2022 Bowman Draft Sapphire Baseball Checklist, Team Set Lists and Details

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Jump to the 2022 Bowman Draft Sapphire Baseball checklist and team set lists.

2022 Bowman Draft Sapphire Baseball cards put a little extra sparkle on the year’s picks and other prospects. It also adds a little lustre to an already prestigious prospecting line.

2022 Bowman Draft Sapphire Baseball Checklist Overview

Offered as an online-exclusive, the checklist is identical to the base cards in 2022 Bowman Draft, 2022 Bowman Chrome Draft and 2022 Bowman Draft 1st Edition. The difference here is the blue color scheme and background shard pattern.

The checklist totals 200 cards with a heavy emphasis on players from the 2022 MLB Draft, which was held in July. Eight of the first 10 players selected are in the set including first overall, Jackson Holliday.

Druw Jones, who Arizona took with the second pick, is the most notable omission. That said, Bowman Draft typically saves one of the top secondary picks to be a headliner in the following year’s Bowman Baseball. That’s not confirmed here, but it would certainly follow the pattern of the past several years.

In addition to the base set, collectors will find a slate of parallels. These combine to land two per hobby box.

2022 Bowman Draft Sapphire Baseball does not have any additional autographs or inserts.

2022 Bowman Draft Sapphire Baseball cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: 4
Packs per box: 8
Set size: 200 cards
Release date: February 8, 2023

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What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Parallels – 2

2022 Bowman Draft Sapphire Baseball Checklist

You can also download a customizable spreadsheet copy of the checklist:

Please note that print runs for cards without serial numbers have not been announced.


Base Set Checklist

200 cards.

BDC-1 Yordany De Los Santos, Pittsburgh Pirates
BDC-2 Yendry Rojas, San Diego Padres
BDC-3 William Kempner, San Francisco Giants
BDC-4 Adam Mazur, San Diego Padres
BDC-5 Jared McKenzie, Washington Nationals
BDC-6 Gavin Cross, Kansas City Royals
BDC-7 Henry Davis, Pittsburgh Pirates
BDC-8 Connor Prielipp, Minnesota Twins
BDC-9 Dominic Keegan, Tampa Bay Rays
BDC-10 Blake Burkhalter, Atlanta Braves
BDC-11 Yasser Mercedes, Minnesota Twins
BDC-12 Cayden Wallace, Kansas City Royals
BDC-13 Justin Boyd, Cincinnati Reds
BDC-14 Carson Williams, Tampa Bay Rays
BDC-15 Jace Jung, Detroit Tigers
BDC-16 Sonny DiChiara, Los Angeles Angels
BDC-17 Bryce Hubbart, Cincinnati Reds
BDC-18 Zach Neto, Los Angeles Angels
BDC-19 Bryan Acuña, Minnesota Twins
BDC-20 Denzer Guzman, Los Angeles Angels
BDC-21 Brandon Barriera, Toronto Blue Jays
BDC-22 Allan Cerda, Cincinnati Reds
BDC-23 Elijah Green, Washington Nationals
BDC-24 Blaze Jordan, Boston Red Sox
BDC-25 Drew Thorpe, New York Yankees
BDC-26 Chandler Simpson, Tampa Bay Rays
BDC-27 Dylan Lesko, San Diego Padres
BDC-28 Tanner Schobel, Minnesota Twins
BDC-29 Ivan Melendez, Arizona Diamondbacks
BDC-30 Jonatan Clase, Seattle Mariners
BDC-31 Carson Palmquist, Colorado Rockies
BDC-32 Zac Veen, Colorado Rockies
BDC-33 Reggie Crawford, San Francisco Giants
BDC-34 Jordan Beck, Colorado Rockies
BDC-35 Kahlil Watson, Miami Marlins
BDC-36 Jordan Walker, St. Louis Cardinals
BDC-37 Thomas Harrington, Pittsburgh Pirates
BDC-38 Curtis Mead, Tampa Bay Rays
BDC-39 Roberto Campos, Detroit Tigers
BDC-40 Willy Vasquez, Tampa Bay Rays
BDC-41 Dustin Harris, Texas Rangers
BDC-42 Mikey Romero, Boston Red Sox
BDC-43 Trystan Vrieling, New York Yankees
BDC-44 Hayden Dunhurst, Kansas City Royals
BDC-45 Josh Kasevich, Toronto Blue Jays
BDC-46 Arol Vera, Los Angeles Angels
BDC-47 Kevin Parada, New York Mets
BDC-48 Eric Brown Jr., Milwaukee Brewers
BDC-49 Chase DeLauter, Cleveland Guardians
BDC-50 Sean McLain, Los Angeles Dodgers

