’s Old Trick
46 Poe in Control
47 The Control Room
48 Destroying Starkiller Base
49 A Narrow Victory
50 A Farewell to Rey
51 In Need of a New Hyperdrive
52 Appealing to the Senate
53 Hunting the Assassin
54 Mission to Geonosis
55 Meeting Tarkin

56 Back to Mandalore
57 Freeing the Supreme Chancellor
58 Confronting General Grievous
59 Arresting Palpatine
60 Stopping Darth Vader
61 Ezra Undercover
62 The Master and the Padawan
63 Finding Galen Erso
64 Unlocking the Death Star Plans
65 Recruiting General Kenobi
66 In Search of a Pilot
67 Returning the Droids
68 Rescuing Princess Leia
69 In Search of the Jedi Master
70 The Rescue of Han Solo
71 Invasion of the First Order
72 Poe’s Interrogation
73 Fast Friends
74 Rey, the Desert Scavenger
75 Escaping Jakku
76 Kylo Ren’s Rage
77 An Unexpected Encounter
78 Off to Takodana
79 Outside Maz’s Castle
80 Maz’s Band Plays On!
81 The First Order Rallies!
82 Finn Steps Up
83 Rey Alone!
84 The Resistance Takes Flight
85 Formulating the Plan
86 Infiltrating Starkiller Base
87 Reunion with Rey
88 Dueling the Dark Side
89 Rey’s Victory
90 Meeting Luke Skywalker
91 Rey’s Solitude
92 General Leia Organa
93 Rey and Her Lightsaber
94 On Crait
95 Rushing to Attack
96 Finn’s Recovery
97 Poe Responds
98 The Fury of Kylo Ren
99 Shards of the Past
100 Luke’s Grim Perspective
101 Ski Speeder Assault
102 Walkers Incoming
103 The Resistance
104 The Resistance X-wing
105 The Resistance A-wing
106 The Battle Commences
107 Frigates Under Fire
108 The Resistance Vs. The First Order
109 The Millennium Falcon Flees
110 Heroes United

Checklist Top


2017 Topps Star Wars Journey to The Last Jedi Autographs Checklists

Autographs Checklist

63 cards.


• Purple – /99
• Orange – /25
• Gold – /10 (hobby only)
• Imperial Red – 1/1
• Printing Plates Black – 1/1
• Printing Plates Cyan – 1/1
• Printing Plates Magenta – 1/1
• Printing Plates Yellow – 1/1

Riz Ahmed as Bodhi Rook
Cecep Arif Rahman as Croking Shand
Derek Arnold as Chancellor Villecham
Dee Bradley Baker as Captain Rex
Kenny Baker as R2-D2
Dave Barclay as Jabba the Hutt
Jerome Blake as Mas Amedda
Paul Blake as Greedo
John Boyega as Finn
Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Petty Officer Thanisson
Jeremy Bulloch as Boba Fett
Dave Chapman as puppeteer for BB-8
Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker
Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma
Tosin Cole as Lieutenant Bastian
Jim Cummings as Hondo Ohnaka
Richard Cunningham as General Ramda
Cristina da Silva as Rabe
Zarene Dallas as Lieutenant Dinnes
Anthony Daniels as C-3PO
Ben Daniels as General Merrick
Julie Dolan as Princess Leia Organa
Adam Driver as Kylo Ren
Adam Driver as Kylo Ren (Unmasked) – Walmart exclusive
Sharon Duncan-Brewster as Senator Pamio
Ashley Eckstein as Ahsoka Tano
Carrie Fisher as General Leia Organa
Kate Fleetwood as Chief Petty Officer Unamo
Harrison Ford as Han Solo
Gloria Garcia as Jakku Villager
Stefan Grube as Yolo Ziff
Greg Grunberg as Snap Wexley
Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker
Brian Herring as puppeteer for BB-8
Jason Isaacs as The Grand Inquisitor
Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso
Tom Kane as Admiral Wullf Yularen
Daniel Logan as Boba Fett
Billie Lourd as Kaydel Ko Connix
Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca
Ian McDiarmid as The Emperor
Ian McElhinney as Jan Dodonna
Ray Park as Darth Maul
Allstair Petrie as General Draven
Duncan Pow as Sergeant Melshi
Freddie Prinze Jr. as Kanan Jarrus
Wayne Pygram as Wilhuff Tarkin
Clive Revill as the voice of The Emperor
Scott Richardson as Quiggold
Daisy Ridley as Rey
Daisy Ridley as Rey (Scavenger) – Target exclusive
Yayan Ruhlan as Tasu Leech
Andy Serkis as Supreme Leader Snoke
Catherine Taber as Padme Amidala
George Takei as Lok Durd
Alan Tudyk as K-2SO
Iko Uwals as Razoo Qin-Fee
Paul Warren as Varmik
Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera
Ian Whyte as “Crusher” Roodown
Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian
Tom Wilton as Sarco Plank
Sam Witwer as Darth Maul
Donnie Yen as Chirrut Îmwe
Keone Young as Jun Sato

