2019 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Revenge of Oh, the Horror-ible Checklist and Details


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Monster movies almost always have sequels. Actually, several sequels is the norm more often than not. 2019 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Revenge of Oh, the Horror-ible trading cards follow in that tradition, offering a second helping of monster spoofs and more.

Display box and hobby collector versions both return, each with their own exclusive cards and elements. For hobby collector boxes, it also means the introduction of some added swag that fits right in with the horror theme.

2019 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Revenge of Oh, the Horror-ible Base Set Basics

The main set is a big one. It totals 200 cards with 100 different A/B name combinations. Horror characters, personalities and anything that might make you jump or go bump in the night are fair game.

Parallels come in several colors, although getting a full run requires attention to a variety of pack formats. Display boxes, which are the standard hobby and retail version, have a Blood Splatter Green card in every pack. Blood Splatter Yellow are 1:4 packs.

Moving over to hobby collector, each pack has a Black Light card. Other hobby collector-exclusive parallels include Blood Splatter Blue (/99) and Blood Splatter Red (/75).

Blood Splatter Purple cards are the lone exclusive in retail fat packs. Each 20-card pack has one.

Rounding out the base set parallels are Artist Autographs, Blood Splatter Gold (/50) and Printing Plates (1/1).


Tricks or Treats cards use GPK characters for some Halloween candy inspiration. These are only in display boxes.

Horror Film Parody Posters infuse some Wacky Packages-style artwork into the product. Exclusive to hobby collector packs, these poke fun at famous genre movie posters.

2019 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Revenge of Oh the Horror-ible Posters

GPK Horror Victims are three per retail value box. These bring death to some of the Garbage Pail Kids family.

Sticking with many recent Garbage Pail Kids sets, sketch cards play a prominent role as far as chase elements go. However, different pack types have different types of cards. Traditional sketch cards are found in display boxes. Hobby collector is where you’ll find Shaped and Triptych sketches. Double-sized Panoramic Sketch Cards are exclusive to retail fat packs while value boxes are the only place to get Loaded Puzzle Sketch Cards.

Tombstone Figurines

Every hobby collector box comes with something more than cards — a Tombstone Figurine. Measuring 1 7/8 by 3 inches, there are a dozen in the set. Each box has one, packaged in its own blind box.

2019 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Revenge of Oh the Horror-ible Tombstone Figurine

The original GPK Oh, the Horror-ible set came out in 2018.

2019 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Revenge of Oh, the Horror-ible at a glance:

Cards per pack: Display – 8, Hobby Collector – 8, Retail Value Boxes – 8, Retail Fat Packs – 20
Packs per box: Display – 24, Hobby Collector – 24, Retail Value Boxes – 5
Boxes per case: Display – 8, Hobby Collector – 8, Retail Value Boxes – 40
Set size: 200 cards
Release date: September 25, 2019

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What to expect in a display box:

  • Blood Splatter Green Parallels – 24
  • Blood Splatter Yellow Parallels – 6

What to expect in a hobby collector box:

  • Black Light Parallels – 24
  • Tombstone Figurines – 1
  • Sketch Cards, Autographs or Printing Plates – 1

2019 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Revenge of Oh, the Horror-ible Checklist


Base Set Checklist

200 cards.


Artist Autographs (signers: Brent Engstrom, David Gross, Joe Simko)
Black Light – (1 per hobby collector pack)
Green Blood Splatter – (1 per hobby/display pack)
Purple Blood Splatter – (1 per retail fat pack)
Yellow Blood Splatter – (1:23 hobby/display packs)
Blue Blood Splatter – /99 (hobby collector only)
Red Blood Splatter – /75 (hobby collector only)
Gold Blood Splatter – /50
Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions)

1980s Horror Stickers

1a Eggy ELLEN
1b R.I.P. LEE
2a RHODA Rage
2b Plymouth MURRAY
3a Birthday KATE
3b Reanimated NATE
4a Cu- JOE
4b Rabid RALPH
5a Thumb WARREN
5b Ash Vs. ASH
6a Branded BREWSTER
6b Holy WALTER
7a Halloween TRE
7b Melting MELVIN
8a Lost BOYD
8b Upside-Down DAVID
9a MAXIM Overdrive
9b Hit and RON
10a Homicide EL
10b Cymbal KIMBEL
11a REX Wrecks
11b Rawhead TED
12a Hypodermic HERBERT
12b Re-animate TOR
13a Tar MANNY
13b Zom- BRIE
14a BOBBY Gum
14b Revealing RODDY
15a Kill or Be KILIAN
15b BOBBY Count

