2022 Topps Baseball Parallels Guide

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Topps Baseball isn’t necessarily known for its rainbow like Topps Chrome, Bowman Chrome or all things Prizm. That said, for player collectors, there are lots of 2022 Topps Baseball parallels to keep track of. Some are plentiful while others are downright scarce.

Breaking Down the 2022 Topps Baseball Parallels

All told, there are 17 parallels available in 2022 Topps Series 1 Baseball packs. Of those all but two, Clear and Advanced Stats, cover all 330 cards on the checklist. Clear has 100 cards while Advanced Stats appear to be available for standard player cards.

For the most part, parallels can be identified by the color of the border. Several also use foil card stock that gives cards an additional shine.

A couple, though, are more subtle. Advanced Stat parallels look exactly like a base card on the front. The differences are on the back. The easiest way to spot them is with the serial number in the top corner. Each has 300 copies. There’s also the stats box that switches out traditional metrics like home runs and batting average for exit velocity and max distance.

Vintage Stock is another one that might not jump out initially. Numbered to 99 on the back, the big giveaway on the front is the Topps logo. Instead of the usual rectangular lettering, it’s the old hook logo. The card stock is also different with more of a cardboard feel than modern glossy.

Royal Blue parallels are another thing to keep an eye on. The retail exclusives appear to have two different shades for their borders. These look like they are intended to be the same cards where the difference in color has been created by ink levels. We have reached out to Topps for confirmation in case there is an additional parallel.

Looking Beyond Packs for 2022 Topps Baseball Parallels

Packs of Series 1 aren’t the only places to find 2022 Topps Baseball parallels. Rip Party and Premiere Party versions were only in special promo packs given out at a special event held in Los Angeles to coincide with Series 1’s release. Although not numbered, print runs on both of these are likely to be on the low side. These are both similar but there’s a small tweak in the special logo.

More parallels will surface in other places over the course of the year. For example, hobby factory sets each have have five exclusive Foilboard parallels. Topps 582 Montgomery Club members will also get a factory set in which all cards have a special stamp. Both of these are scheduled to release later in 2022. It’s also very possible other box sets will have other exclusive parallels so keep an eye out.

2022 Topps Baseball Parallels Gallery and Guide

Below is a full gallery of 2022 Topps Baseball parallels found in Series 1 packs and beyond. Also included are print runs (when known) and pack odds for various hobby and retail configurations.


Gold Foil


  • Hobby Jumbo – 1:2

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2022 Topps Baseball Parallels - Gold Foil Wander Franco

Premiere Party

Exclusive to packs given out at 2022 Topps Premiere Party.

Print run is unknown but definitely not large.

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1 per Meijer blister pack.

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Rainbow Foil


  • Hobby – 1:10
  • Hobby Jumbo – 1:2
  • Retail – 1:8
  • Blaster – 1:10
  • Hanger Box – 1:2

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2022 Topps Baseball Parallels - Rainbow Foil Wander Franco

Rip Party

Exclusive to packs given out at 2022 Topps Rip Party.

Print run is unknown but definitely not large.

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2022 Topps Baseball Parallels - Rip Party Wander Franco

Royal Blue

These appear to have different shades of blue ranging from dark to brighter. The cards are the same. It is possibly a result of different ink levels.


  • Retail – 1:10
  • Blaster – 1:10
  • Hanger Box – 1:3

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Gold – /2022


  • Hobby – 1:38
  • Hobby Jumbo – 1:12
  • Retail – 1:33
  • Blaster – 1:38
  • Hanger Box – 1:8

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2022 Topps Gold Wander Franco

Green Foilboard – /499


  • Hobby – 1:153
  • Hobby Jumbo – 1:47
  • Retail – 1:134
  • Blaster – 1:153
  • Hanger Box – 1:32

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2022 Topps Baseball Parallels - Green Foilboard Wander Franco

Advanced Stats – /300

Likely only standard players cards and not the entire set.