BDC-51 Oscar Colas, Chicago White Sox
BDC-52 Simon Juan, New York Mets
BDC-53 George Valera, Cleveland Guardians
BDC-54 Colson Montgomery, Chicago White Sox
BDC-55 Logan Tanner, Cincinnati Reds
BDC-56 Noah Schultz, Chicago White Sox
BDC-57 Erick Hernandez, Chicago White Sox
BDC-58 Yeison Morrobel, Texas Rangers
BDC-59 Adael Amador, Colorado Rockies
BDC-60 Jhonkensy Noel, Cleveland Guardians
BDC-61 Austin Hendrick, Cincinnati Reds
BDC-62 Eddinson Paulino, Boston Red Sox
BDC-63 Samuel Munoz, Los Angeles Dodgers
BDC-64 Cristhian Vaquero, Washington Nationals
BDC-65 Won-Bin Cho, St. Louis Cardinals
BDC-66 Felix Valerio, Milwaukee Brewers
BDC-67 Joe Lampe, Cleveland Guardians
BDC-68 Anthony Volpe, New York Yankees
BDC-69 Max Muncy, Oakland Athletics
BDC-70 Victor Acosta, Cincinnati Reds
BDC-71 Parker Messick, Cleveland Guardians
BDC-72 Landon Sims, Arizona Diamondbacks
BDC-73 Jakob Marsee, San Diego Padres
BDC-74 Daniel Vazquez, Kansas City Royals
BDC-75 Jasson Dominguez, New York Yankees
BDC-76 Joshua Baez, St. Louis Cardinals
BDC-77 Nazier Mule, Chicago Cubs
BDC-78 Jordan Lawlar, Arizona Diamondbacks
BDC-79 Roderick Arias, New York Yankees
BDC-80 Elly De LA Cruz, Cincinnati Reds
BDC-81 Ryan Cermak, Tampa Bay Rays
BDC-82 Robby Snelling, San Diego Padres
BDC-83 Ezequiel Tovar, Colorado Rockies
BDC-84 Dalton Rushing, Los Angeles Dodgers
BDC-85 Clark Elliott, Oakland Athletics
BDC-86 Kevin Alcantara, Chicago Cubs
BDC-87 Karson Milbrandt, Miami Marlins
BDC-88 William Bergolla, Philadelphia Phillies
BDC-89 Luis Meza, Toronto Blue Jays
BDC-90 Cole Phillips, Atlanta Braves
BDC-91 Leonardo Balcazar, Cincinnati Reds
BDC-92 Chase Meidroth, Boston Red Sox
BDC-93 Emmanuel Rodriguez, Minnesota Twins
BDC-94 Nick Yorke, Boston Red Sox
BDC-95 Cooper Hjerpe, St. Louis Cardinals
BDC-96 Yiddi Cappe, Miami Marlins
BDC-97 Anthony Hall, New York Yankees
BDC-98 Samuel Zavala, San Diego Padres
BDC-99 Jackson Jobe, Detroit Tigers
BDC-100 Matt McLain, Cincinnati Reds

