2022-23 Topps National Basketball League Checklist, Team Set Lists and Details

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2022-23 Topps National Basketball League takes hoops cards to Australia with a flagship-style release. The names might not be as familiar as LeBron James or Stephen Curry (or even Seth Curry), but it does mark a further expansion for the sport and Fanatics’ foothold in the sport, which also includes collegiate releases, Overtime Elite and McDonald’s All-American. Eventually, the NBA will also shift over.

2022-23 Topps National Basketball League Checklist Overview

The base set isn’t a huge one, consisting of a modest 100 cards. But when you realize the NBL consists of just 10 teams, it shows some depth. The design has roots in the 2022 Topps Baseball layout.

Parallels include:

  • Blue – 3 per hobby box
  • Aqua – /199
  • Green – /99
  • Fuchsia – /75
  • Gold – /50
  • Orange – /25
  • Red – /5
  • Sun Ray – 1/1
2022-23 Topps National Basketball League Mitch Creek

Collectors can expect five parallels per hobby box, three blue and two from the assortment of numbered versions.

Base Autographs are also available for select players. Each is numbered to 50. These represent the only signatures in the product. They’re not a guaranteed box hit.

2022-23 Topps National Basketball League Autographs Kai Sotto

The 2022-23 Topps NBL checklist has three additional insert sets as well.

1972 Topps Basketball (1:5 packs) adds a nostalgic spin, inspired by one of the most iconic basketball card sets of all-time.

Big City Ballers combine top NBL players with views of the cities they play in. Three of these are in each hobby box.

At 1:20 packs, NBL Elite are the toughest of the three standard insert sets in the product.

2022-23 Topps National Basketball League Elite Bryce Cotton

All three sets also have Gold (/50), Orange (/25), Red (/5) and Sun Ray (1/1) versions.

2022-23 Topps National Basketball League at a glance:

Cards per pack: Hobby – 8
Packs per box: Hobby – 20
Boxes per case: Hobby – 12
Set size: 100 cards
Release date: May 31, 2023

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What to expect in a hobby box:

  • 1972 Topps Basketball – 4
  • Big City Ballers – 3
  • NBL Elite – 1
  • Blue Parallels – 3
  • Additional Parallels – 2

2022-23 Topps National Basketball League Checklist

You can also download a customizable spreadsheet copy of the checklist:

Please note that print runs for cards without serial numbers have not been announced.


Base Set Checklist

100 cards.


  • Blue
  • Aqua – /199
  • Green – /99
  • Fuchsia – /75
  • Gold – /50
  • Orange – /25
  • Red – /5
  • Sun Ray – 1/1

1 Antonius Cleveland, Adelaide 36ers
2 Sunday Dech, Adelaide 36ers
3 Anthony Drmic, Adelaide 36ers
4 Robert Franks, Adelaide 36ers
5 Kyrin Galloway, Adelaide 36ers
6 Hyrum Harris, Adelaide 36ers
7 Daniel Johnson, Adelaide 36ers
8 Mitch McCarron, Adelaide 36ers
9 Craig Randall II, Adelaide 36ers
10 Kai Sotto, Adelaide 36ers
11 Aron Baynes, Brisbane Bullets
12 Jason Cadee, Brisbane Bullets
13 Harry Froling, Brisbane Bullets
14 Devondrick Walker, Brisbane Bullets
15 Tyrell Harrison, Brisbane Bullets
16 Tyler Johnson, Brisbane Bullets
17 Gorjok Gak, Brisbane Bullets
18 DJ Mitchell, Brisbane Bullets
19 Nathan Sobey, Brisbane Bullets
20 Kody Stattmann, Brisbane Bullets
21 Jonah Antonio, Cairns Taipans
22 Ben Ayre, Cairns Taipans
23 Majok Deng, Cairns Taipans
24 Shannon Scott, Cairns Taipans
25 DJ Hogg, Cairns Taipans

