2017 Topps Update Series Variations Bring Back Retired Legends, Rookies and All-Stars — See Them All

2017 Topps Update Series Variations

Yes, 2017 Topps Update Series variation short prints exist. Actually, there are a lot of them. And if you’re looking for info on how to spot the SP and SSP cards, you’ll find a ton of information here.

The 2017 Topps Update Series variations include some familiar faces — of players from past generations. Retired legends are part of the SSP mix once again.

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Who are the Best Players on Bad NBA Teams?

Everyone is expecting another meeting between the Cavs and Warriors in this year’s Finals. It’s almost an inevitability unless something drastic happens in either conference. What we can say for sure is that none of the teams in this article will be there come playoff time. We take a look at some of the best players on teams with slightly lower expectations going into the new season. They may not have a Lebron James or Kevin Durant on their rosters but there’s certainly still plenty of talent at each of these franchises.

Brooklyn Nets: Jeremy Lin


The Nets were a completely different team last season when Jeremy Lin was on the floor. The problem was that injuries prevented that from happening on a regular basis. Going into the new season he’s healthy and has an even better supporting cast around him, despite the loss of their star center, Brook Lopez. Lin will be sharing floor general duties with up-and-coming guard, D’Angelo Russell, but with experience on Lin’s side, his importance to Brooklyn outweighs that of his new backcourt teammate. His quickness, underrated passing ability and improved shooting from the perimeter make him the best player on a developing Brooklyn squad.


Atlanta Hawks: Dennis Schröder


With the loss of perennial All-Star, Paul Millsap, Dennis Schröder has become the focal point of this new-look Hawks team. Despite the naysayers, Schröder has shown glimpses of brilliance in his short career, namely in last year’s playoff series against the Washington Wizards where he really competed hard against one of the league’s best point guards in John Wall. His youth and immaturity has been a constant knock on him but the talent of the German can’t be denied. Expect some big numbers from Schröder as Atlanta are quite weak in terms of offensive talent.


Chicago Bulls: Zach LaVine & Robin Lopez


It’s only right that two players are picked instead of one for this rebuilding Bulls team. Lopez provides great leadership and continuity for a team that really lacks in those two areas. While he may not have the skills of some of the league’s best big men, he makes up for it as a mentor to a young team. Zach LaVine is the team’s franchise player. He’s got with extreme talent and upside. Yes, he’s coming off a serious knee injury but all reports are that he’s set to come back stronger than ever. One thing that should comfort Bulls fans is that LaVine became a serious threat from the perimeter shooting 38.7% last season before his ACL injury. Even if he loses a step in terms of athleticism, it’s more than made up for with his improved shooting.


Sacramento Kings: George Hill

The Kings are loaded with young talent at all spots on the floor and with the front office acquiring some veterans to pair with them, there’s an interesting blend of youth and experience on this roster. At the head of that is former Utah Jazz point guard, George Hill. Hill was an excellent complimentary piece to Gordon Hayward last season with his ability to space the floor and defend his position. Those skills will be essential to a team that’s brought in a heap of new faces from the draft and opposing teams. His skillset, leadership and experience are going to be keys to whether the Kings can find success throughout the season.


Phoenix Suns: Eric Bledsoe

Devin Booker is a scoring machine. He has unlimited upside on the offensive side of the floor but he’s still a negative on the defensive side. Eric Bledsoe is a more proven and well-rounded performer. This is a player who averaged over 20 points, over 6 assists and a touch under 5 rebounds before being shut down by the front office to tank and improve their lottery odds. He also possesses an above 20 PER while his young backcourt teammate Devin Booker is at 14.6. By the end of the 2017-18 season Booker may overtake Bledsoe as the team’s best player especially if he can improve his defense and passing. If that’s the case expect the Suns to trade Bledsoe and turn their attention even more to their budding star in Devin Booker.

Los Angeles Lakers: Brook Lopez

Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma are great but let’s be real, they haven’t even played any meaningful NBA games yet. Like with Bledsoe, it’s likely that Lopez’s position as the team’s best player will be overtaken by one of the team’s rising stars. For now though Brook Lopez is the team’s leading player. This was a guy who took his game to a new level last year adding the 3-point shot to his offensive arsenal. You can count on Lopez for a solid 20 points and 8 rebounds on most nights, combined with some decent rim protection. Like his brother, he’ll also provide some quality experience and leadership that this team lacked last year.