BDC-101 Steven Zobac, Kansas City Royals
BDC-102 Jose Ramos, Los Angeles Dodgers
BDC-103 Hunter Barco, Pittsburgh Pirates
BDC-104 Ceddanne Rafaela, Boston Red Sox
BDC-105 Kyle Manzardo, Tampa Bay Rays
BDC-106 Maikol Hernandez, Baltimore Orioles
BDC-107 Danny De Andrade, Minnesota Twins
BDC-108 Ryan Reckley, San Francisco Giants
BDC-109 Ben Joyce, Los Angeles Angels
BDC-110 Anthony Gutierrez, Texas Rangers
BDC-111 Cristian Hernandez, Chicago Cubs
BDC-112 Cole Young, Seattle Mariners
BDC-113 Justin Campbell, Cleveland Guardians
BDC-114 Jud Fabian, Baltimore Orioles
BDC-115 Jackson Chourio, Milwaukee Brewers
BDC-116 Hendry Mendez, Milwaukee Brewers
BDC-117 Alex McFarlane, Philadelphia Phillies
BDC-118 Troy Melton, Detroit Tigers
BDC-119 Henry Williams, San Diego Padres
BDC-120 Michael Knorr, Houston Astros
BDC-121 Henry Bolte, Oakland Athletics
BDC-122 Sal Stewart, Cincinnati Reds
BDC-123 Marcelo Mayer, Boston Red Sox
BDC-124 Brycen Mautz, St. Louis Cardinals
BDC-125 Ignacio Alvarez, Atlanta Braves
BDC-126 JR Ritchie, Atlanta Braves
BDC-127 Coby Mayo, Baltimore Orioles
BDC-128 Pete Hansen, St. Louis Cardinals
BDC-129 Marco Luciano, San Francisco Giants
BDC-130 Termarr Johnson, Pittsburgh Pirates
BDC-131 Robert Moore, Milwaukee Brewers
BDC-132 Jacob Misiorowski, Milwaukee Brewers
BDC-133 Cesar Prieto, Baltimore Orioles
BDC-134 Angel Martinez, Cleveland Guardians
BDC-135 Jacob Melton, Houston Astros
BDC-136 Ryan Ritter, Colorado Rockies
BDC-137 Harry Ford, Seattle Mariners
BDC-138 Andrew Pintar, Arizona Diamondbacks
BDC-139 Ricardo Cabrera, Cincinnati Reds
BDC-140 Kenya Huggins, Cincinnati Reds
BDC-141 Jake Bennett, Washington Nationals
BDC-142 Gabriel Rincones, Philadelphia Phillies
BDC-143 Lamar King Jr., San Diego Padres
BDC-144 Brady House, Washington Nationals
BDC-145 Owen Murphy, Atlanta Braves
BDC-146 Yanquiel Fernandez, Colorado Rockies
BDC-147 Alex De Jesus, Toronto Blue Jays
BDC-148 Danyer Cueva, Texas Rangers
BDC-149 Colton Cowser, Baltimore Orioles
BDC-150 Eddys Leonard, Los Angeles Dodgers

BDC-151 Gabriel Hughes, Colorado Rockies
BDC-152 Drew Gilbert, Houston Astros
BDC-153 Brooks Lee, Minnesota Twins
BDC-154 Jack Brannigan, Pittsburgh Pirates
BDC-155 Benny Montgomery, Colorado Rockies
BDC-156 Trey Sweeney, New York Yankees
BDC-157 Tres Gonzalez, Pittsburgh Pirates
BDC-158 Dru Baker, Tampa Bay Rays
BDC-159 Luisangel Acuña, Texas Rangers
BDC-160 Dylan Beavers, Baltimore Orioles
BDC-161 Rosman Verdugo, San Diego Padres
BDC-162 Shalin Polanco, Pittsburgh Pirates
BDC-163 Nate Savino, Arizona Diamondbacks
BDC-164 Kumar Rocker, Texas Rangers
BDC-165 Nick Biddison, Los Angeles Dodgers
BDC-166 James Triantos, Chicago Cubs
BDC-167 Wilman Diaz, Los Angeles Dodgers
BDC-168 Jackson Holliday, Baltimore Orioles
BDC-169 Robert Hassell, Washington Nationals
BDC-170 Masyn Winn, St. Louis Cardinals
BDC-171 James Wood, Washington Nationals
BDC-172 Mason Barnett, Kansas City Royals
BDC-173 Alexis Hernandez, Chicago Cubs
BDC-174 Jackson Cox, Colorado Rockies
BDC-175 Jose Salas, Miami Marlins
BDC-176 Michael Kennedy, Pittsburgh Pirates
BDC-177 Peyton Pallette, Chicago White Sox
BDC-178 Jimmy Crooks III, St. Louis Cardinals
BDC-179 Warming Bernabel, Colorado Rockies
BDC-180 Jonathan Cannon, Chicago White Sox
BDC-181 Pedro Pineda, Oakland Athletics
BDC-182 Nate Furman, Cleveland Guardians
BDC-183 Jordan Sprinkle, Chicago White Sox
BDC-184 Trevor Martin, Tampa Bay Rays
BDC-185 Christopher Paciolla, Chicago Cubs
BDC-186 Jonathan Mejia, St. Louis Cardinals
BDC-187 Walter Ford, Seattle Mariners
BDC-188 Rayne Doncon, Los Angeles Dodgers
BDC-189 Jaison Chourio, Cleveland Guardians
BDC-190 Jett Williams, New York Mets
BDC-191 Dylan Ray, Arizona Diamondbacks
BDC-192 Jay Allen, Cincinnati Reds
BDC-193 Cade Horton, Chicago Cubs
BDC-194 Alex Freeland, Los Angeles Dodgers
BDC-195 Jacob Miller, Miami Marlins
BDC-196 Brenner Cox, Washington Nationals
BDC-197 Trey Lipscomb, Washington Nationals
BDC-198 Aeverson Arteaga, San Francisco Giants
BDC-199 Yerlin Confidan, Cincinnati Reds
BDC-200 Cutter Coffey, Boston Red Sox

2022 Bowman Draft Sapphire Baseball Checklist Top

Team Sets

2022 Bowman Draft Sapphire Baseball Team Set Checklists

Want to know what cards your favorite team has in 2022 Bowman Draft Sapphire Baseball? Here’s the checklist broken down by team. Scroll through or click below to go directly to that team.

