2001 Upper Deck Golf Checklist, Details

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2001 Upper Deck Golf was the sport’s first mainstream set of cards in nearly a decade. One would have to go back to 1992 Pro Set for the last major release before it.

Although there are lots of important cards on the checklist, it’s driven by one golfer — Tiger Woods. The icon has a couple of cards that predate 2001 Upper Deck, but as the first mainstream release, this is widely regarded as the set with the Tiger Woods Rookie Card.

2001 Upper Deck Golf Checklist Overview

The base set is a 200-card affair. With so much time between golf sets, that means a lot of Rookie Cards. Forty-five to be exact. Besides Woods, other notables include Sergio Garcia and Mike Weir.

The checklist has several subsets, diving into the sport and its stars in a more thematic way. Legends class things up with greats from the past. Upper Deck’s trademark Young Guns make an appearance, headlined by Adam Scott. Jack Nicklaus and key moments from his career get the spotlight in The Golden Bear.

Other subsets include Leaderboard, Defining Moment, Victory March and Tour Time.

The 2001 Upper Deck Golf base set does not have any parallels.

Autographs and Memorabilia Cards

Over the next couple of years, Upper Deck would release more high-end products that gave more attention to hits, but this set is notable for being the sport’s first with both autographs and memorabilia cards as a possibility.

Player’s Ink is where the majority of the signatures are found. Landing 1:3,000 packs, they’re exceptionally tough to find. But the checklist is about as strong as one could expect. It includes the first Tiger Woods autograph, Arnold Palmer, John Daly, Fred Couples and 20 other PGA stars. Gold parallels are numbered to 25.

Memorabilia cards are available in two sets. Tour Threads (1:288) has one swatch per golfer. Tour Gear doubles things up with two.

Additional Inserts

With the product largely revolving around Tiger Woods, it shouldn’t be surprising that he has an entire insert set dedicated to him. Tiger’s Tales is a 30-card set that looks at moments from early in his career. Landing one per pack, these cards also ensured everybody got some Tiger every time out.

In 2001, Upper Deck was starting to look at the online possibilities of sports cards. e-Card was a program that spanned several sports. The idea was that each pack-inserted card had a digital code. Some that were entered into their website would transform into something much better. Here, six different e-Card inserts combine to land about one per box. One hundred of each then turned into e-Volve Autographs. Woods headlines this list os signers.

James Fiorentino provides the art for five Golf Gallery (1:24) cards. These also have autographs versions signed by the golfers. Among the toughest cards in the product, signed Golf Gallery cards have just 50 copies each.

National Heroes (14 cards, 1:12 packs) and Stat Leaders (21 cards, 1:8 packs) round out the 2001 Upper Deck Golf checklist.

Most Valuable 2001 Upper Deck Golf Rookie Cards

Rankings are for base cards based on values in the Beckett Price Guide.

1. 2001 Upper Deck Tiger Woods RC #1

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2001 Upper Deck Tiger Woods Rookie Card

2. 2001 Upper Deck Adam Scott RC #70

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3. 2001 Upper Deck Sergio Garcia #3

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4. 2001 Upper Deck Mike Weir RC #20

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5. 2001 Upper Deck David Duval RC #2

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2001 Upper Deck Golf cards at a glance:

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Cards per pack: Hobby – 5, Retail – 5
Packs per box: Hobby – 24, Retail – 24
Boxes per case: Hobby – 12, Retail – 12
Set size: 200 cards
Release date: DATE

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2001 Upper Deck Golf Checklist

Please note that unless noted, print runs for cards without serial numbers haven’t been announced.

You can download a spreadsheet copy of the checklist:


Base Set Checklist

200 cards.

1 Tiger Woods RC
2 David Duval RC
3 Sergio Garcia RC
4 Ian Baker-Finch
5 Joey Sindelar
6 Tim Herron RC
7 Fred Couples
8 Thomas Bjorn RC
9 Colin Montgomerie
10 Mark O’Meara
11 Jesper Parnevik RC
12 Craig Stadler
13 Greg Chalmers RC
14 Lee Janzen
15 Duffy Waldorf
16 Justin Leonard RC
17 Frank Dully RC
18 Padraig Harrington RC
19 Peter Jacobsen
20 Mike Weir RC
21 Gary Nicklaus RC
22 Tom Lehman
23 Nick Price
24 Mark Calcavecchia
25 Nick Faldo

