2017 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek 50th Anniversary Trading Cards Checklist, Details

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Star Trek may have celebrated its golden anniversary in 2016, but five decades is a big deal. So much so, the celebration carries on to 2017 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek 50th Anniversary. Besides, 51st Anniversary sounds strange.

2017 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek 50th Anniversary Promo Edith Keeler

The product delves into the ladies from all five of the shows.

The 2017 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek 50th Anniversary base set has 100 cards. It covers the original series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. All are done on holo-foil stock.

Base cards also have serial-numbered Metal parallels.

2017 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek 50th Anniversary Promo Beverly Crusher

Autographs land three per box. Lead names include Whoopi Goldberg, Marina Sirtis, Teri Garr, Kristanna Lokken, Adrienne Barbeau and Yvonne Craig. After all these years and hundreds of different signers, big name debuts still come along. Here, it’s 1984 Miss America, singer and actress Vanessa Williams.

2017 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek 50th Anniversary Vanessa Williams Autograph

Costume cards make up a fourth box hit. Swatches come from multiple shows.

Sketch cards are also randomly inserted as case hits. Artists lending their talents to the set include Mick and Matt Glebe, Dan Bergen, Warren Martineck, Emily Tester, Chris Meeks, Veronica O’Connell, Mike James and Brad Utterstrom.

Additional inserts include Star Trek Women in Command (nine cards), Quotable Women of Star Trek (18 cards) and Women of Star Trek Gold Metal (18 cards).

As with other Rittenhouse products, there are case incentives as well. Those ordering six cases from the card maker receive an exclusive Legends of Star Trek Nichelle Nichols autograph. The nine-case incentive is a Base Sketch Card from Charles Hall. An Archive Box is available with an 18-case purchase. Included in each is a Teri Garr autograph not available in packs as well as a set of four matching Printing Plates.

2017 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek 50th Anniversary at a glance:

Packs per box: 24
Cards per pack: 5
Boxes per case: 12
Set size: 100 cards
Release date: July 26, 2017

What to expect in a hobby box:

• Autographs – 3
• Costume Cards – 1

2017 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek 50th Anniversary Trading Cards Checklist


Base Set Checklist

100 cards.


• Metal – 1:24 packs
• Printing Plates Black – 1/1 (One set of four matching plates included with 18-case incentive Archive Box)
• Printing Plates Cyan – 1/1
• Printing Plates Magenta – 1/1
• Printing Plates Yellow – 1/1

1 Vina/Christopher Pike
2 Number One/Christopher Pike
3 Uhura/James Kirk
4 Uhura/Spock
5 Shahna/James Kirk
6 Christine Chapel/Roger Korby
7 Christine Chapel/Spock
8 Christine Chapel/Dr. McCoy
9 Rand/James Kirk
10 Rand/Charlie Evans
11 Andrea/James Kirk
12 Marla McGivers/Khan
13 Edith Keeler/James Kirk
14 Marta/James Kirk
15 Amanda Grayson/Spock
16 Elizabeth Dehner/Gary Mitchell
17 Leila Kalomi/Spock
18 Zarabeth/Spock
19 Marlena Moreau/James Kirk
20 Romulan Commander/Spock
21 Tonia Barrows/Leonard McCoy
22 Martha Landon/Chekov
23 Carolyn Palamas/Apollo
24 Miramanee/James Kirk
25 Natira/Leonard McCoy
26 Ilia/Decker
27 Saavik/Spock
28 Carol Marcus/James Kirk
29 Gillian Taylor/James Kirk
30 Valeris/Spock
31 Beverly Crusher/Jean-Luc Picard
32 Beverly Crusher/Wesley Crusher
33 Beverly Crusher/Deanna Troi
34 Deanna Troi/William Riker
35 Deanna Troi/Worf
36 Deanna Troi/Reginald Barclay
37 Deanna Troi/Lwaxana Troi
38 Guinan/Jean-Luc Picard
39 Guinan/Worf
40 Borg Queen/Data
41 Borg Queen/Jean-Luc Picard
42 Tasha Yar/Data
43 Lal/Data
44 Kamala/Jean-Luc Picard
45 Ro Laren/William Riker
46 Ro Laren/Guinan
47 Salia/Wesley Crusher
48 Robin Lefler/Wesley Crusher
49 Minuet/William Riker
50 Yuta/William Riker