26 Bul Kuol, Cairns Taipans
27 Lat Mayen, Cairns Taipans
28 Tahjere McCall, Cairns Taipans
29 Keanu Pinder, Cairns Taipans
30 Sam Waardenburg, Cairns Taipans
31 Deng Deng, Illawarra Hawks
32 Sam Froling, Illawarra Hawks
33 Akoldah Gak, Illawarra Hawks
34 William Hickey, Illawarra Hawks
35 Tyler Harvey, Illawarra Hawks
36 George King, Illawarra Hawks
37 Mangok Mathiang, Illawarra Hawks
38 Alex Mudronja, Illawarra Hawks
39 Justin Robinson, Illawarra Hawks
40 Wani Swaka Lo Buluk, Illawarra Hawks
41 Ariel Hukporti, Melbourne United
42 Jordan Caroline, Melbourne United
43 Chris Goulding, Melbourne United
44 Isaac Humphries, Melbourne United
45 Shea Ili, Melbourne United
46 Makuach Malauch, Melbourne United
47 Brad Newley, Melbourne United
48 Rayjon Tucker, Melbourne United
49 David Okwera, Melbourne United
50 Xavier Rathan-Mayes, Melbourne United

51 Rayan Rupert, New Zealand Breakers
52 Tom Abercrombie, New Zealand Breakers
53 Tom Vodanovich, New Zealand Breakers
54 Daniel Fotu, New Zealand Breakers
55 Barry Brown Jr, New Zealand Breakers
56 Izayah Le’afa, New Zealand Breakers
57 Cam Gliddon, New Zealand Breakers
58 William McDowell-White, New Zealand Breakers
59 Dererk Pardon, New Zealand Breakers
60 Todd Blanchfield, Perth Wildcats
61 Bryce Cotton, Perth Wildcats
62 Majok Majok, Perth Wildcats
63 Brady Manek, Perth Wildcats
64 Mitch Norton, Perth Wildcats
65 Kyle Zunic, Perth Wildcats
66 Tashawn Thomas, Perth Wildcats
67 Luke Travers, Perth Wildcats
68 Jesse Wagstaff, Perth Wildcats
69 Corey Webster, Perth Wildcats
70 Kyle Adnam, S.E. Melbourne Phoenix
71 Grant Anticevich, S.E. Melbourne Phoenix
72 Ryan Broekhoff, S.E. Melbourne Phoenix
73 Gary Browne, S.E. Melbourne Phoenix
74 Mitch Creek, S.E. Melbourne Phoenix
75 Trey Kell, S.E. Melbourne Phoenix

76 Junior Madut, S.E. Melbourne Phoenix
77 Zhou Qi, S.E. Melbourne Phoenix
78 Reuben Te Rangi, S.E. Melbourne Phoenix
79 Alan Williams, S.E. Melbourne Phoenix
80 Biwali Bayles, Sydney Kings
81 Shaun Bruce, Sydney Kings
82 Xavier Cooks, Sydney Kings
83 Derrick Walton Jr., Sydney Kings
84 Dejan Vasiljevic, Sydney Kings
85 Jordan Hunter, Sydney Kings
86 Kouat Noi, Sydney Kings
87 Jaylin Galloway, Sydney Kings
88 Justin Simon, Sydney Kings
89 Tim Soares, Sydney Kings
90 Milton Doyle, Tasmania JackJumpers
91 Rashard Kelly, Tasmania JackJumpers
92 Matt Kenyon, Tasmania JackJumpers
93 Fabijan Krslovic, Tasmania JackJumpers
94 Josh Magette, Tasmania JackJumpers
95 Will Magnay, Tasmania JackJumpers
96 Sam McDaniel, Tasmania JackJumpers
97 Jack McVeigh, Tasmania JackJumpers
98 Clint Steindl, Tasmania JackJumpers
99 Jarred Bairstow, Tasmania JackJumpers
100 Jarrell Brantley, New Zealand Breakers

2022-23 Topps National Basketball League Checklist Top


2022-23 Topps National Basketball League Checklist – Autographs

Base Autographs Checklist

30 cards.