2017 Panini Phoenix Football Has Bold Designs, New Color Burst Parallels

2017 Panini Phoenix Football

Phoenix is rising once again. 2017 Panini Phoenix Football marks the sophomore effort for the brand. Once again, bold designs, autographs and memorabilia cards are among the draws. It’s also a little bit cheaper than many of Panini’s high-end releases, which should help give it a bit broader base of entry for some collectors.

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2017 Topps Chrome Sapphire Box Sets Now Include 5 Rookie Autographs

2017 Topps Chrome Sapphire Baseball Factory Set

The 2017 Topps Chrome Sapphire Baseball factory set marks the second year in a row that the full flagship release has been given the premium-style treatment. The price tag for the online-exclusive release is steep ($1,500) and the production run is low (250 sets).

Like 2016, each box set has a pair of Superfractors. This time, they also come with five Rookie Autographs.

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2017 Cryptozoic DC Comics Bombshells Box Busters

2017 Cryptozoic DC Comics Bombshells Box

Join Beckett Media’s Matt Bible and Eric Norton as they open some 2017 Cryptozoic DC Comics Bombshells trading cards.

What will they find? Watch and find out.

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Famed Bronze Rocky Statue by A. Thomas Schomberg Expected to Top $1 Million at Auction

The Rocky statue is one of Philadelphia’s most iconic sights. People line up everyday, often fresh off a run up the Philadelphia Art Museum steps to pose with the bronze behemoth.

A second Rocky statue, made by A. Thomas Schomberg at the same time as the original, is about to be sold by SCP Auctions as part of their 2017 Fall Premier Auction.

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2017 Cryptozoic Supergirl Cat Quotes Preview Set Available at Philly Non-Sports Show

2017 Cryptozoic Supergirl Season 1 Cat Quotes Preview Set

Those heading to the Philly Non-Sports Show in Allentown, PA on October 21 and 22 will have a chance at some of the first cards from Cryptozoic’s upcoming Supergirl set. The 2017 Cryptozoic Supergirl Season 1 Cat Quotes Preview set comes with ten cards plus the possibility of autographs and more.

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5 Weird and Wonderful Topps Baseball Test Issues and Oddball Sets from the 1990s

The 1990s were a wild time in the world of baseball cards. But even when things are good, companies should be looking to add customers and boost the bottom line. For Topps, that meant several products during both the boom and downturn years that featured baseball players but weren’t necessarily cards.

Looking back some of these are strange. Actually, some were odd back then. But that doesn’t mean they’re not fun. Here are five wonderfully strange Topps baseball test issue and oddball releases from the 1990s to take you back to the days of when the Braves always made the postseason, Bo knew and Griffey just did it.

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2017 Topps Update Series Baseball Checklist Wraps the Flagship Set with Rookies, Traded Players


Jump directly to the 2017 Topps Update Series Baseball checklist and team set lists.

2017 Topps Update Series Baseball marks the end of the season when it comes to the flagship line. As is the tradition, rookies who debuted early in the year and traded players are focal points for the checklist.

While many elements from 2017 Topps Series 1 and Series 2 carry over to the de facto third set, there are some new angles as well.

One of the carry overs is the number of hits in boxes. Regular hobby boxes have either an autograph, memorabilia or manufactured relic. Hobby jumbo boxes have an autograph plus a pair of memorabilia or manu-relics.

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2017 Leaf Clear Football Rookie Box Set Offers a Small Checklist, Tiny Print Run

2017 Leaf Clear Football

2017 Leaf Clear Football is a small box set highlighting some of the season’s key rookies. It’s also on the limited side with just 100 total sets produced — including parallels.

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2017 Panini Absolute Racing Box Busters

2017 Panini Absolute Racing Hobby Box

Join Beckett Media’s Paul Wirth and Eric Norton as they open some 2017 Panini Absolute Racing.

What will they find? Watch and find out.