51 Lwaxana Troi/Jean-Luc Picard
52 Nella Daren/Jean-Luc Picard
53 Anij/Jean-Luc Picard
54 Katherine Pulaski/Worf
55 Katherine Pulaski/Data
56 Eline/Jean-Luc Picard
57 Meribor/Jean-Luc Picard
58 Leah Brahms/Geordi La Forge
59 Ishara Yar/Data
60 Vash/Jean-Luc Picard
61 K’ehleyr/Worf
62 Lily Sloane/Jean-Luc Picard
63 Madeline/Jean-Luc Picard as Dixon Hill
64 Kira Nerys/Benjamin Sisko
65 Kira Nerys/Jadzia Dax
66 Kira Nerys/Odo
67 Jadzia Dax/Benjamin Sisko
68 Jadzia Dax/Dr. Bashir
69 Jadzia Dax/Worf
70 Leeta/Dr. Bashir
71 Leeta/Rom
72 Ezri Dax/Dr. Bashir
73 Female Shapeshifter/Odo
74 Lwaxana Troi/Odo
75 Kasidy Yates/Benjamin Sisko
76 Keiko O’Brien/Miles O’Brien
77 Winn Adami/Benjamin Sisko
78 Opaka/Benjamin Sisko
79 Jennifer Sisko/Benjamin Sisko
80 Vash/Q
81 Ishka/Quark
82 Kathryn Janeway/Q
83 Kathryn Janeway/Borg Queen
84 Kathryn Janeway/Seven of Nine
85 Kathryn Janeway/Chakotay
86 Seven of Nine/Doctor
87 Seven of Nine/Chakotay
88 Seven of Nine/Borg Queen
89 B’Elanna Torres/Tom Paris
90 B’Elanna Torres/Chakotay
91 Seska/Chakotay
92 Naomi Wildman/Seven of Nine
93 Kes/Neelix
94 Kes/Doctor
95 Female Q/Q
96 T’Pol/Jonathan Archer
97 T’Pol/Trip Tucker
98 Hoshi Sato/Tarquin
99 Erika Hernandez/Jonathan Archer
100 T’Pau/Jonathan Archer

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2017 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek 50th Anniversary Autographs Checklists

68 cards.
1:8 packs.
Extremely Limited = 100-200 copies, Very Limited = 200-300 copies, Limited = 300-500 copies.
Garr exclusive to Archive Box (18-case exclusive).

Madchen Amick as Anya – Limited
Karen Austin as Miral – Very Limited
Barbara Babcock as Mea 3 – Very Limited
Laura Banks as Khan’s Navigator – Limited
Adrienne Barbeau as Senator Cretak – Limited
Cyia Batten as Navaar – Very Limited
Stephanie Beacham as Regina Bartholemew – Limited
Barbara Bouchet as Kelinda – Limited
J.C. Brandy as Ensign Marta Batanides – Limited
Shannon Cochrane as Sirella – Very Limited
Yvonne Craig as Marta – Extremely Limited
Mimi Craven as Jisa – Limited
Robin Curtis as Saavik – Very Limited
Bertila Damas as Sakonna – Very Limited
Bertila Damas as Marika Wilkarah – Very Limited
Kim Darby as Miri – Limited
Roxann Dawson as B’Elanna Torres – Limited
Elinor Donahue as Nancy Hedford – Limited
Samanta Eggar as Marie Picard – Limited
Pamelyn Ferdin as Mary Janowksi – Limited
Fionnula Flanagan as Juliana Tainer – Very Limited
Meg Foster as Onaya – Limited
Teri Garr as Roberta Lincoln – Archive Box Exclusive
Judy Geeson as Sandrine – Limited
Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan – Extremely Limited
Laurel Goodwin as Yeoman Colt – Limited
Galyn Gorg as Korena Sisko – Limited
Martha Hackett as Seska – Very Limited
Molly Hagan as Eris – Very Limited
Lori Hallier as Riley Frazier – Limited
Kathryn Hays as Gem – Extremely Limited
Annette Helde as Karina – Very Limited
Kaitlin Hopkins as Dala – Very Limited
Jaime Hubbard as Salia – Limited
Deirdre Imershein as Lt. Watley – Very Limited
Deirdre Imershein as Joval – Very Limited
Jill Jacobson as Chalan Aroya – Very Limited
Salome Jens as Female Shapeshifter – Very Limited
Sharon Lawrence as Amelia Earhart – Very Limited
Amy Lindsay as Lana – Limited
Virgina Madsen as Kellin – Very Limited
Athena Massey as Jessen – Limited
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Daelen – Very Limited
Zoe McLellan as Tal Celes – Very Limited
Donna Murphy as Anij – Limited
Jennifer Nash as Navaar – Very Limited
Sandra Nelson as Marayna – Limited
Tricia O’Neil as Capt. Rachel Garrett – Very Limited
Lori Petty as Noss – Very Limited
Scarlett Pomers as Naomi Wildman – Very Limited
Kim Rhodes as Lyndsay Ballard – Very Limited
Cristine Rose as Gi’ral – Very Limited
Margot Rose as Eline – Very Limited
Jeri Ryan as Legends – Very Limited
Carolyn Seymour as Mrs. Templeton – Limited
Cari Shayne as Eliann – Very Limited
Hilary Shepard Turner as Lauren – Very Limited
Marina Sirtis as Counselor Deanna Troi – Very Limited
Melanie Smith as Tora Ziyal – Very Limited
Heidi Swedberg as Rekelen – Very Limited
Susanna Thompson as The Borg Queen – Very Limited
Linda Thorson as Gul Ocett – Very Limited
Maggie Thrett as Ruth Bonaventure – Limited
Saxon Trainor as Lt. Linda Larson – Limited
Tasia Valenza as T’Shanik – Very Limited
Julie Warner as Christy Henshaw – Very Limited
Bridget Anne White as Larell – Very Limited
Spice Williams as Vixis – Limited
Vanessa Williams as Arandis – Extremely Limited