AA-AB Aron Baynes, Brisbane Bullets /50
AA-AH Ariel Hukporti, Melbourne United /50
AA-AW Alan Williams, S.E. Melbourne Phoenix /50
AA-BC Bryce Cotton, Perth Wildcats /50
AA-BM Brady Manek, Perth Wildcats /50
AA-CG Chris Goulding, Melbourne United /50
AA-DH DJ Hogg, Cairns Taipans /50
AA-DV Dejan Vasiljevic, Sydney Kings /50
AA-DW Derrick Walton Jr., Sydney Kings /50
AA-HF Harry Froling, Brisbane Bullets /50
AA-JB Jarrell Brantley, New Zealand Breakers /50
AA-JM Josh Magette, Tasmania JackJumpers /50
AA-JMC Jack McVeigh, Tasmania JackJumpers /50
AA-JR Justin Robinson, Illawarra Hawks /50
AA-KP Keanu Pinder, Cairns Taipans /50
AA-KS Kai Sotto, Adelaide 36ers /50
AA-LT Luke Travers, Perth Wildcats /50
AA-MC Mitch Creek, S.E. Melbourne Phoenix /50
AA-MM Mitch McCarron, Adelaide 36ers /50
AA-NS Nathan Sobey, Brisbane Bullets /50
AA-RF Robert Franks, Adelaide 36ers /50
AA-RK Rashard Kelly, Tasmania JackJumpers /50
AA-RR Rayan Rupert, New Zealand Breakers /50
AA-RT Rayjon Tucker, Melbourne United /50
AA-TH Tyler Harvey, Illawarra Hawks /50
AA-TJ Tyler Johnson, Brisbane Bullets /50
AA-TK Trey Kell, S.E. Melbourne Phoenix /50
AA-TM Tahjere McCall, Cairns Taipans /50
AA-WM William McDowell-White, New Zealand Breakers /50
AA-XC Xavier Cooks, Sydney Kings /50

Checklist Top


2022-23 Topps National Basketball League Checklist – Inserts

1972 Topps Basketball Checklist

20 cards.
1:5 packs.


  • Gold – /50
  • Orange – /25
  • Red – /5
  • Sun Ray – 1/1

72-1 Daniel Johnson, Adelaide 36ers
72-2 Mitch McCarron, Adelaide 36ers
72-3 Nathan Sobey, Brisbane Bullets
72-4 Jason Cadee, Brisbane Bullets
72-5 Shannon Scott, Cairns Taipans
72-6 Majok Deng, Cairns Taipans
72-7 Sam Froling, Illawarra Hawks
72-8 Tyler Harvey, Illawarra Hawks
72-9 Brad Newley, Melbourne United
72-10 Chris Goulding, Melbourne United
72-11 Cam Gliddon, New Zealand Breakers
72-12 William McDowell-White, New Zealand Breakers
72-13 Bryce Cotton, Perth Wildcats
72-14 Jesse Wagstaff, Perth Wildcats
72-15 Kyle Adnam, S.E. Melbourne Phoenix
72-16 Ryan Broekhoff, S.E. Melbourne Phoenix
72-17 Kouat Noi, Sydney Kings
72-18 Dejan Vasiljevic, Sydney Kings
72-19 Clint Steindl, Tasmania JackJumpers
72-20 Josh Magette, Tasmania JackJumpers

Big City Ballers Checklist

20 cards.


  • Gold – /50
  • Orange – /25
  • Red – /5
  • Sun Ray – 1/1

BCB-1 Daniel Johnson, Adelaide 36ers
BCB-2 Sunday Dech, Adelaide 36ers
BCB-3 Jason Cadee, Brisbane Bullets
BCB-4 Aron Baynes, Brisbane Bullets
BCB-5 DJ Hogg, Cairns Taipans
BCB-6 Keanu Pinder, Cairns Taipans
BCB-7 Sam Froling, Illawarra Hawks
BCB-8 Tim Coenraad, Illawarra Hawks
BCB-9 Xavier Rathan-Mayes, Melbourne United
BCB-10 David Barlow, Melbourne United
BCB-11 Jarrell Brantley, New Zealand Breakers
BCB-12 Tom Abercrombie, New Zealand Breakers
BCB-13 Brady Manek, Perth Wildcats
BCB-14 Jesse Wagstaff, Perth Wildcats
BCB-15 Kyle Adnam, S.E. Melbourne Phoenix
BCB-16 Dane Pineau, S.E. Melbourne Phoenix
BCB-17 Derrick Walton Jr., Sydney Kings
BCB-18 Angus Glover, Sydney Kings
BCB-19 Matt Kenyon, Tasmania JackJumpers
BCB-20 Jarrad Weeks, Tasmania JackJumpers

