2018 Leaf Valiant Baseball Is All Autographs, One Graded Card Per Box


2018 Leaf Valiant Baseball comes chrome and ink, much like Leaf Metal Draft. However, Valiant does so with a different approach to color and design. Plus, there’s the return of a graded card in every box.

2018 Leaf Valiant Baseball Overview

This is another hobby-driven all-autograph release. The 2018 Leaf Valiant Baseball checklist brings together many of the game’s key prospects including 2018 draft picks.

2018 Leaf Valiant Baseball Base Autographs Green

Base autographs bring a little more flair to their design compared to Metal Draft. This provides some added contrast and pop as you get into the multiple colored parallels.

In addition to these are a couple of additional insert themes, Rising Stock and Ticket to the Show. Like base autographs, these have a parallel rainbow as well.

2018 Leaf Valiant Baseball Ticket to the Show Yellow

Graded Cards

One of the five cards in each box comes already graded and slabbed by BGS.

2018 Leaf Valiant Baseball Rising Stock BGS

All grades are Gem Mint 9.5 or higher.

2018 Leaf Valiant Baseball at a glance:

Cards per pack: 5
Packs per box: 1
Boxes per case: 12
Release date: March 8, 2019

What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Graded Autograph Cards – 1
  • Additional Autographs – 4

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