Please note that parallels are not included here. Please check the main checklist in the other tab for parallel specifics.

Arizona Diamondbacks

BDC-29 Ivan Melendez
BDC-72 Landon Sims
BDC-78 Jordan Lawlar
BDC-138 Andrew Pintar
BDC-163 Nate Savino
BDC-191 Dylan Ray

Checklist Top

Atlanta Braves

BDC-10 Blake Burkhalter
BDC-90 Cole Phillips
BDC-125 Ignacio Alvarez
BDC-126 JR Ritchie
BDC-145 Owen Murphy

Checklist Top

Baltimore Orioles

BDC-106 Maikol Hernandez
BDC-114 Jud Fabian
BDC-127 Coby Mayo
BDC-133 Cesar Prieto
BDC-149 Colton Cowser
BDC-160 Dylan Beavers
BDC-168 Jackson Holliday

Checklist Top

Boston Red Sox

BDC-24 Blaze Jordan
BDC-42 Mikey Romero
BDC-62 Eddinson Paulino
BDC-92 Chase Meidroth
BDC-94 Nick Yorke
BDC-104 Ceddanne Rafaela
BDC-123 Marcelo Mayer
BDC-200 Cutter Coffey

Checklist Top

Chicago Cubs

BDC-77 Nazier Mule
BDC-86 Kevin Alcantara
BDC-111 Cristian Hernandez
BDC-166 James Triantos
BDC-173 Alexis Hernandez
BDC-185 Christopher Paciolla
BDC-193 Cade Horton

Checklist Top

Chicago White Sox

BDC-51 Oscar Colas
BDC-54 Colson Montgomery
BDC-56 Noah Schultz
BDC-57 Erick Hernandez
BDC-177 Peyton Pallette
BDC-180 Jonathan Cannon
BDC-183 Jordan Sprinkle

Checklist Top

Cincinnati Reds

BDC-13 Justin Boyd
BDC-17 Bryce Hubbart
BDC-22 Allan Cerda
BDC-55 Logan Tanner
BDC-61 Austin Hendrick
BDC-70 Victor Acosta
BDC-80 Elly De LA Cruz
BDC-91 Leonardo Balcazar
BDC-100 Matt McLain
BDC-122 Sal Stewart
BDC-139 Ricardo Cabrera
BDC-140 Kenya Huggins
BDC-192 Jay Allen
BDC-199 Yerlin Confidan

Checklist Top

Cleveland Guardians

BDC-49 Chase DeLauter
BDC-53 George Valera
BDC-60 Jhonkensy Noel
BDC-67 Joe Lampe
BDC-71 Parker Messick
BDC-113 Justin Campbell
BDC-134 Angel Martinez
BDC-182 Nate Furman
BDC-189 Jaison Chourio

Checklist Top

Colorado Rockies

BDC-31 Carson Palmquist
BDC-32 Zac Veen
BDC-34 Jordan Beck
BDC-59 Adael Amador
BDC-83 Ezequiel Tovar
BDC-136 Ryan Ritter
BDC-146 Yanquiel Fernandez
BDC-151 Gabriel Hughes
BDC-155 Benny Montgomery
BDC-174 Jackson Cox
BDC-179 Warming Bernabel

Checklist Top

Detroit Tigers

BDC-15 Jace Jung
BDC-39 Roberto Campos
BDC-99 Jackson Jobe
BDC-118 Troy Melton

Checklist Top

Houston Astros

BDC-120 Michael Knorr
BDC-135 Jacob Melton
BDC-152 Drew Gilbert

Checklist Top

Kansas City Royals

BDC-6 Gavin Cross
BDC-12 Cayden Wallace
BDC-44 Hayden Dunhurst
BDC-74 Daniel Vazquez
BDC-101 Steven Zobac
BDC-172 Mason Barnett

Checklist Top

Los Angeles Angels

BDC-16 Sonny DiChiara
BDC-18 Zach Neto
BDC-20 Denzer Guzman
BDC-46 Arol Vera
BDC-109 Ben Joyce

