2022 Topps Chrome Sapphire Star Wars Checklist and Details

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2022 Topps Chrome Sapphire Star Wars gives a new look to a familiar friend. The set recreates the first two series from the original 1977 Topps Star Wars release, this time using the modern blue sapphire pattern the Topps Chrome spinoff is known for.

2022 Topps Chrome Sapphire Star Wars Box

The Sapphire set has 132 total cards. They line up with the Series 1 (blue starfield) and Series 2 (red) sets from the original. While there have been recreations of some cards over the years, this is the first time an entire run from the set has been done. The closest comparison would be 1999 Topps Star Wars Chrome Archives. That set took select cards from all of the original trilogy’s sets, though, and not a full run.

Cards aren’t exactly the same. For starters, the red borders of Series 2 have been dropped to make it a consistent blue. On some cards, photos have also been tweaked or even changed.

Each 2022 Topps Chrome Sapphire Star Wars box includes a pair of parallels. These simply change up the color and print runs. Levels are similar to other Topps Chrome Sapphire but not exactly. Padparadscha, usually the one-of-one chase, is not in this set. It has been replaced by Onyx.

The full parallel lineup includes:

  • Aqua – /99
  • Peridot – /75
  • Green – /50
  • Orange – /25
  • Gold – /15
  • Purple – /10
  • Red – /5
  • Onyx – 1/1

Topps’ 582 Montgomery Club members got first crack at boxes with a pre-sale beginning on June 23. Each member could buy one box at $199.99. A public on-sale date followed the next day. It was essentially an instant sell out.

2022 Topps Chrome Sapphire Star Wars trading cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: 4
Packs per box: 8
Set size: 132 cards
Release date: June 23, 2022 (582 Montgomery Club presale), June 24, 2022 (general public)

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2022 Topps Chrome Sapphire Star Wars Checklist

Base Set Checklist

132 cards.

2022 Topps Star Wars Chrome Sapphire 45 The Lightsaber


  • Aqua – /99 (1:10 packs)
  • Peridot – /75 (1:13 packs)
  • Green – /50 (1:20 packs)
  • Orange – /25 (1:39 packs)
  • Gold – /15 (1:64 packs)
  • Purple – /10 (1:96 packs)
  • Red – /5 (1:191 packs)
  • Onyx – 1/1 (1:941 packs)

1 Luke Skywalker
2 See-Threepio and Artoo-Detoo
3 The Little Droid, Artoo-Detoo
4 Space Pirate Han Solo
5 Princess Leia Organa
6 Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi
7 The Villainous Darth Vader
8 Grand Moff Tarkin
9 Rebels Defend Their Starship!
10 Princess Leia – Captured!
11 Artoo is Imprisoned by the Jawas
12 The Droids are Reunited!
13 A Sale on Droids
14 Luke Checks Out his New Droid
15 Artoo-Detoo is Left Behind!
16 Jawas of Tatooine
17 Lord Vader Threatens Princess Leia!
18 Artoo-Detoo is Missing!
19 Searching for the Little Droid
20 Hunted by the Sandpeople!

21 The Tusken Raiders
22 Rescued by Ben Kenobi
23 See-Threepio is Injured!
24 Stormtroopers Seek the Droids!
25 Luke Rushes to his Loved Ones
26 A Horrified Luke Sees His Family Killed
27 Some Repairs for See-Threepio
28 Luke Agrees to Join Ben Kenobi
29 Stopped by Stormtroopers
30 Han in the Millennium Falcon
31 Sighting the Death Star
32 Lord Vader’s Guards
33 The Droids in the Control Room
34 See-Threepio Diverts the Guards
35 Luke and Han as Stormtroopers
36 Blast of the Laser Rifle!
37 Cornered in the Labyrinth
38 Luke and Han in the Refuse Room
39 Steel Walls Close in on Our Heroes!
40 Droids Rescue Their Masters!

41 Facing the Deadly Chasm
42 Stormtroopers Attack!
43 Luke Prepares to Swing Across the Chasm
44 Han and Chewie Shoot it Out!
45 The Lightsaber
46 A Desperate Moment for Ben
47 Luke Prepares for the Battle
48 Artoo-Detoo is Loaded Aboard
49 The Rebels Monitor the Raid
50 Rebel Leaders Wonder About Their Fate!
51 See-Threepio and Princess Leia
52 Who Will Win the Final Star War?
53 Battle in Outer Space!
54 The Victors Receive Their Reward
55 Han, Chewie and Luke
56 A Day of Rejoicing
57 Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker
58 Harrison Ford as Han Solo
59 Alec Guinness as Ben Kenobi
60 Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin

61 Mark Hamill in Control Room
62 Lord Vader’s Stormtroopers
63 May the Force be With You!
64 Governor of Imperial Outlands
65 Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill
66 Amazing Robot See-Threepio
67 See-Threepio and Luke
68 The Millennium Falcon
69 Threepio’s Desert Track
70 Special Mission for Artoo-Detoo
71 The Incredible See-Threepio
72 Ben Kenobi Rescues Luke!
73 The Droids Wait For Luke
74 Luke Skywalker on Tatooine
75 Darth Vader Strangles a Rebel
76 Artoo-Detoo on the Rebel Starship!
77 Waiting in the Control Room
78 Droids to the Rescue
79 Preparing to Board Solo’s Starship!
80 Where has R2-D2 Gone?

81 Weapons of the Death Star
82 A Daring Rescue!
83 Aboard the Millennium Falcon
84 Rebel Pilot Prepares for the Raid!
85 Luke on the Sand Planet
86 A Mighty Explosion!
87 The Droids Try to Rescue Luke!
88 Stormtroopers Guard Solo’s Ship
89 The Imprisoned Princess Leia
90 Honoring the Victors!
91 Solo and Chewie Prepare to Leave Luke
92 Advance of the Tusken Raider
93 Stormtroopers Blast the Rebels!
94 Interrogated by Stormtroopers
95 Sighting Artoo-Detoo!
96 The Droids on Tatooine
97 Meeting at the Cantina
98 See-Threepio
99 Ben with the Lightsaber!
100 Our Heroes at the Spaceport

101 The Wookiee Chewbacca
102 Rebels Prepare for the Big Fight!
103 Stormtroopers Attack Our Heroes
104 Luke’s Aunt and Uncle
105 Imperial Soldiers Burn Through the Starship!
106 A Message From Princess Leia!
107 The Tusken Raider
108 Princess Leia Observes the Battle
109 Ben Turns Off the Tractor Beam
110 Threepio Fools the Guards!
111 Chewie and Han Solo!
112 Threatened by Sand People!
113 Ben Hides From Imperial Stormtroopers
114 Planning to Escape!
115 Hiding in the Millennium Falcon!
116 Honored for Their Heroism!
117 Chewbacca Poses as a Prisoner
118 R2-D2 and C-3P0
119 Threepio, Ben and Luke!
120 Luke Destroys an Imperial Ship!

121 Han Solo and Chewbacca
122 The Millennium Falcon Speeds Through Space!
123 Solo Blasts a Stormtrooper!
124 Threepio Searches for R2-D2
125 Luke in Disguise!
126 A Quizzical Threepio!
127 The Rebel Fleet
128 Roar of the Wookiee!
129 May the Force be With You!
130 Pursued by the Jawas
131 Spectacular Battle!
132 Lord Vader and a Soldier

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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