Legends of Star Trek Autographs Checklist

1 cards.
Given as a 6-case incentive.

Nichelle Nichols as Uhara

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2017 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek 50th Anniversary Memorabilia Cards Checklists

Costume Cards Checklist

16 cards.
1:24 packs.
WCC27 exclusive to Archive Box (18-case exclusive).

RC01 Beverly Crusher
RC02 Beverly Crusher
RC03 Anij
RC04 Anij
RC05 Anij
RC06 Guinan
RC07 B’Elanna Torres
RC08 B’Elanna Torres
RC09 Female Changeling
RC10 T’Pol
RC11 Vash
RC12 Vash
RC13 Vash
RC14 Keiko O’Brien
RC15 Jennifer Sisko
WCC16 Yeoman Rand
WCC27 Seven of Nine – Archive Box

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2017 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek 50th Anniversary Inserts Checklists

Quotable Women of Star Trek Checklist

18 cards.
1:24 packs.

QW01 Number One
QW02 Vina
QW03 Uhura
QW04 Christine Chapel
QW05 Romulan Commander
QW06 Edith Keeler
QW07 Amanda
QW08 Dr. Beverly Crusher
QW09 Deanna Troi
QW10 Dr. Katherine Pulaski
QW11 Guinan
QW12 Kira Nerys
QW13 Jadzia Dax
QW14 Kathryn Janeway
QW15 B’Elanna Torres
QW16 Seven of Nine
QW17 T’Pol
QW18 Hoshi Sato

Women In Command Checklist

9 cards.
1:12 packs.
WC10 exclusive to Rittenhouse Rewards program and not in packs.

WC01 Number One
WC02 Dr. Beverly Crusher
WC03 Deanna Troi
WC04 Kira Nerys
WC05 Jadzia Dax
WC06 Kathryn Janeway
WC07 Seven of Nine
WC08 T’Pol
WC09 Saavik
WC10 Erika Hernandez

Women of Star Trek Gold Metal Checklist

19 cards.
1:96 packs.

WS01 Majel Barrett as Number One
WS02 Nichelle Nichols as Uhura
WS03 Majel Barrett as Christine Chapel
WS04 Grace Lee Whitney as Janice Rand
WS05 Gates McFadden as Beverly Crusher
WS06 Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi
WS07 Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan
WS08 Denise Crosby as Tasha Yar
WS09 Michelle Forbes as Ro Laren
WS10 Diana Muldaur as Katherine Pulaski
WS11 Nana Visitor as Kira Nerys
WS12 Terry Farrell as Jadzia Dax
WS13 Nicole de Boer as Ezri Dax
WS14 Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway
WS15 Roxann Dawson as B’Elanna Torres
WS16 Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine
WS17 Jolene Blalock as T’Pol
WS18 Linda Park as Hoshi Sato
WS19 Jennifer Lien as Kes

Sketch Cards

1:288 packs.

Artist list TBA.

Parallel Sketch Cards

One card given as a 9-case incentive.
Art by Charles Hall.

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2017 Rittenhouse Women of Star Trek 50th Anniversary Promo Cards Checklist

Promo Cards Checklist

P1 Edith Keeler – General Distribution
P2 Seven of Nine – Binder Exclusive

Metal Promo Cards Checklist

2 cards.
Given as case toppers.

MP1 Edith Keeler
MP2 Seven of Nine

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When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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