2018 Topps GPK/Wacky Packages Valentine’s Day Details

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Love might be in the air. So is a new set of online-only Garbage Pail Kids and Wackys. 2018 Topps GPK/Wacky Packages Valentine’s Day dives into the sort-of holiday, spoofing candy and mashing up some classic characters.

Available on the Topps website from February 14-21, the checklist consists of nine total cards. It starts with three sets of Garbage Pail Kids pairs. The first two combine a pair of Original Series characters for a little GPK romance. The third is a new version of an Original Series character that already had a pair of personalities.

The Wacky Packages portion of the checklist centers on spoofing Valentine’s candy.

Like all recent online-exclusive GPK mini sets, the print run is determined by the total number ordered. Topps will announce this after the sales window closes.

2018 Topps GPK/Wacky Packages Valentine’s Day at a glance:

Set size: 9 cards
Release date: February 14, 2018

2018 Topps GPK/Wacky Packages Valentine’s Day Checklist

1a ADAM Bomb
1b ADA Bomb

2a Meltin’ MELISSA
2b Glowing AMBER

3a Double HEATHER

4 Cheathearts

5 Wimp Man’s

6 Her or She

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