2019 Panini Legacy Football Blends Past and Present


2019 Panini Legacy Football cards is a blend of old and new. While many of the designs are done with the past in mind, there are some decidedly modern angles as well, both in how it looks and how it’s configured. As for the checklist, it has that same mix. Vets, rookies and legends are all part of the set.

One of the modern takes is the promise of a pair of autographs in each hobby box.

2019 Panini Legacy Football Base Set Basics

The full 2019 Panini Legacy Football base set consists of 200 cards. Veterans make up half of that. Thirty retired stars make the cut. The remaining 70 cards are rookies, which land two per box.

2019 Panini Legacy Football Base

Parallels, which are ten per box, come in several colors: Red (/299), Orange (/199), Yellow (/165), Green (/100), Blue (/50), Indigo (/25), Violet (/10) and Black (1/1).

Legacy Premium Edition offer a chromium spin on the full 200-card set. Further parallels for these include Silver, Bronze, Ruby, Sapphire, Gold, Diamond and Platinum.


The 2019 draft class figures prominently among the product’s autographs. Rookies Premium Penmanship take a direct approach and come with Gold (/50 or less), Bronze (/25 or less), Diamond (/10 or less) and Platinum (1/1) parallels.

Futures Patch Autographs add memorabilia. There are also Dual Patch versions that have no more than 100 copies each. Both have Diamond (/10) and Platinum (1/1) parallels.

Mock-up image. 2019 rookies will be featured.

Futures Ink Combos (/100) are dual autograph cards. Like the patch autographs, parallels for these include Diamond (/10) and Platinum (1/1).

Legends Premium Penmanship highlight signatures from past greats. In addition to base versions are Gold (/50 or less), Bronze (/25 or less), Diamond (/10 or less) and Platinum (1/1).

2019 Panini Legacy Football Legends Premium Penmanship

Additional Inserts

2019 Panini Legacy Football has more than just autographed inserts.

Fan Favorites puts a spotlight on players who might not be widespread stars but still have significant followings.

Lasting Legacies is all about stars who stuck with the same team for a significant period.

2019 Panini Legacy Football Lasting Legacies

Record Book looks at both the NFL and team levels.

Each of these inserts has Green (/100), Blue (/50), Indigo (/25) and Black (1/1) parallels.

2019 Panini Legacy Football cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: 8
Packs per box: 16
Boxes per case: 24 (two 12-box inner cases)
Set size: 200 cards
Release date: May 22, 2019

What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Autographs – 2
  • Inserts – 10
  • Parallels – 10

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