Dual Autographs Checklist

4 cards.

Greg Grunberg as Snap Wexley/Billie Lourd as Kaydel Ko Connix
Daisy Ridley as Rey/Adam Driver as Kylo Ren
Daisy Ridley as Rey/Brian Herring as BB-8
Andy Serkis as Supremem Leader Snoke/Adam Driver as Kylo Ren

Triple Autographs Checklist

2 cards.

Daisy Ridley as Rey/Adam Driver as Kylo Ren/John Boyega as Finn
Andy Serkis as Supreme Leader Snoke/Adam Driver as Kylo Ren/Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma

Six-Person Autograph Checklist

1 card.

Harrison Ford as Han Solo/Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker/Carrie Fisher as Leia Organa/Daisy Ridley as Rey/John Boyega as Finn/Brian Herring as BB-8

Checklist Top


2017 Topps Star Wars Journey to The Last Jedi Inserts Checklists


5 cards.
Gamestop exclusive.

1 Finn and Rey
2 Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren
3 Poe Dameron and Finn
4 Han Solo and Chewbacca
5 Rey and BB-8


7 cards.

1 First Order Heavy Assault Walker
2 TIE Fighter
3 A-Wing
4 Ski Speeder
5 The Millennium Falcon
6 X-Wing
7 Heavy Bomber

Character Cards

16 cards.

1 General Hux
2 Kylo Ren
3 Executioner Stormtrooper
4 Praetorian Guard
5 Chewbacca
6 BB-8
7 R2-D2
8 C-3PO
9 Poe Dameron
10 Finn
11 Luke Skywalker
12 General Leia Organa
13 Captain Phasma
14 Rey
15 Rose
16 Porgs

Choose Your Destiny

10 cards.
Target exclusive.

1 Rey
2 Finn
3 Kylo Ren
4 Han Solo
5 General Leia Organa
6 Poe Dameron
7 General Hux
8 Chewbacca
9 BB-8
10 Supreme Leader Snoke

Darkness Rises

6 cards.

1 Kylo Ren
2 Bringing Order to the Galaxy
3 Praetorian Guard
4 The First Order
5 Praetorian Guards
6 Captain Phasma

Family Legacy

6 cards.
Walmart exclusive.

1 Han Solo & General Leia Organa
2 Luke Skywalker & General Leia Organa
3 Han Solo & Kylo Ren
4 General Leia Organa & Kylo Ren
5 Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader
6 Princess Leia Organa & Darth Vader

Illustrated Characters

14 cards.

1 Rey
2 Kylo Ren
3 Poe Dameron
4 R2-D2
5 Luke Skywalker
6 Porgs
7 Chewbacca
8 BB-8
9 Finn
10 Rose
11 Praetorian Guard
12 Captain Phasma
13 Executioner Stormtrooper
14 Supreme Leader Snoke

Patch Cards

38 cards.


• Orange – /99
• Gold – /25

May be more parallels.