Cult Horror Stickers

1a Electric ALICE
1b RAINA Coat
2a Basket CASEY
2b Pic NICK
3a Green Infer- NOAH
3b Jabbed JUSTINE
4a Thud BUD
4b Sewer SUSIE
5a Critter CHRIS
5b Furball PHIL
6a Dead Alive CLIVE
6b Sumatran DAN
7a RAOUL -ies
7b Porcelain ROD
8a Killed KLYDE
8b Shadow Puppet PETE
9a HANS Cuffed
9b Maniac ZAC
10a Motel MEL
10b Hog WYLIE
11a Jumping JIANG
11b MISTY Vampire
12a KELLI Comet
12b Bam Bam SAM
13a TAMMY Warp
13b Cavorting COLUMBIA
14a Scanned STAN
14b ANDY Climactic
15a Organ NICK
15b Society SAL
16a BARB Wire
16b Suspiria MIA
17a Trapped TRAVIS
17b Stuck CHUCK
18a Tiki DOLLY
18b Trilogy of TERRY
19a Veggie ABEL
19b Sloshy JOSHIE
20a LIV Stick
20b VANNA Vamp

Folklore Sticker

1a Demon DAIMON
1b Teethy STEVIE
2a SAM Hain
2b Wick KEN
3a Slender SLADE
3b Tall PAUL
4a Si- WREN
4b Fishy FELICIA
5a Mirror MARY
5b BETTY Brunch

Horror Personality Stickers

1a Jarring JORDAN
1b Panicked PEELE
2a Joined JOHN
2b Conflicting CARPENTER
3a VINCENT Slice
3b BRENT and the Pendulum
4a Suspenseful STEPHEN
4b KING of Horro
5a Alive CLIVE
5b Boxy BARKER
6a Gorging GEORGE
6b Roaming ROMERO
7a ZACH Early
7b HORACE Host
8a Torn DEL TORO
9a ALFRED Presents
10a Wicked WES
10b Creepy CRAVEN
11a Jerked JOEBOB
11b Boob Tube BRIGGS
12a Dark DARIO
12b Daring ARGENTO
13a Engaging ELVIRA
13b Chilling CASSANDRA
14a Transformed TOM
14b Special Effects SAVINI
15a RAIMI of Terror
15b Silver Screen SAM

Modern Horror Stickers

1a ALLEN Vs. Predator
1b Alien Vs. Preda- TORI
2a Witchy WINNIE
2b EVA -ary
3a ANNA Hell
3b Disturbed DOLLY
4a Baba DUKE
4b BOB A. Dook
5a Sparkling SPAULDING
5b SID Malicious
6a Prancing PENNY
6b TED Lights
7a Crazed KATHY
7b Biggest Fan ANN
8a PAM Labyrinth
8b Eyeball PAUL
9a Slithering SUE
9b Farting FRAN
10a Grudge JUDGE
10b Ju-On JUAN
11a NOAH Visibility
11b MISTY Haze
12a NINA Nun
12b Bad Habit HANNAH
13a Purge SERGE
13b SAM Spew
14a RICK R. Treat
14b Trick R. PETE
15a JOHNNY in a Bottle
15b Wish LESTER

Retro Horror Stickers

1a Regurgitating REGAN
1b Inner DAMON
2a FRAN Goria
2b Horror MAGGIE -Zine
3a BEN Head
3b ZEKE Freak
4a Notre DAMON
4b Hurtin’ HUGO
5a BLAKE -Ula
5b VAN- Pire
6a BRODY Snatcher
7b Jungle JIM
8a MARTHA Moth
9a DWIGHT Stalker
9b Say Cheese CARL
10a Devilish DAMIEN
10b OMAR Omen
11a DAN Tasm
11b Evil IRA
12a Ro- DAN
12b BIRDIE Poop
13a Blood TUCKER
13b Crooked KURT
14a Vampire ELLA
14b Count TESS
15a Village of the DANE
15b Staring CONTESSA