  • Hobby – 1:280
  • Hobby Jumbo – 1:86
  • Retail – 1:245
  • Blaster – 1:280
  • Hanger Box – 1:59

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2022 Topps Baseball Parallels - Advanced Stats Wander Franco

Orange Foilboard – /299


  • Hobby – 1:257
  • Hobby Jumbo – 1:79
  • Retail – 1:225
  • Blaster – 1:257
  • Hanger Box – 1:54

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Red Foilboard – /199


  • Hobby – 1:391
  • Hobby Jumbo – 1:119
  • Retail – 1:342
  • Blaster – 1:391
  • Hanger Box – 1:82

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Vintage Stock – /99


  • Hobby – 1:789
  • Hobby Jumbo – 1:241
  • Retail – 1:690
  • Blaster – 1:789
  • Hanger Box – 1:165

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2022 Topps Baseball Parallels - Vintage Stock Wander Franco

Independence Day – /76


  • Hobby – 1:1,000
  • Hobby Jumbo – 1;305
  • Retail – 1:874
  • Blaster – 1:1,000
  • Hanger Box – 1:209

Buy on:

2022 Topps Baseball Parallels - Independence Day Wander Franco

Black – /71


  • Hobby – 1:193
  • Hobby Jumbo – 1:59

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Father’s Day Powder Blue – /50


  • Hobby – 1:1,519
  • Hobby Jumbo – 1:463
  • Retail – 1:1,329
  • Blaster – 1:1,519
  • Hanger Box – 1:318

Buy on:

Mother’s Day Hot Pink – /50


  • Hobby – 1:1,519
  • Hobby Jumbo – 1:463
  • Retail – 1:1,329
  • Blaster – 1:1,519
  • Hanger Box – 1:318

Buy on:

Memorial Day Camo – /25


  • Hobby – 1:3,039
  • Hobby Jumbo – 1:926
  • Retail – 1:2,658
  • Blaster – 1:3,039
  • Hanger Box – 1:636

Buy on:

2022 Topps Baseball Parallels - Camo Wander Franco

Clear – /10

Select cards only.


  • Hobby – 1:2,492

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2022 Topps Baseball Parallels - Clear Wander Franco

Platinum – 1/1


  • Hobby – 1:76,834
  • Hobby Jumbo – 1:23,536
  • Retail – 1:67,452
  • Blaster – 1:77,783
  • Hanger Box – 1:15,757

Buy on:

Printing Plates – 1/1

Each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions.


  • Hobby – 1:19,055
  • Hobby Jumbo – 1:5,769
  • Retail – 1:16,619
  • Blaster – 1:18,890
  • Hanger Box – 1:3,987

Buy on:

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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  1. Jacob Raines 26 April, 2022 at 15:47

    Would going out and collecting all 300 of an individuals ‘advanced stats’ cards be a good idea? I ask because I have one card with a semi-low number of prints (300) and I think it is possible to go out and get a good number of them for myself.

    • Ryan Cracknell 26 April, 2022 at 18:36

      @Jacob – Collect what makes you happy. If you think you’ll enjoy going after the set, go for it.

  2. dylan 7 May, 2022 at 17:25

    what the difference between the platinum parallels included in regular 2022 topps packs and the 1st edition parallels? can you pull a 1st edition platinum parallel in regular packs?

    • Ryan Cracknell 9 May, 2022 at 10:41

      @dylan – 1st Edition cards have a 1st Edition stamp on the front. They’re only available in 1st Edition packs.

  3. GW 13 June, 2022 at 23:11

    I received a platinum 1/1 card in a pack and am having a hard time figuring out what the value may be. Seems pretty rare based on the odds, but can’t find any indicators of market values. It’s HSK, number 188. Any suggestions or references to what this could be worth? Thx.

  4. GAM 23 June, 2022 at 10:28

    Take, for example, the 2022 Orange Foil Board Parallel.
    Does the -/299 indicate that print quantity is limited to only 299 units for the whole year for a given player? Or are there multiple runs of 299 during Series One?

  5. Mark Petersen 11 July, 2022 at 13:40

    Is there also a parallel card with a silver border? I have several of these, they are not numbered, but appear to be silver borders. There were about 8 of these per retail box.

  6. mike 4 September, 2022 at 11:50

    so I bought a 2022 complete set all 660 cards at walmart I get home to open it up and see that all the cards are printed with gold/brown stars on them? Did I score one of the Independence Day sets? I can’t seem to find any info and the set pictures above I see red stars

  7. Keith 5 April, 2024 at 10:36

    I got a light blue border 1st edition, looks like the fathers day parallel. But is numbered 2 of 5. Not sure what it is.

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