2019 Upper Deck Agents of SHIELD Compendium Checklist and Details

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2019 Upper Deck Agents of SHIELD Compendium dives into the first five seasons of the Marvel TV show. And while it dives into the show, it also covers a lot of ground as far as autographs go with a large roster of of signers.

Hobby boxes promise at least one autograph. A second hit — either another signature or a sketch card — is also to be expected.

2019 Upper Deck Agents of SHIELD Compendium Overview

This isn’t the first set of trading cards for the long-running show, which is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, it’s not the second. Rittenhouse covered seasons one and two with a pair of releases in 2015. This time around, Upper Deck is going back to the beginning, with a base set that starts at the beginning and runs all the way through the end of the fifth season. That means a lot of characters, plot points, dramatic moments and dastardly character turns.

Autographs are likely to be the big draw for many. Upper Deck is promising more than 20 different signers including Chloe Bennett (Daisy), Elizabeth Henstridge (Jemma), Henry Simmons (Mack) and Natalia Cordova-Buckley (Yo-Yo).

The checklist has a couple of different designs for the signatures including case-hit Character Profile Autographs.

Upper Deck Agents of SHIELD Compendium Character Profiles Autographs Mock-Up

Besides the two main hits, hobby boxes have four or five additional chase cards that Upper Deck refers to as “premium inserts.” The Plot Thickens and Character Profiles are the themes here.

2019 Upper Deck Agents of SHIELD Compendium trading cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: 6
Packs per box: 16
Boxes per case: 12
Set size: 210 cards
Release date: December 18, 2019

What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Autographs – 1
  • Additional Autographs or Sketch Cards – 1
  • Character Profiles or Plot Thickens Inserts – 4-5

2019 Upper Deck Agents of SHIELD Compendium Checklist


Base Set Checklist

210 cards.
S2 (#51-90) – 1:2.5 packs
S3 (#91-130) – 1:2.5 packs
S4 (#131-170) – 1:6.66 packs
S5 (#171-210) – 1:6.66 packs


Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions)

Season 1

1 S.H.I.E.L.D.
2 Mike Peterson
3 Lola
4 0-8-4
5 Captured
6 Drone
7 Training
8 Fitz & Simmons
9 The Asset
10 Eye-Spy
11 Hieroglyphics
12 Girl In The Flower Dress
13 Raina
14 Levitation
16 The Hub
17 Level 8
18 The Well
19 Berserker Staff
20 Repairs
21 Dimension
22 The Bridge
23 Trainee
24 The Magical Place
25 Centipede

26 Seeds
27 Donnie
28 T.R.A.C.K.S.
29 Orders
30 T.A.H.I.T.I.
31 Alien
32 Yes Men
33 Lady Sif
34 End Of The Beginning
35 Deathlok
36 Turn, Turn, Turn
37 Warning
38 Hydra
39 Providence
40 Traitor
41 The Only Light In The Darkness
42 Orientation
43 Nothing Personal
44 Ward Is Hydra
45 Ragtag
46 Cybertek
47 Beginning Of The End
48 Zeller
49 Ending Garrett
50 Equations

Season 2

51 Shadows
52 Creel
53 Heavy Is The Head
54 Absorbing Man
55 Making Friends And Influencing People
56 Daniel Whitehall
57 Face My Enemy
58 Photostatic Veil
59 A Hen In The Wolf House
60 Bobbi Morse
61 A Fractured House
62 Good And Evil
63 The Writing On The Wall
64 For Coulson
65 The Things We Bury
66 Jiaying
67 Ye Who Enter Here
68 Mack
69 What They Become
70 Aftershocks

71 Who You Really Are
72 One Of Us
73 Zabo
74 Love In The Time Of HYDRA
75 Agent 33
76 One Door Closes
77 Powers
78 Afterlife
79 Melinda
80 Family
81 The Frenemy Of My Enemy
82 Doctor List
83 The Dirty Half Dozen
84 Bakshi
85 Scars
86 This Is War
87 S.O.S. Part One
88 Alisha
89 S.O.S. Part Two
90 Terrigen Crystal

Season 3

91 Laws Of Nature
93 Purpose In The Machine
94 Monolith
95 A Wanted (Inhu)man
96 Lincoln
97 Devils You Know
98 Risk
99 4,722 Hours
100 Will Daniels
101 Among Us Hide
102 Chaos Theory
103 Many Heads One Tale
104 Closure
105 Maveth
106 Bouncing Back
107 Yo-Yo
108 The Inside Man
109 DNA
110 Parting Shot

111 Goodbye
112 Watchdogs
113 Felix Blake
114 Spacetime
115 Explosion
116 Paradise Lost
117 Stephanie Malick
118 The Team
119 The Playground
120 The Singularity
121 Relationship
122 Failed Experiments
123 Heart Of The Reaper
124 Emancipation
125 Drawing Out Hive
126 Absolution
127 Primitives
128 Ascension
129 Quake
130 Life-Model Decoy

Season 4

131 AIDA
132 Spirit of Vengeance
133 Ghost
134 Fear
135 Brain
136 Watchdog Soldiers
137 Dr. Lucy Bauer
138 Fight Fire with Fire
139 Darkhold
140 Johnny Blaze
141 Eli Morrow
142 Terrigen Cacoon
143 Portal
144 Nephew
145 Settling Scores
146 Operating System
147 Ocean Floor
148 Lecture
149 Patrioy Well
150 L.M.D. May

151 Hidden Darkhold
152 Library
153 Tucker Shockley
154 Framework
155 Anton Ivanov
156 L.M.D. Detected
157 Trapped
158 Not Human
159 What If…
160 Anti-Inhuman
161 Madame Hydra
162 Patriot
163 Triskelion
164 Hero
165 Embrace
166 Exit Portal
167 Memories
168 Daughter
169 Bring Mac Back
170 Deal