NBL Elite Checklist

10 cards.
1:20 packs.


  • Gold – /50
  • Orange – /25
  • Red – /5
  • Sun Ray – 1/1

NE-1 Mitch McCarron, Adelaide 36ers
NE-2 Aron Baynes, Brisbane Bullets
NE-3 Tahjere McCall, Cairns Taipans
NE-4 Tyler Harvey, Illawarra Hawks
NE-5 Chris Goulding, Melbourne United
NE-6 Tom Abercrombie, New Zealand Breakers
NE-7 Bryce Cotton, Perth Wildcats
NE-8 Mitch Creek, S.E. Melbourne Phoenix
NE-9 Xavier Cooks, Sydney Kings
NE-10 Josh Magette, Tasmania JackJumpers

Checklist Top

Tab Header

2022-23 Topps National Basketball League Team Set Lists

Adelaide 36ers

1 Antonius Cleveland
2 Sunday Dech
3 Anthony Drmic
4 Robert Franks
5 Kyrin Galloway
6 Hyrum Harris
7 Daniel Johnson
8 Mitch McCarron
9 Craig Randall II
10 Kai Sotto

1972 Topps Basketball
72-1 Daniel Johnson
72-2 Mitch McCarron

Base Autographs
AA-KS Kai Sotto /50
AA-MM Mitch McCarron /50
AA-RF Robert Franks /50

Big City Ballers
BCB-1 Daniel Johnson
BCB-2 Sunday Dech

NBL Elite
NE-1 Mitch McCarron

Brisbane Bullets

11 Aron Baynes
12 Jason Cadee
13 Harry Froling
14 Devondrick Walker
15 Tyrell Harrison
16 Tyler Johnson
17 Gorjok Gak
18 DJ Mitchell
19 Nathan Sobey
20 Kody Stattmann

1972 Topps Basketball
72-3 Nathan Sobey
72-4 Jason Cadee

Base Autographs
AA-AB Aron Baynes /50
AA-HF Harry Froling /50
AA-NS Nathan Sobey /50
AA-TJ Tyler Johnson /50

Big City Ballers
BCB-3 Jason Cadee
BCB-4 Aron Baynes

NBL Elite
NE-2 Aron Baynes

Cairns Taipans

21 Jonah Antonio
22 Ben Ayre
23 Majok Deng
24 Shannon Scott
25 DJ Hogg
26 Bul Kuol
27 Lat Mayen
28 Tahjere McCall
29 Keanu Pinder
30 Sam Waardenburg

1972 Topps Basketball
72-5 Shannon Scott
72-6 Majok Deng

Base Autographs
AA-DH DJ Hogg /50
AA-KP Keanu Pinder /50
AA-TM Tahjere McCall /50

Big City Ballers
BCB-5 DJ Hogg
BCB-6 Keanu Pinder

NBL Elite
NE-3 Tahjere McCall

Illawarra Hawks

31 Deng Deng
32 Sam Froling
33 Akoldah Gak
34 William Hickey
35 Tyler Harvey
36 George King
37 Mangok Mathiang
38 Alex Mudronja
39 Justin Robinson
40 Wani Swaka Lo Buluk

1972 Topps Basketball
72-7 Sam Froling
72-8 Tyler Harvey

Base Autographs
AA-JR Justin Robinson /50
AA-TH Tyler Harvey /50

Big City Ballers
BCB-7 Sam Froling
BCB-8 Tim Coenraad

NBL Elite
NE-4 Tyler Harvey

Melbourne United

41 Ariel Hukporti
42 Jordan Caroline
43 Chris Goulding
44 Isaac Humphries
45 Shea Ili
46 Makuach Malauch
47 Brad Newley
48 Rayjon Tucker
49 David Okwera
50 Xavier Rathan-Mayes

