Cheap Wax Wednesday Box Breaks: 1996 Score Series 2 Baseball


Score debuted with a single-series release in 1988. The chase cards in that multi-colored release? Ken Caminiti, Tom Glavine, and Matt Williams Rookie Cards. The brand was acquired and added to the Pinnacle Brands stable of products in 1993. Score had a flagship release every year 1988-1998. 

1996 Score Baseball is split into two series. Series 1 features 275 base cards, while Series 2 has 242. A total of 110 cards from each make up the Dugout Collection partial parallelset. Dugout Collection Artist’s Proof parallels (that looked very similar to Dugout Collection) were also produced.

Series 2 also has three inserts sets: Gold Stars, Power Pace, and Future Franchise. You should expect to pull multiple Gold Stars and one Power Pace insert in each box. Future Franchise inserts were found in every two boxes. 

Unfortunately, just like in Series 1, almost all of the Rookie subset cards are not considered actual Rookie Cards as players appeared in base sets in previous years.

1996 Score Series 2 Baseball Box Break

Cards per pack: 10
Packs per box: 36
Price paid: $20

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Pack 1 highlights:

Ozzie Guillen & Mark Loretta

As mentioned above, Loretta is not considered a RC. 

Pack 2:

Charles Johnson Dugout Collection (1:3 packs)

Pack 3:

Andres Galarraga, Will Clark SS, Don Mattingly SS, Greg Maddux & Cal Ripken, Jr. SS

I always enjoy card photos featuring the players interacting with fans.

Pack 4:

Kirby Puckett SS, Hideo Nomo & Johnny Damon SS

Pack 5:

Jeff Suppan & Robby Thompson Dugout Collection (1:3 packs)

Pack 6:

Marvin Benard RC & John Burkett

Burkett has become a professional bowler since retiring from baseball. He recently won his first tournament, the PBA50 South Shore Classic. 

Pack 7:

Tim Salmon, Mo Vaughn SS, Manny Ramirez & Barry Bonds

Pack 8:

Darryl Strawberry, Cecil Fielder SS, Pedro Martinez & Mike Piazza Dugout Collection (1:3 packs)

Pack 9:

Roger Clemens, Wade Boggs, Garret Anderson SS, Dante Bichette & Mike Mussina Dugout Collection (1:3 packs)

The Mussina card features another good shot. I love how the lettering on the jacket almost lines up with the jersey. 

Pack 10:

John Olerud, Tim Raines & Alex Fernandez Dugout Collection Artist’s Proof (1:36 packs)

Pack 11:

Lou Whitaker & Darren Daulton Gold Stars (1:15 packs)

Pack 12:

Kirby Puckett SS, Johnny Damon SS, Hideo Nomo & Eddie Murray SS Dugout Collection (1:3 packs)

Steady Eddie ranks 14th all-time with 3,255 career hits. 

Pack 13:

Chipper Jones, Larry Walker SS, Steve Finley & Mark McGwire Power Pace (1:31 packs)

Pack 14:

Hideo Nomo CL & David Wells

Pack 15:

Andy Pettitte & Tim Raines

Raines had slowed down by 1996 (he was 36, after all). After averaging 60 stolen bases per season during his first 12 full years in the big leagues, he stole just 10 bases in 1996. 

Pack 16:

Carlos Baerga SS, Cecil Fielder SS, Pedro Martinez, Darryl Strawberry & Dennis Eckersley Dugout Collection (1:3 packs)

Pack 17:

Frank Thomas SS, Juan Gonzalez, Joe Carter & Bernie Williams

Pack 18:

Sammy Sosa Gold Stars (1:15 packs)

Pack 19:

Mike Sweeney RC & Ken Griffey Jr. Dugout Collection (1:3 packs)

The Griffey card is sharp with the photo and copper Dugout Collection foilboard.

Pack 20:

Tom Glavine, Tino Martinez, Jeff Bagwell & Raul Mondesi Future Franchise (1:72 packs)

Pack 21:

Andres Galarraga, Will Clark SS, Cal Ripken, Jr. SS & Greg Maddux

Pack 22:

Bobby Jones & Reggie Jefferson

Not a whole lot in this pack, but Jefferson was a Red Sox pull and the Bobby Jones photo is fantastic.

Pack 23:

Barry Larkin Dugout Collection (1:3 packs)

Pack 24:

Albert Belle SS, Mark McGwire, David Cone SS & Derek Jeter SS

Pack 25:

Tim Salmon, Mo Vaughn SS, Manny Ramirez & Barry Bonds

Ramirez finished second in the AL Rookie of the Year balloting to Bob Hamelin following the 1994 season. In 91 games, he hit 17 home runs and drove in 60.

Pack 26:

Randy Johnson CL, Ellis Burks & Mike Greenwell Dugout Collection (1:3 packs)

Pack 27:

Vince Coleman & Ken Caminiti Dugout Collection (1:3 packs)

Pack 28:

Barry Larkin CL, Randy Johnson CL & Ellis Burks

Burks led the major leagues with 142 runs scored during the 1996 season, edging out the AL leader, A-Rod, by a single run. 

Pack 29:

Paul Molitor, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro SS, Jose Canseco, Ken Caminiti & Tony Gwynn SS

Pack 30:

Tom Glavine, Bret Saberhagen, Jeff Bagwell & Jay Bell Dugout Collection (1:3 packs)

Pack 31:

Barry Larkin CL & Tony Pena

Pack 32:

Chuck Finley & Jose Lima

Lima Time wasn’t in full effect until 1999 when he finished fourth in the NL Cy Young voting. 

Pack 33:

Randy Johnson SS, Ivan Rodriguez, Barry Larkin SS, Ken Griffey, Jr., Kenny Lofton, Mike Greenwell & Ron Gant Dugout Collection (1:3 packs)

Pack 34:

Derek Jeter SS, Albert Belle SS, Mark McGwire & Randy Johnson Gold Stars (1:15 packs)

Pack 35:

Greg Maddux CL

Pack 36:

Another Greg Maddux CL & Ivan Rodriguez Dugout Collection (1:3 packs)

Lastly, the Griffey card back. This is my kind of card back. Additional player photo, full career stat lines, and a player write up. Nicely done. 

That was a fun rip. I got more than anticipated with the Dugout Collection parallels, pulling 13 instead of the expected 12. In addition, seven out of the 12 parallels were Hall of Fame players, including hitting the big guy, Ken Griffey Jr. I also pulled everything else you should expect to find in a single box: three Gold Stars, the McGwire Power Pace, and the tough Mondesi Future Franchise. This box was well worth the $20 price of admission.

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