26 Curtis Strange
27 John Daly
28 Corey Pavin
29 Stuart Appleby RC
30 Bob May RC
31 Stewart Cink RC
32 Brad Faxon
33 Jeff Maggert
34 Steve Stricker RC
35 Ian Woosnam
36 Frank Nobilo RC
37 Robert Allenby RC
38 Shigeki Maruyama RC
39 Grant Waite RC
40 Robert Damron RC
41 Paul Lawrie RC
42 Frank Lickliter RC
43 Dudley Hart
44 Billy Ray Brown
45 Jay Williamson RC
46 Joe Durant RC
47 Loren Roberts
48 Greg Kraft
49 Jeff Sluman
50 Dennis Paulson RC
51 Chris Perry
52 Andy Bean


53 Jack Nicklaus
54 Gary Player
55 Larry Nelson
56 Bernhard Langer
57 Tom Kite
58 Hale Irwin
59 Arnold Palmer
60 Chi Chi Rodriguez
61 Raymond Floyd
62 Gary McCord
63 Bobby Jones
64 Payne Stewart
65 Gene Sarazen
66 Byron Nelson
67 Ken Venturi RC
68 Tom Weiskopf

Young Guns

69 J.J. Henry RC
70 Adam Scott RC
71 Hunter Haas RC
72 Brad Elder RC
73 Chris DiMarco RC
74 Brandt Jobe
75 Michael Kirk RC
76 Chris Tidland RC
77 David Berganio RC
78 Mark Hensby RC
79 Tim Clark RC
80 Rory Sabbatini RC
81 Casey Martin RC
82 Chris Smith RC
83 K.J. Choi RC
84 Joe Ogilvie RC
85 Garrett Willis RC
86 Matt Kuchar RC
87 Michael Clark II RC


88 Colin Montgomerie
89 John Daly
90 Tiger Woods
91 Fred Couples
92 Jesper Parnevik
93 Lee Janzen
94 Justin Leonard
95 Mark O’Meara
96 Tom Lehman
97 David Duval
98 Michael Clark II
99 Sergio Garcia
100 Chris DiMarco
101 Mike Weir
102 Joe Durant
103 Nick Price
104 Nick Faldo
105 Bernhard Langer

The Golden Bear

106 Jack Nicklaus – 1962 US Open
107 Jack Nicklaus – 1963 Masters
108 Jack Nicklaus – 1963 PGA Championship
109 Jack Nicklaus – 1965 Masters
110 Jack Nicklaus – 1966 Masters
111 Jack Nicklaus – 1966 British Open
112 Jack Nicklaus – 1967 US Open
113 Jack Nicklaus – 1970 British Open
114 Jack Nicklaus – 1971 PGA Championship
115 Jack Nicklaus – 1972 Masters
116 Jack Nicklaus – 1972 US Open
117 Jack Nicklaus – 1973 PGA Championship
118 Jack Nicklaus – 1975 Masters
119 Jack Nicklaus – 1975 PGA Championship
120 Jack Nicklaus – 1978 British Open
121 Jack Nicklaus – 1980 US Open
122 Jack Nicklaus – 1980 PGA Championship
123 Jack Nicklaus – 1986 Masters

Defining Moments

124 Tiger Woods
125 Gene Sarazen
126 Jack Nicklaus
127 Arnold Palmer
128 Nick Faldo
129 Mark O’Meara
130 Lee Janzen
131 Fred Couples
132 Sergio Garcia
133 Stewart Cink
134 John Daly
135 Bernhard Langer
136 Tom Lehman
137 Corey Pavin
138 Raymond Floyd
139 Payne Stewart
140 Gary Player
141 Tom Kite

Victory March

142 Steve Stricker
143 Dennis Paulson
144 Garrett Willis
145 Brad Faxon
146 Mark Calcavecchia
147 Loren Roberts
148 Duffy Waldorf
149 Joe Durant
150 Robert Allenby
151 Tiger Woods
152 Nick Faldo
153 Jesper Parnevik
154 Tom Lehman
155 Dudley Hart
156 Nick Price
157 Corey Pavin
158 Stewart Cink
159 Padraig Harrington
160 Michael Clark II
161 Paul Lawrie
162 Rory Sabbatini
163 Chris DiMarco
164 Justin Leonard
165 David Duval
166 Mike Weir
167 Colin Montgomerie
168 Sergio Garcia
169 Fred Couples
170 Thomas Bjorn
171 Mark O’Meara
172 Craig Stadler
173 Lee Janzen
174 John Daly
175 Payne Stewart

