2018 Topps Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story Checklist and Details


2018 Topps Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story trading cards is an online, on-demand set offering some early images from the spinoff film.

A new card is available every weekday (Monday to Friday) on the Topps website in the weeks leading up to the film’s release. When all is done, the checklist encompasses 25 total cards.

Individual 2018 Topps Countdown to Solo cards are available online for just 24 hours each. The cost? $9.99 for a single card, $29.99 for five, $49.99 for ten, and $79.99 for 20. For the bulk discounts, they only apply to orders of the same card.

These come with a print-on-demand format meaning the number of cards ordered is how many are ultimately produced. Topps announces print runs after a card sells out.

This set is separate from the main 2018 Topps Solo: A Star Wars Story set that comes out in May.

2018 Topps Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story Checklist

New cards will be added until the set is complete. Confirmed print runs are noted.

1 Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon

Date: April 23
Print Run: 536

Buy on eBay.

2018 Topps Countdown to Solo 1 Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon

2 Lando Calrissian Plays the Game

Date: April 24
Print Run: 281

Buy on eBay.

3 Moloch and Stormtrooper

Date: April 25
Print Run: 223

Buy on eBay.

4 Beckett & Val in the Trenches

Date: April 26
Print Run: 257

Buy on eBay.

5 Dryden Vos Makes a Point

Date: April 27
Print Run: 249

Buy on eBay.

6 Beckett and Solo on the Battlefield

Date: April 30
Print Run: 291

Buy on eBay.

7 Lando and Han on Kessel

Date: May 1
Print Run: 293

Buy on eBay.

8 Val Under Cover

Date: May 2
Print Run: 244

Buy on eBay.

9 Qi’Ra and Dryden Vos

Date: May 3
Print Run: 266

Buy on eBay.

10 Beckett and Han Confer

Date: May 4
Print Run: 211

Buy on eBay.

11 Beckett & Chewbacca on the Falcon

Date: May 7
Print Run: 247

Buy on eBay.

12 Everyone’s in on the Action

Date: May 8
Print Run: 231

Buy on eBay.

13 Guards at the Door

Date: May 9
Print Run: 239

Buy on eBay.

14 Argus “Six Eyes” Panox

Date: May 10
Print Run: 243

Buy on eBay.

15 Han Interrogated by Troopers

Date: May 11
Print Run: 234

Buy on eBay.

16 Beckett on the Snowy Plains of Vandor-1

Date: May 14
Print Run: TBA

Buy on eBay.

17 In the Den of the White Worms

Date: May 15
Print Run: 241

Buy on eBay.

18 In the Kessel Spice Mines

Date: May 16
Print Run: 236

Buy on eBay.

19 Qi’ra and the Capes

Date: May 17
Print Run: 302

Buy on eBay.

20 Mining Droids in the Control Room

Date: May 18
Print Run: 238

Buy on eBay.

21 Quay Tolsite

Date: May 21
Print Run: 277

Buy on eBay.

22 At Dryden Vos’ Gathering

Date: May 22
Print Run: 249

Buy on eBay.

23 Chewbacca at the Controls

Date: May 23
Print Run: 312

Buy on eBay.

24 Stormtroopers on Corellia

Date: May 24
Print Run: 252

Buy on eBay.

2018 Topps Countdown to Solo 24 Stormtroopers on Corellia

25 Han on the Millennium Falcon

Date: May 25
Print Run: TBA

Buy on eBay.

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