Slasher Film Stickers

1a Psycho PATRICK
1b WALT Street
2a CHUCK Bouquet
2b TIFFANY Topper
3a Ground CHUCK
3b Fly the COOPER
4a Fractured FRANCIS
4b Metal Plate NATE
5a Figuring FREDDY
5b Estimation JASON
6a Jabbed JASON
6b Bottom of the BLAKE
7a Meditating MICHAEL
7b Masked MANNY
8a Hat CHET
8b Axed MAX
9a Blood BUDDY
9b Bleeding Heart ART
10a Retching ROBERT
10b Foul-Mouth FREDDY
11a Normal NORMAN
11b Psycho KILLIAN
12a TRE Cycle
12b Saw SAUL
13a REESE Charge
13b Ghost FAITH
14a Silent NATE
14b Dead LEE
15a Massa- KIRK
15b BUBBA Burger

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2019 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Revenge of Oh, the Horror-ible Inserts Checklists

Classic Monster Stickers Checklist

20 cards.

1a Grim JIM
1b BETH Death
2a JACK O. Lantern
2b DUNCAN Pumpkin
3a Haunted HOLLIS
3b Batty BARNEY
4a MICHAEL Mutant
4b ZEKE Freak
5a Alien ALLEN
5b Martian MARCIA
6a Beasty BOYD
6b Semi COLIN
7a Creepy CAROL
7b Scary CARRIE
8a Slimy SAM
8b Lizard LIZ
9a Fryin’ RYAN
9b Charred CHAD
10a Picky NICK
10b BEULAH Ghoul

Faux Character Relics Checklist

10 cards.

1 Nasty NICK
2 Dead TED
3 Weird WENDY
4 Wrappin’ RUTH
5 Bent BEN
6 Grim JIM
7 FRANK N. Stein
8 Eerie ERIC
9 Spacey STACY

GPK Horror Victims Checklist

10 cards.
3 per retail value box.

1a Lacerated LEE
1b PAUL Dolled Up
2a Dismembered DARLENE
2b Sawed-Off SALLY
3a Hung Up HENRY
3b WALLY Flower
4a Killer BEA
4b Apiary TERRY
5a MANNY Eating
5b Shark Bait KATE

Horror Film Parodies Checklist

9 cards.
Hobby collector packs only.

1 Yackula
2 Leaking Kong
3 The Fly Paper
4 Scary
5 Village of the Adamed
6 The Visible Man
7 Attack of the Filthy Foot Woman
8 Dr. Jerkface/Mr. Hive
9 Gross Mary’s Baby

Trick or Treats Checklist

10 cards.
Hobby/Display packs only.

1 Oh Harriet!
2 Soggy Babies
3 Bad Bradzooka
4 Bleed’s
5 Knuckles
6 Sugar Daffy
7 Junky
8 Scary Jane
9 Bustedfigure
10 Clank

Checklist Top

Sketch Cards

2019 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Revenge of Oh, the Horror-ible Sketch Cards Checklists

51 artists.

David Acevedo
Simone Arena
Quinton Baker
Mike Barnard
Bobby Blakey
John Brewer
Dan Burn Webster
Neil Camera
Patrick Chaimuang
Jasmine Contois
Dan Contois
Sebastian Cortez
Jason Crosby
Shawn Cruz
David Dabila
Vincent D’Ippolito
Joe Grotesque
Joey Fitchett
Robert “el smetcho” Garcia
Patrick Giles
Daniel Goodroad
Dennis Gortakowski
Jon Gregory
Kelly Greider

Jason Heil
Simon Jacobsohn
Robert Jimenez
Rickey Kipfer
Mike McHugh
Rory McQueen
Chris Meeks
Lily Mercado
Ryan Moffett
Rich Molinelli
John Monserrat
Victor Moreno
Jay O’Leary
Darrin Pepe
Steve Potter
Todd Rayner
Chad Scheres
Brent Scotchmer
Anthony Skubis
B. Nygma
Matt Steffens
Mike Stephens
Robert Sumner
Greg Tilson
Gavin Williams
Clinton Yeager

Sketch Cards

Hobby/Display packs only.

Loaded Puzzle Sketch Cards

Retail value boxes only.

Panoramic Sketch Cards

Retail fat packs only.

Shaped Sketch Cards

Hobby collector packs only.

Triptych Sketch Cards

Hobby collector packs only.

Checklist Top


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