Admiral Ackbar – Resistance
BB-8 – Bomber
BB-8 – Resistance
BB-9E – Praetorian Guard
C-3PO – Bomber
C-3PO – Resistance
C’ai Threnalli – Resistance
Captain Phasma – Praetorian Guard
Captain Phasma – TIE Fighter
Chewbacca – Bomber
Chewbacca – Porg
Chewbacca – Resistance
Executioner Stormtrooper – Praetorian Guard
Finn – Resistance
First Order Stormtrooper – TIE Fighter
Flametrooper – TIE Fighter
General Hux – Praetorian Guard
General Hux – TIE Fighter
General Leia Organa – Resistance
Kylo Ren – Praetorian Guard
Kylo Ren – TIE Fighter
Luke Skywalker – Porg
Poe Dameron – Bomber
Poe Dameron – Resistance
Porg – Porg
Praetorian Guard – First Order AT-AT
Praetorian Guard – Praetorian Guard
R2-D2 – Bomber
R2-D2 – Porg
R2-D2 – Resistance
Resistance Gunner Paige – Resistance
Rey – A-Wing
Rey – Porg
Rey – Resistance
Rose – Resistance
Stormtrooper – First Order AT-AT
TIE Fighter Pilot – Praetorian Guard
TIE Fighter Pilot – TIE Fighter

Retro Style Stickers

18 cards.

1 Kylo Ren
2 Rey
3 Finn
4 Supreme Leader Snoke
5 General Hux
6 Captain Phasma
7 First Order Stormtrooper
8 General Leia Organa
9 Luke Skywalker
10 Han Solo
11 Chewbacca
12 R2-D2
13 C-3PO
14 BB-8
15 Poe Dameron
16 Unkar Plutt
17 Maz Kanata
18 Admiral Ackbar

Rey Continuity

5 cards.

1 Rey
2 Rey
3 Rey
4 Rey
5 Rey

Checklist Top

Sketch Cards

2017 Topps Star Wars Journey to The Last Jedi Inserts Checklists

134 artists.

Ben AbuSaada
Melike Acar
Matt Applegate
Kallan Archer
Preston Asevedo
Kyle Babbitt
Nicholas Baltra
Mike Barnard
Norvierto P. Basio
Angelina Benedetti
Jerry Bennett
Tina Berardi
Bobby Blakey
Joshua Bommer
Michael Brady
Jason Brower
Matthew Buttich
Carlos Cabaleiro
Neil Camera
Jonathan Caustria
Chris Clark
Charlie Cody
D.J. Coffman
Daniel Cooney
Jamie Cosley
Roy Cover
Kaela Croft
Dan Curto
Vincenzo D’Ippolito
Dave Dabila
Ted Dastick Jr.
Pablo Diaz
Garrett Dix
Tim Dowler
Louise Draper
Dean Drummond
Andy Duggan
Michael Duron
Marcia Dye
Nolan Dykstra
Ryan Edwards
Brett Farr
Dave Fowler
Andrew Fry
Corey Galal
Gerald Garcia
Bruce Gerlach
Patrick Giles
Mick and Matt Glebe
Ben Goddard
Dan Gorman
Dennis Gortakowski
J Hammond
Ingrid Hardy
Phil Hassewer
Jason Heil
Robert Hendrickson
Jessica Hickman
Brad Hudson
Alex Iniguez
Mohamed Jilani
Scott Jones
George Joseph
Nick Justus
Danny Kidwell
Bryce King II
Achilleas Kokkinakis

Chad LaForce
Matt Langford
Eric Lehtonen
Kevin Liell
Lee Lightfoot
Andrew Lopez
Freddy Lopez
Jordan Maison
Matt Maldonado
Jeff Mallinson
Jay Manchand
Mark Mangum
Michael Mastermaker
Rory McQueen
Jim Mehsling
Alex Mines
Solly Mohamed
Shane Molina
Rich Molinelli
Kyle Newman
Jim O’Riley
Ibrahim Özkan
Rey Paez
Marsha Parkins
Kris Penix
Darrin Pepe
J. P. Perez
Ashleigh Popplewell
Eddie Price
Tim Proctor
Brendan Purchase
Brandon Pyle
Brent Ragland
Michelle Rayner
Todd Rayner
Cathy Razim
Lawrence Reynolds
Jamie Richards
Ray Richardson
Dylan Riley
Jay Salce
Chad Scheres
Brent Scotchmer
Richard Serrao
Anil Sharma
Brendan Shaw
Bryan Silverbax
Ward Silverman
Shaow Siong
Anthony Skubis
JM Smith
Tod Smith
Bryan Snuffer
Jason Sobol
John Soukup
Matt Steffens
Matt Stewart
Matthew Sutton
Stephanie Swanger
Rob Teranishi
Phillip Trujillo
Trent Westbrook
Eric White
Chris Willdig
Gavin Williams
Adam Worton
Clinton Yeager

Checklist Top

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When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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