Season 5

171 Monolith
172 Dark Future
173 Kree Watch
174 Kasius
175 Tess
176 Abby
177 Deke
178 Undercover
179 Chronicom
180 Flint
181 Guns Blazing
182 Lighthouse
183 Liberation
184 Robin Hinton
185 2091
186 Resurrected
187 Zephyr One
188 Rocks
189 Odium
190 Kree Beacon

191 Head of S.H.I.E.L.D.
192 Marriage
193 Ruby
194 Phrase
195 Robotic Arm
196 Gravitonium
197 Ruby Hale
198 Escape Plan
199 Secret Weapon
200 Superior Man
201 Particle Infusion Chamber
202 New Powers
203 Scavengers
204 Gravitonium Infusion
205 Crixon
206 Taryan
207 Visit
208 Centipede Serum
209 Choice
210 Destroyer of Worlds

Checklist Top


2019 Upper Deck Agents of SHIELD Compendium Autographs Checklists

Actor Autographs

40 cards.
1:9.25 packs.
Group A – 1:89, Group B – 1:66, Group C – 1:39, Group D – 1:16

AA-AK Adam Kulbersh D
AA-AP Adrian Pasdar (Officer) A
AA-AW Alexander Wraith D
AA-BB B.J. Britt (Front) A
AA-BC Chloe Bennett (Quake) C
AA-BD Brett Dalton A
AA-BJ B.J. Britt (Profile) B
AA-BV Briana Venskus C
AA-CA Christine Adams D
AA-CB Chloe Bennett (Daisy Johnson/Quake) A
AA-CN Natalia Cordova-Buckley (Black Sweater) A
AA-CS Christopher Showerman D
AA-DB Brett Dalton (Suit & Tie) C
AA-DH Derek Hughes D
AA-DL Dichen Lachman (Front) A
AA-DO David O’Hara C
AA-EH Elizabeth Henstridge (Professional) B
AA-HE Elizabeth Henstridge (Casual) C
AA-HS Henry Simmons (Angle) C
AA-JH Jamie Harris D

AA-JM Mallory Jansen (Dress) B
AA-JR J. August Richards (Red Eye) B
AA-JS Joel Stoffer D
AA-KS Kerr Smith D
AA-LD Dichen Lachman (Angle) A
AA-LM Luke Mitchell (Blue Shirt) B
AA-MJ Mallory Jansen (Madame Hydra) C
AA-ML Luke Mitchell (Black Shirt) B
AA-MN Ming-Na Wen (Casual) A
AA-MO Maximilian Osinski C
AA-MW Matthew Willig D
AA-NC Natalia Cordova-Buckley (Grey Sweater) D
AA-PA Adrian Pasdar (Civilian) B
AA-PN Parminder Nagra D
AA-RJ J. August Richards (Scared) C
AA-SH Henry Simmons (Front) B
AA-SK Simon Kassianides (Pattern Tie) B
AA-SS Simon Kassianides (Striped Tie) A
AA-TW Titus Welliver D
AA-WM Ming-Na Wen (S.H.I.E.L.D.) C

Character Profiles Autographs Checklist

20 cards.
1:90 packs.
Group A – 1:978, Group B – 1:254, Group C – 1:150

CB-AK Adam Kulbersh B
CB-BB B.J. Britt C
CB-BD Brett Dalton A
CB-BV Briana Venskus C
CB-CA Christine Adams B
CB-CB Chloe Bennett A
CB-DL Dichen Lachman C
CB-EH Elizabeth Henstridge A
CB-HS Henry Simmons B
CB-JH Jamie Harris B
CB-JR J. August Richards B
CB-JS Joel Stoffer C
CB-LM Luke Mitchell B
CB-MJ Mallory Jansen C
CB-MN Ming-Na Wen A
CB-MO Maximilian Osinski C
CB-MW Matthew Willig C
CB-NC Natalia Cordova-Buckley B
CB-SK Simon Kassianides C
CB-TW Titus Welliver C

Checklist Top


2019 Upper Deck Agents of SHIELD Compendium Inserts Checklists

Character Profiles

20 cards.
1:5 packs.


Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions)

CB-1 Phil Coulson
CB-2 Melinda May
CB-3 Daisy Johnson
CB-4 Grant Ward
CB-5 Jemma Simmons
CB-6 Leo Fitz
CB-7 Al MacKenzie
CB-8 Yo-Yo Rodriguez
CB-9 Lance Hunter
CB-10 Bobbi Morse
CB-11 Lincoln Campbell
CB-12 Johnny Blaze
CB-13 Glenn Talbot
CB-14 Antoine Triplett
CB-15 Mike Peterson
CB-16 Calvin Johnson
CB-17 Billy Koenig
CB-18 Holden Radcliffe
CB-20 Deke Shaw

The Plot Thickens Checklist

10 cards.
1:13.33 packs.


Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions)

PT-1 The Well
PT-2 Turn, Turn, Turn
PT-3 What They Become
PT-4 A Hen in the Wolf House
PT-5 Maveth
PT-6 Ascension
PT-7 The Ghost
PT-8 World’s End
PT-9 The End
PT-10 Full Circle

Sketch Cards

24 artists.
1:180 packs.

Allen Adams III
Mitch Ballard
Phillip Bergquist
Isiah X Bradley
Kevin Briones
Matty Brown
Luiz Campelo
Aurelio Ceccacci
Alvin Cleofas
L.M. Croai
Floris Hoolhorst
Jay Lipson
Al Milgrom
Rhiannon Owens
Jay Peteranetz
Vitor Prado
Holly Ringsell
Sherwin Santiago
Sigh Santoro
Richard Sensale
Nicole Virella
Brandon Warren

Checklist Top

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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