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2017 Panini Instant Football Debuts at the NFL Combine, Carries on as Season Unfolds

The NFL doesn’t take much of a break. Shortly after the last pieces of confetti fall at the Super Bowl, it’s time for teams to start prepping for the draft. 2017 Panini Instant Football sees the online-exclusive, print-on-demand line return for a second season.

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Adam Bomb: Cast of The Goldbergs Get Starring Role, Autographs in Garbage Pail Kids: We Hate the ’80s

2018 Garbage Pail Kids The Goldbergs Autographs Adam Goldberg

The Goldbergs, one of TV’s top comedies, takes place in 1980-something. That’s right in the Garbage Pail Kids wheelhouse. Now comes word that the show’s stars, along with creator Adam F. Goldberg, have cards and autographs coming to 2018 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Series 1: We Hate the ’80s.

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2017 Topps Throwback Thursday Baseball Makes New from Old

Jump directly to the 2017 Topps Throwback Thursday checklist.

2017 Topps Throwback Thursday makes new cards from old designs. Not that the concept is a new one from the card maker.

Like last year, the idea is to mash up recognizable elements from their large library of products and give them a different spin. Each week, a new mini set is released with a new theme and a different design.

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Which NBA Teams Will Surprise People This Season?

It seems fait accompli that the Warriors are going to win this season’s Larry O’Brien trophy once again. Barring any major injury to one of their stars, the other 29 teams are just in it to make some noise and ruffle some feathers.

Houston, Minnesota and OKC all made big free-agency and trade moves out West, while out East the Celtics elevated their roster by adding Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, though this article isn’t about those teams. This is about the under-the-radar teams that didn’t make splashy moves this off-season and may not challenge for a title but could still make some noise throughout the 2017-18 season.

Dallas Mavericks


The Mavs got the steal of the draft in Dennis Smith Jr. Last year’s Atlantic Coast Conference Rookie of the Year is the favorite for NBA Rookie of the Year among his peers and with good reason. Plenty of teams passed on Smith and they are going to pay for that decision. He fits perfectly in Rick Carlisle’s system alongside Dirk Nowitzki and Harrison Barnes. Plus, Mark Cuban was able to secure the services of young big man Nerlens Noel on a mere qualifying offer. The Mavs aren’t going to be world-beaters by any stretch but with an intriguing roster mixed with youth, talent and experience this team is going to be a lot of fun.

Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo, the man whose name nobody can spell, is the player everybody is going to be watching this season, and not just because Kobe Bryant challenged him to win MVP this year. Last season the Greek Freak became the first player in NBA history to finish in the top 20 in the league in each of the five major categories; that is an accomplishment that boggles the mind. Going into next season Antetokounmpo will be 22, we are yet to even see the best this phenomenal young talent has to offer. An MVP season isn’t that far out of reach. The Bucks have some other players too that will make an impact. Kris Middleton, Jabari Parker (if he can get himself healthy), Malcolm Brogdon and Thon Maker all have tremendous upside. In a weakened Eastern Conference the Bucks are certain to make a playoff run.

Detroit Pistons

Stan Van Gundy is a heck of a coach but as the president of basketball operations his moves leave a lot to be desired. However, a lot of things have worked against Van Gundy and the Pistons. Firstly, the health of Reggie Jackson was a major factor in preventing the team from making the post-season. When he returned he was a shell of himself, struggling to fit into the Pistons system. Secondly, Andre Drummond regressed massively last season. Drummond has the tools to be a highly effective center in today’s NBA. Yes he can’t make a free throw to save his life but neither can DeAndre Jordan and he’s a beast out in LA. That’s exactly what Drummond needs to do, become more like Jordan, and start engaging on the defensive end. If Van Gundy can get the most out of his two franchise cornerstones then don’t be surprised to see the Pistons return to the playoffs in 2018.

New Orleans Pelicans

Team Fire and Ice (Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins) are going to surprise some Western Conference teams this season. You can’t write off a team that has the two best big men in the league on one roster. They aren’t traditional big men either; both possess a varied skillset suited to today’s pace and space game. The injury of Solomon Hill hurts their depth but with Jrue Holiday signing a big contract extension and the addition of point guard maestro Rajon Rondo, there’ll be plenty to like watching this Pelicans team throughout the season. The chemistry between Davis, Cousins, Holiday and Rondo is key to the Pelicans’ success this season. Coach Alvin Gentry has a significant role to play in how he gets this roster to mesh together. George R.R. Martin’s hit novel series A Song of Fire and Ice (Game of Thrones) throws a heap of surprises at you; expect more of the same from the duo out in New Orleans.

