2019 Topps Garbage Pail Kids X NYC Takeover Checklist and Details


2019 Topps Garbage Pail Kids X NYC Takeover set some classic GPK characters loose in the Big Apple. While the set made its debut at New York Comic Con, it was also available online through the Topps On-Demand program.

The main set has 20 total cards, which is split between the usual ‘A’ and ‘B’ name variations Garbage Pail Kids are known for. For longtime fans of the line, these names and the roots of the gags will be familiar, only with a New York twist. All 20 base cards come with each sealed set.

Joining them are Green and Pink parallels. Green versions are three per set, Pink are two.

Another insert in each set is a C Name Variation. These give cards a third name beyond the ones from the base set. They’re also significantly tougher to come by.

Sketch Cards add a further chase element. Every other sealed set has one.

2019 Topps Garbage Pail Kids X NYC Takeover has a total print run of 1,211 sets.

2019 Topps Garbage Pail Kids X NYC Takeover at a glance:

Cards per set: 26
Set size: 20 cards
Release date: October 3, 2019
Print Run: 1,211 sets

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What to expect in a sealed set:

  • 20-Card Base Set
  • C Variations – 1
  • Green Parallels – 3
  • Pink Parallels – 2

2019 Topps Garbage Pail Kids X NYC Takeover Checklist

Base Set Checklist

20 cards.


  • Green – (3 per set)
  • Pink – (2 per set)

1a New Wave DAVE
1b Graffiti PETEY
2a Smelly SALLY
2b Fishy PHYLLIS
3a KIM Kong
3b ANNA Banana
4a Split KIT
4b Mixed-Up MITCH
5a Slobby ROBBIE
5b Fat MATT
6b GRETA Garbage
7a Greaser GREG
7b CHRIS Hiss
8a Travelin’ TRAVIS
8b Flat TYLER
9b Heavin’ STEVEN
10a MATT Rat
10b RACHEL Rodent

C Name Variations

10 cards.
1 per set.

Buy on:

1c Met ART
2c Coney CONNIE
3c Empire State KATE
4c Sub WAYNE
5c Construction CONNER
6c Liberty LILY
7c Scalper SAL
8c Taxi Cab CALEB
9c Central Park MARK
10c Pizza Rat PAT

Sketch Cards

16 artists.
1:2 sets.

Buy on:

John Brewer
Neil Camera
Jasmine Contois
Dan Contois
Sebastian Cortez
Jason Crosby
Joe Grotesque
Joey Fitchett
Dennis Gortakowski
Robert Jimenez
Rich Molinelli
Anthony Skubis
B. Nygma
Gavin Williams

New York Comic Con Promo Cards

NAT Nerd
NYCC 2019


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