Checklist Top

Los Angeles Dodgers

BDC-50 Sean McLain
BDC-63 Samuel Munoz
BDC-84 Dalton Rushing
BDC-102 Jose Ramos
BDC-150 Eddys Leonard
BDC-165 Nick Biddison
BDC-167 Wilman Diaz
BDC-188 Rayne Doncon
BDC-194 Alex Freeland

Checklist Top

Miami Marlins

BDC-35 Kahlil Watson
BDC-87 Karson Milbrandt
BDC-96 Yiddi Cappe
BDC-175 Jose Salas
BDC-195 Jacob Miller

Checklist Top

Milwaukee Brewers

BDC-48 Eric Brown Jr.
BDC-66 Felix Valerio
BDC-115 Jackson Chourio
BDC-116 Hendry Mendez
BDC-131 Robert Moore
BDC-132 Jacob Misiorowski

Checklist Top

Minnesota Twins

BDC-8 Connor Prielipp
BDC-11 Yasser Mercedes
BDC-19 Bryan Acuña
BDC-28 Tanner Schobel
BDC-93 Emmanuel Rodriguez
BDC-107 Danny De Andrade
BDC-153 Brooks Lee

Checklist Top

New York Mets

BDC-47 Kevin Parada
BDC-52 Simon Juan
BDC-190 Jett Williams

Checklist Top

New York Yankees

BDC-25 Drew Thorpe
BDC-43 Trystan Vrieling
BDC-68 Anthony Volpe
BDC-75 Jasson Dominguez
BDC-79 Roderick Arias
BDC-97 Anthony Hall
BDC-156 Trey Sweeney

Checklist Top

Oakland Athletics

BDC-69 Max Muncy
BDC-85 Clark Elliott
BDC-121 Henry Bolte
BDC-181 Pedro Pineda

Checklist Top

Philadelphia Phillies

BDC-88 William Bergolla
BDC-117 Alex McFarlane
BDC-142 Gabriel Rincones

Checklist Top

Pittsburgh Pirates

BDC-1 Yordany De Los Santos
BDC-7 Henry Davis
BDC-37 Thomas Harrington
BDC-103 Hunter Barco
BDC-130 Termarr Johnson
BDC-154 Jack Brannigan
BDC-157 Tres Gonzalez
BDC-162 Shalin Polanco
BDC-176 Michael Kennedy

Checklist Top

San Diego Padres

BDC-2 Yendry Rojas
BDC-4 Adam Mazur
BDC-27 Dylan Lesko
BDC-73 Jakob Marsee
BDC-82 Robby Snelling
BDC-98 Samuel Zavala
BDC-119 Henry Williams
BDC-143 Lamar King Jr.
BDC-161 Rosman Verdugo

Checklist Top

San Francisco Giants

BDC-3 William Kempner
BDC-33 Reggie Crawford
BDC-108 Ryan Reckley
BDC-129 Marco Luciano
BDC-198 Aeverson Arteaga

Checklist Top

Seattle Mariners

BDC-30 Jonatan Clase
BDC-112 Cole Young
BDC-137 Harry Ford
BDC-187 Walter Ford

Checklist Top

St. Louis Cardinals

BDC-36 Jordan Walker
BDC-65 Won-Bin Cho
BDC-76 Joshua Baez
BDC-95 Cooper Hjerpe
BDC-124 Brycen Mautz
BDC-128 Pete Hansen
BDC-170 Masyn Winn
BDC-178 Jimmy Crooks III
BDC-186 Jonathan Mejia

Checklist Top

Tampa Bay Rays

BDC-9 Dominic Keegan
BDC-14 Carson Williams
BDC-26 Chandler Simpson
BDC-38 Curtis Mead
BDC-40 Willy Vasquez
BDC-81 Ryan Cermak
BDC-105 Kyle Manzardo
BDC-158 Dru Baker
BDC-184 Trevor Martin

Checklist Top

Texas Rangers

BDC-41 Dustin Harris
BDC-58 Yeison Morrobel
BDC-110 Anthony Gutierrez
BDC-148 Danyer Cueva
BDC-159 Luisangel Acuña
BDC-164 Kumar Rocker

Checklist Top

Toronto Blue Jays

BDC-21 Brandon Barriera
BDC-45 Josh Kasevich
BDC-89 Luis Meza
BDC-147 Alex De Jesus

Checklist Top

Washington Nationals

BDC-5 Jared McKenzie
BDC-23 Elijah Green
BDC-64 Cristhian Vaquero
BDC-141 Jake Bennett
BDC-144 Brady House
BDC-169 Robert Hassell
BDC-171 James Wood
BDC-196 Brenner Cox
BDC-197 Trey Lipscomb

Checklist Top

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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