1916 M101-4 Sporting News Babe Ruth Rookie at $400,000 and Rising

1916 M101-4 Sporting News Babe Ruth

One of the top-condition copies of one of the most important Babe Ruth cards is off and running at Robert Edwards Auctions’ Fall 2017 Auction. A 1916 M101-4 Sporting News Babe Ruth, seen by many as his Rookie Card, is already at $400,000 early into bidding.

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2017 Panini Kickoff Football Cards Offer a Box-Buying Bonus

2017 Panini Kickoff Football

The 2017 Panini Kickoff Football promotion is an incentive of sorts offering for those buying hobby boxes of specific products. It’s like free cards for those who were going to by the products anyway. For others, the bonus might be enough to get them to bust a box of something they might have otherwise been on the fence about.

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TBT: Philadelphia Eagles vs Carolina Panthers


The Eagles and the Panthers play tonight in Thursday Night Football so we took a look back at some old Beckett Football Card Monthly covers for this week’s Throwback Thursday.

The top photo is Quarterback Randall Cunningham in the 1991 season. A seven year veteran with the Philadelphia Eagles, he appeared on the cover of the February edition of Football Card Monthly. 



Kerry Collins, the then Carolina Panthers starting quarterback, snatches the cover page of the October 1997 Football Card Monthly issue. Although never quite reaching Troy Aikman levels, Collins did have a 17 year career in the NFL that peaked with a Super Bowl appearance with the New York Giants in 2001.



Running back Ricky Watters claims the back cover of the 1997 April Football Card Monthly, he would play all 16 games for the Eagles that season bringing Philadelphia to a 6-9 season. Watters was a 5X Pro Bowler in his career and won Super Bowl XXIX with the San Francisco 49ers. 

2017 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: Battle of the Bands Sticks It to Pop Music


By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

2017 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: Battle of the Bands sets its sights on a half-century of popular music. The release focuses on singers and bands current and from the past.

As has been the case for the past couple of years, it comes with a couple of different hobby configuration types. One is straightforward in its approach and costs less. The other has more inserts and premium potential, but it’s also more expensive.

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2018 Topps Wacky Packages Go to the Movies and Take on Blockbusters Along the Way

2018 Topps Wacky Packages Go to the Movies

Traditionally, Wacky Packages spoof popular products found on store shelves. 2018 Topps Wacky Packages Go to the Movies are taking it to popular films.

This concept has been done in other sets over the years, but with single cards and small subsets within a larger product. Now movies are the anchor.

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2017 Topps Diamond Icons Baseball Checklist Continues with Ultra High-End Trend


Jump to the 2017 Topps Diamond Icons Baseball checklist and team set lists.

2017 Topps Diamond Icons Baseball joins a growing list of ultra high-end products from the card maker. While boxes come with nine autographs and a relic, they also arrive with a price tag over $1,000.

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2010 Bowman Chrome Stephen Strasburg Superfractor Autograph Pulled — 4 Years After the Redemption Expired

2010 Bowman Chrome Stephen Strasburg Superfractor Autograph

You know that moment in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for those who have only seen the movie) when young Charlie Bucket unwraps the chocolate bar and discovers the Golden Ticket.

Now imagine Willy Wonka coming up from behind and whispering in Charlie’s ear, “Sorry, kid, you’re too late. I already gave my factory to Veruca Salt.”

Now imagine it’s today and you pull the 2010 Bowman Chrome Stephen Strasburg Superfractor Autograph (from 2010 Bowman Chrome Baseball). Someone just did.

And it’s a redemption. That expired back in 2013.

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2017 Topps Heritage Minor League Baseball Checklist Uses the Past to Look to the Future


Jump directly to the 2017 Topps Heritage Minor League checklist.

