Cheap Wax Wednesday Box Breaks: 1994 Pinnacle Series 2 Baseball

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This week, Cheap Wax Wednesday delves into a ’90s classic, a 1994 Pinnacle Series 2 Baseball retail box.

1994 Pinnacle Series 2 Baseball retail box

1994 Pinnacle Series 2 Baseball Box Break

Cards per pack: 14
Packs per box: 36
Price paid: $23

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Pack 1 highlights:

Bo Jackson, Larry Walker, Eric Davis, Jeff Bagwell & Hal Morris Museum Collection (1 in every 4 packs). Museum Collection is one of my favorite parallels ever. The pictures don’t do them justice!

Pack 2:

Matt Williams, Mike Greenwell, Rafael “Finger Pointing” Palmeiro & David Wells

Pack 3:

Trevor Hoffman, Joe Carter (in a Jeffrey Maier Yankee Stadium situation?) & Carlos Delgado

Pack 4:

Edgar Martinez, Lee Smith & Pedro Martinez

Pack 5:

Tim Wakefield (I have always loved cards picturing knuckleballs being thrown), Will Clark & Luis Alicea Museum Collection (1:4 packs)

Pack 6:

Mike Hampton & Tom “Flash” Gordon

Pack 7:

Edgar Martinez, Lee Smith & Cliff Floyd

Pack 8:

Mark Grace, Ramon Martinez (checking out some film) & Alan Trammell

Pack 9:

Harold Baines, Ozzie Smith, David Cone & Robby Thompson Museum Collection (1:4 packs)

Pack 10:

Dennis Martinez (looking straight out of Major League) & Mike Hampton

Pack 11:

Jack Morris & Dave “Cowboy” Stewart

Pack 12:

Rickey Henderson & Andre Dawson Museum Collection (1:4 packs). Finally, a good name and pictured in a Red Sox uniform!

Pack 13:

Darryl Strawberry, Mark McGwire (feeding some soft toss), Roberto Alomar & Andres Galarraga

Pack 14:

David Cone & Jim Edmonds. This is exactly the kind of picture you should expect of Edmonds. That guy could really play some outfield!

Pack 15:

Wally Joyner & Eric Davis

Pack 16:

Roger McDowell (not even sure what to say about this one), Pedro Martinez & Jim Deshaies Museum Collection (1:4 packs)

Pack 17:

Stan Javier (shown off just for the cool photo), Jay Buhner & Greg Harris Artist’s Proof (1:22 packs)

Pack 18:

Wally Joyner, Jack Morris & Derrek Lee RC

Pack 19:

Frank Viola & Tim Raines

Pack 20:

Ivan Rodriguez & Larry Walker Museum Collection (1:4 packs)

Pack 21:

Pedro Martinez & Dave Stewart

Pack 22:

Tim Raines & Alan Trammell

Pack 23:

Chan Ho Park RC & Ozzie Smith

Pack 24:

Tom Glavine, Carlos Delgado, Cliff Floyd, Dave Winfield & Benito Santiago Museum Collection (1:4 packs)

Pack 25:

Paul O’Neill & Mike Mussina

Pack 26:

Chan Ho Park RC & Andres “Big Cat” Galarraga

Pack 27:

Harold Baines & former Sox outfielder Troy O’Leary

Pack 28:

Jim Edmonds, Randy Johnson, Jose Canseco & Bo Jackson

Pack 29:

Mark Grace, Pedro Martinez & Dante Bichette

Pack 30:

Larry Walker, Jeff Bagwell & Andres Galarraga. You can see we have reached the dupe portion of this break.

Pack 31:

Julian Tavarez (This guy was a character. I remember seeing him field a ball and roll it over to first base once.), Wally Joyner & Brent Gates Museum Collection (1:4 packs)

Pack 32:

Will Clark & Todd Van Poppel Artist’s Proof (1:22 packs)

Pack 33:

Larry Walker & Jeff Bagwell

Pack 34:

Jose Mesa, Rick Helling & one-time Orioles top prospect Jeffrey Hammonds

Pack 35:

Fred McGriff & Scott Kamieniecki Museum Collection (1:4 packs)

Pack 36:

John Smoltz & Derrek Lee RC

Lastly, the Smoltz card back — a pretty standard card back, featuring full stat lines and bio information. Nice addition of another couple photos, though.

This was a fun break, and like I said I have always loved the Museum Collection parallels. There were a couple inserts we didn’t find in this box though.

Team Pinnacle inserts were found 1 in every 90 packs.

Carlos Delgado Super Rookie inserts were found just 1 in every 360 packs. I didn’t land one.

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When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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  1. Kerry Orton 17 October, 2019 at 09:58

    1994 Pinnacle was my 3rd ever busted product as a collector, so thanks for bringing back some good memories. Even though I also never came across the rare inserts, 1994 Pinnacle photos were awesome at the time.

  2. Benjamin Pfiester 23 October, 2019 at 21:54

    Love breaking boxes from this era, so affordable compared to when they were released. Museum Collection is my all-time favorite parallel set!

    Just curious, did you have problems with the glossy coating/gold foil stamping sticking together?

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