Strange Michael Jordan Space Jam Collectibles That Would Even Scare the Monstars

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When Space Jam came out in 1996, it was much more than a movie with Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny. It was shoes. It was toys. It was full on marketing assault that brought together Hollywood, sports and many other companies. For a time, Space Jam was everywhere.


Looking back now, though, maybe it would have been better if some of those companies had stepped back a bit because some of those Space Jam collectibles are downright weird.

Space Jam Tee Time Michael Figure

Michael Jordan has a few figures out there including plenty connected to Space Jam. Michael Jordan basketball figures don’t seem so strange. Even baseball figures don’t feel out of place given the sport’s popularity on that side of the hobby. But who wants to play MJ on the golf course even if his love for the sport is noted.

Made by Playmates, Jordan is deck out in a golf shirt and khakis and even comes with a club.

Space Jam Tee Time Michael Jordan Figure

Space Jam Mugs Shaped Like Michael Jordan’s Head

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are a handful of different Space Jam coffee mugs out there. Most are your typical round shape with colorful graphics on the side. However, a couple of them let you sip from Michael Jordan’s head. Not only that, but the likenesses and models make things even more strange.

Exhibit A in which Jordan has a lot more than 5 o’clock shadow.

Space Jam Michael Jordan Mug B Front

Exhibit B where Jordan is more animated ProStars than live-action Space Jam and the mug’s handle is shaped like the number 23 done in Alpha-getti-inspired numbers.

Space Jam Michael Jordan Mug

McDonald’s Space Jam Menu Board Signs

Before video screens became a thing, plastic signs were one of the most important advertising tools at every McDonald’s restaurant. When Space Jam arrived, McDonald’s went all in. And not just with Happy Meal toys. This sign has Michael Jordan pitching a chicken sandwich. The translite sign is double-sided giving it that late-night glow from the fluorescent lights.

While there are well over 10,000 McDonald’s restaurants in North America, ads like these are often tossed as soon as the promotion is over. The enterprising person who held onto this sign for 20 years managed to get $19.99 for it on eBay.

Space Jam McDonalds Menu Board

Space Jam Asteroid Crater Golf Set

Nothing says Space Jam more than a plastic golf set. Okay, probably not. While you could probably hit up the local dollar store for a couple of junior-sized plastic golf clubs, why would you want to when there’s this? I mean, the back of the box promises “hours of fun putting and chipping at the zany asteroid target.” Yes, one target is all you get. And it spins!

Space Jam Asteroid Crater Golf Set

Space Jam Michael Jordan/Bugs Bunny Ceramic Cookie Jar

Things done in ceramics don’t look very real. Mass produce them and things can get a little frightening. Such is the case with this Space Jam cookie jar that has Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny and a shiny basketball just sort of sitting there.

Space Jam Cookie Jar A

But this is a cookie jar. Where do the cookies go?

The answer takes something frightening and makes it even more so. Off with MJ’s head.

Space Jam Cookie Jar B

Michael Jordan Trophy Treats

Speaking of creepy Michael Jordan heads, we arrive at Trophy Treats. Bust-based candy containers are nothing new. But that doesn’t make them settling. Jordan’s bust holds a handful of gumballs. Once they’re gone, you’re left with a plastic head. And maybe a nightmare or two. Try any of the leftover gum and there’s no telling what might happen other than a chipped tooth or two.

Space Jam Trophy Treats Case

Space Jam Tiger Handheld Game

Kids of the 1980s and most of the ’90s didn’t have their parents’ phone to pass time on long car rides. Many had Game Boys, but they were relatively expensive. Tiger handheld games were for the masses. They’re all very basic with gameplay limited a couple of animation blips. Still, they were easy to pick up and play anytime and anywhere.

Space Jam Tiger Handheld Game

For the Space Jam game, it came with quite the commercial as well.

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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  1. Billy Kingsley 17 November, 2016 at 15:02

    Great read. Man, that cookie jar is creepy, and it looks like MJ is staring at his body longing for his head to be attached. Only one of these I have us the video game. ..and I’m glad of that!

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