Tour Time

176 Tiger Woods
177 David Duval
178 Joe Durant
179 Sergio Garcia
180 Steve Stricker
181 Brad Faxon
182 Peter Jacobsen
183 Fred Couples
184 Jesper Parnevik
185 Lee Janzen
186 Justin Leonard
187 Mark O’Meara
188 Tom Lehman
189 Nick Faldo
190 Michael Clark II
191 Jeff Sluman
192 Mike Weir
193 Corey Pavin
194 John Daly
195 Jack Nicklaus

196 Shigeki Maruyama – Checklist
197 Sergio Garcia – Checklist
198 Fred Couples – Checklist
199 Chris DiMarco – Checklist
200 Joe Durant – Checklist

2001 Upper Deck Golf Checklist Top


2001 Upper Deck Golf Autographs Checklists

eVolve Autographs

6 cards.
Available via e-Card redemption.

Buy on:

ES-CM Colin Montgomerie /100
ES-DD David Duval /100
ES-JD John Daly /100
ES-JP Jesper Parnevik /100
ES-SG Sergio Garcia /100
ES-TW Tiger Woods /100

Golf Gallery Autographs Checklist

5 cards.

Buy on:

GGAP Arnold Palmer /50
GGDD David Duval /50
GGJN Jack Nicklaus /50
GGSG Sergio Garcia /50
GGTW Tiger Woods /50

Making the Cut Checklist

3 cards.

MCBJ Bobby Jones 1/1
MCGS Gene Sarazen 1/1
MCPS Payne Stewart /2

Player’s Ink Checklist

24 cards.
1:3,000 packs.

Buy on:

AP Arnold Palmer – SP, 75 copies
BF Brad Faxon
BL Bernhard Langer
CC Chi Chi Rodriguez – SP, 43 copies
CD Chris DiMarco
CM Colin Montgomerie
DD David Duval
DU Joe Durant
FC Fred Couples
GP Gary Player
JD John Daly
JL Justin Leonard
JP Jesper Parnevik
MC Mark Calcavecchia
MO Mark O’Meara
MW Mike Weir
NF Nick Faldo
PJ Peter Jacobsen
SG Sergio Garcia
ST Curtis Strange
TK Tom Kite
TL Tom Lehman
TW Tiger Woods
SST Steve Stricker

Player’s Ink Gold Checklist

25 cards.

Buy on:

AP Arnold Palmer /25
BF Brad Faxon /25
BL Bernhard Langer /25
CC Chi Chi Rodriguez /25
CD Chris DiMarco /25
CM Colin Montgomerie /25
DD David Duval /25
DU Joe Durant /25
FC Fred Couples /25
GP Gary Player /25
JD John Daly /25
JL Justin Leonard /25
JN Jack Nicklaus /25
JP Jesper Parnevik /25
MC Mark Calcavecchia /25
MO Mark O’Meara /25
MW Mike Weir /25
NF Nick Faldo /25
PJ Peter Jacobsen /25
SG Sergio Garcia /25
ST Curtis Strange /25
TK Tom Kite /25
TL Tom Lehman /25
TW Tiger Woods /25
SST Steve Stricker /25

2001 Upper Deck Golf Checklist Top


2001 Upper Deck Golf Memorabilia Cards Checklists

Tour Gear Checklist

28 cards.

Buy on:

TG-AS Adam Scott /50
TG-BL Bernhard Langer /50
TG-CD Chris DiMarco /50
TG-CM Colin Montgomerie /50
TG-CP Corey Pavin /50
TG-CS Curtis Strange /50
TG-DB David Berganio /50
TG-DD David Duval /50
TG-FC Fred Couples /50
TG-JD John Daly /50
TG-JN Jack Nicklaus /50
TG-JP Jesper Parnevik /50
TG-LJ Lee Janzen /50
TG-MC Mark Calcavecchia /50
TG-MO Mark O’Meara /50
TG-MW Mike Weir /50
TG-MC2 Michael Clark /50
TG-NF Nick Faldo /50
TG-NP Nick Price /50
TG-PH Padraig Harrington /50
TG-PJ Peter Jacobsen /50
TG-PS Payne Stewart /50
TG-RA Robert Allenby /50
TG-SG Sergio Garcia /50
TG-ST Craig Stadler /50
TG-TL Tom Lehman /50
TG-TW Tiger Woods (White) /40
TG-TW Tiger Woods (Red) /10

Tour Threads Checklist

42 cards.
1:288 packs.