1972 Topps Basketball
72-9 Brad Newley
72-10 Chris Goulding

Base Autographs
AA-AH Ariel Hukporti /50
AA-CG Chris Goulding /50
AA-RT Rayjon Tucker /50

Big City Ballers
BCB-9 Xavier Rathan-Mayes
BCB-10 David Barlow

NBL Elite
NE-5 Chris Goulding

New Zealand Breakers

51 Rayan Rupert
52 Tom Abercrombie
53 Tom Vodanovich
54 Daniel Fotu
55 Barry Brown Jr
56 Izayah Le’afa
57 Cam Gliddon
58 William McDowell-White
59 Dererk Pardon
100 Jarrell Brantley

1972 Topps Basketball
72-11 Cam Gliddon
72-12 William McDowell-White

Base Autographs
AA-JB Jarrell Brantley /50
AA-RR Rayan Rupert /50
AA-WM William McDowell-White /50

Big City Ballers
BCB-11 Jarrell Brantley
BCB-12 Tom Abercrombie

NBL Elite
NE-6 Tom Abercrombie

Perth Wildcats

60 Todd Blanchfield
61 Bryce Cotton
62 Majok Majok
63 Brady Manek
64 Mitch Norton
65 Kyle Zunic
66 Tashawn Thomas
67 Luke Travers
68 Jesse Wagstaff
69 Corey Webster

1972 Topps Basketball
72-13 Bryce Cotton
72-14 Jesse Wagstaff

Base Autographs
AA-BC Bryce Cotton /50
AA-BM Brady Manek /50
AA-LT Luke Travers /50

Big City Ballers
BCB-13 Brady Manek
BCB-14 Jesse Wagstaff

NBL Elite
NE-7 Bryce Cotton

S.E. Melbourne Phoenix

70 Kyle Adnam
71 Grant Anticevich
72 Ryan Broekhoff
73 Gary Browne
74 Mitch Creek
75 Trey Kell
76 Junior Madut
77 Zhou Qi
78 Reuben Te Rangi
79 Alan Williams

1972 Topps Basketball
72-15 Kyle Adnam
72-16 Ryan Broekhoff

Base Autographs
AA-AW Alan Williams /50
AA-MC Mitch Creek /50
AA-TK Trey Kell /50

Big City Ballers
BCB-15 Kyle Adnam
BCB-16 Dane Pineau

NBL Elite
NE-8 Mitch Creek

Sydney Kings

80 Biwali Bayles
81 Shaun Bruce
82 Xavier Cooks
83 Derrick Walton Jr.
84 Dejan Vasiljevic
85 Jordan Hunter
86 Kouat Noi
87 Jaylin Galloway
88 Justin Simon
89 Tim Soares

1972 Topps Basketball
72-17 Kouat Noi
72-18 Dejan Vasiljevic

Base Autographs
AA-DV Dejan Vasiljevic /50
AA-DW Derrick Walton Jr. /50
AA-XC Xavier Cooks /50

Big City Ballers
BCB-17 Derrick Walton Jr.
BCB-18 Angus Glover

NBL Elite
NE-9 Xavier Cooks

Tasmania JackJumpers

90 Milton Doyle
91 Rashard Kelly
92 Matt Kenyon
93 Fabijan Krslovic
94 Josh Magette
95 Will Magnay
96 Sam McDaniel
97 Jack McVeigh
98 Clint Steindl
99 Jarred Bairstow

1972 Topps Basketball
72-19 Clint Steindl
72-20 Josh Magette

Base Autographs
AA-JM Josh Magette /50
AA-JMC Jack McVeigh /50
AA-RK Rashard Kelly /50

Big City Ballers
BCB-19 Matt Kenyon
BCB-20 Jarrad Weeks

NBL Elite
NE-10 Josh Magette

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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