Buy on:

TT-BL Bernhard Langer SP
TT-BB Billy Ray Brown
TT-BE Brad Elder
TT-BJ Brandt Jobe
TT-BM Bob May
TT-CD Chris DiMarco
TT-CM Colin Montgomerie
TT-CP Corey Pavin
TT-CS Curtis Strange
TT-CT Chris Tidland
TT-DB David Berganio
TT-DD David Duval
TT-DH Dudley Hart
TT-FC Fred Couples
TT-FL Frank Lickliter
TT-GW Garrett Willis
TT-JD John Daly
TT-JD Joe Durant SSP
TT-JJ J.J. Henry
TT-JL Justin Leonard SSP

TT-JM Jeff Maggert
TT-JN Jack Nicklaus SP
TT-JP Jesper Parnevik
TT-KJ K.J. Choi
TT-LJ Lee Janzen
TT-MA Casey Martin
TT-MC Mark Calcavecchia
TT-MO Mark O’Meara
TT-MC2 Michael Clark II
TT-NF Nick Faldo
TT-NP Nick Price
TT-PJ Peter Jacobsen
TT-PS Payne Stewart SSP
TT-RA Robert Allenby
TT-RS Rory Sabbatini
TT-SA Stuart Appleby
TT-SG Sergio Garcia
TT-SS Steve Stricker
TT-ST Craig Stadler
TT-TL Tom Lehman
TT-TW1 Tiger Woods SP
TT-TW2 Tiger Woods (Red) SSP

2001 Upper Deck Golf Checklist Top


2001 Upper Deck Golf Inserts Checklists


6 cards.
1:23 packs.

Buy on:

E-CM Colin Montgomerie
E-DD David Duval
E-JD John Daly
E-JP Jesper Parnevik
E-SG Sergio Garcia
E-TW Tiger Woods

Golf Gallery Checklist

5 cards.
1:24 packs.

Buy on:

GG1 Jack Nicklaus
GG2 Sergio Garcia
GG3 Arnold Palmer
GG4 Tiger Woods
GG5 David Duval

National Heroes Checklist

14 cards.
1:12 packs.

Buy on:

NH1 Colin Montgomerie
NH2 Shigeki Maruyama
NH3 Jesper Parnevik
NH4 Robert Allenby
NH5 Mike Weir
NH6 Nick Price
NH7 Nick Faldo
NH8 Thomas Bjorn
NH9 Paul Lawrie
NH10 Sergio Garcia
NH11 Padraig Harrington
NH12 Gary Player
NH13 Bernhard Langer
NH14 Chi Chi Rodriguez

Stat Leaders Checklist

21 cards.
1:8 packs.

Buy on:

SL1 John Daly
SL2 Tiger Woods
SL3 Stuart Appleby
SL4 Robert Allenby
SL5 Casey Martin
SL6 Brad Faxon
SL7 Tiger Woods
SL8 Mike Weir
SL9 Jesper Parnevik
SL10 Sergio Garcia
SL11 Tiger Woods
SL12 David Duval
SL13 Nick Price
SL14 Stewart Cink
SL15 Tom Lehman
SL16 Loren Roberts
SL17 Tiger Woods
SL18 Mike Weir
SL19 David Duval
SL20 Jesper Parnevik
SL21 Stewart Cink

Tiger’s Tales Checklist

30 cards.
1 per pack.

Buy on:

2001 Upper Deck Golf Tiger's Tales

TT1 Tiger Woods
TT2 Tiger Woods
TT3 Tiger Woods
TT4 Tiger Woods
TT5 Tiger Woods
TT6 Tiger Woods
TT7 Tiger Woods
TT8 Tiger Woods
TT9 Tiger Woods
TT10 Tiger Woods
TT11 Tiger Woods
TT12 Tiger Woods
TT13 Tiger Woods
TT14 Tiger Woods
TT15 Tiger Woods
TT16 Tiger Woods
TT17 Tiger Woods
TT18 Tiger Woods
TT19 Tiger Woods
TT20 Tiger Woods
TT21 Tiger Woods
TT22 Tiger Woods
TT23 Tiger Woods
TT24 Tiger Woods
TT25 Tiger Woods
TT26 Tiger Woods
TT27 Tiger Woods
TT28 Tiger Woods
TT29 Tiger Woods
TT30 Tiger Woods

2001 Upper Deck Golf Checklist Top

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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