2017 Topps Heritage Minor League Baseball may have young prospects in their MiLB threads, but there’s definitely a feeling of the past with the designs. Like its MLB cousin, 1968 Topps Baseball and all of its burlap glory are the inspiration for the look of much of the product.

The hobby-only product includes one autograph and one relic per box.

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2018 Topps Inception Baseball Centers on Young Players, Big Designs and Autographs

2018 Topps Inception Baseball

2018 Topps Inception Baseball has the look. It has a checklist centered on rookies and young players. And it’s got either an autograph or autographed memorabilia card in every seven-card box. Basically, Inception is back, only this time in black.

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2017 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Checklist Heads to Oz, Outer Space and Beyond


Jump directly to the 2017 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Checklist

2017 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions knows no bounds. In addition to a variety of sports, big and small, various aspects in the product travel the world, explore space and even the wonderful world of Oz.

Just like the themes it covers, the types of cards in 2017 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions are just as eclectic. Proof of that can be found in the hobby box hits. Each has three total from a list that includes autographs, memorabilia cards, art cards, relics, 3D cards and embroidered patch cards.

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Love at Second Sight: 5 MLB Stars Who Could Reclaim a Hobby Hot Spot This Postseason

For most players, their cards take something of a roller coaster approach. Highs and lows come with the territory. However, unlike amusement park rides, the rise to the top of the hobby is often a fast one. Drops can come quick, too, but it’s often more gradual.

Once a player’s down for a prolonged period of time, gaining momentum again can be tough. But there is one way to kickstart things — big performances that lead to a championship (bonus points for those locking up multiple championships).

As the 2017 MLB postseason picks up momentum and the number of teams thin out, new stars could be made. Some could gain a new coat of shine as well in the eyes of collectors. Here are five players who have been in a bit (or a lot) of a downward spiral in the hobby but could see things pick up again in the weeks ahead.

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NYT Bestselling Author Shea Serrano Talks About His Hobby Beginnings

A version of this article appears in the November 2017 issue of Beckett Basketball.

Shea Serrano spent much of his childhood poring through Beckett Basketball issues trying to see if his collection of David Robinson cards would make him rich one day.

Unfortunately for Serrano, his collection of The Admiral wasn’t his ticket to success. But his passion for sports, rap music, and collecting would eventually take him to places he never dreamed.

Serrano is the bestselling author of The Rap Year Book, a book in which he discusses, debates, and breaks down the best rap song for every year from 1979-2014. In addition to being a New York Times Bestseller, it was announced in August that AMC is turning the book into a 6-part miniseries featuring The Roots.

The follow-up to TRYB is Basketball (And Other Things) a book in which he explores different hypothetical (and often hilarious) questions surrounding the game of basketball. As part of the pre-order process, Barnes & Noble offered a cardstock of four cards with drawings of fictional basketball players, most notably Jim Halpert from The Office and Will Smith from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The cards were drawn by longtime Serrano collaborator Arturo Torres and made in the style of the 1990-91 Fleer cards.

Serrano’s popularity is attributed to his “FOH Army” of 155,000 Twitter followers who will seemingly do anything for him. From sending him money via PayPal so he can help others, to pre-ordering tens of thousands of his new book, if Serrano asks his fans to do something, they will do it.

Hobby Beginnings

Serrano grew up in San Antonio, TX as a huge fan of the Spurs and rap music. He started collecting cards as well as some unique items from a local grocery store as a kid.

“In San Antonio we have these grocery stores called HEB and for some reason they were selling 8X10 pictures of NBA players. My mom would buy them for me and hang them all up in my room in a pyramid. Those were the first things I collected,” says Serrano. “Then I learned about cards, and they were way easier to carry in my pocket.”

But his passion didn’t stop with basketball, Serrano began collecting whatever he could.

“I had football, baseball, and movie monster cards. I remember one time Looney Tunes did cards and I had those,” says Serrano. “I even had Yo! MTV Raps cards. It was a fun and cool thing to be doing.”

Like most childhood card collectors, Serrano doesn’t have much of his collection from childhood left. However he did start collecting again recently.

“I don’t like the newer stuff because it’s too complicated. I like the older stuff, specifically the stuff that has no value, like a 1992 Hoops card or something like that.”

From Teacher to Bestseller

Serrano began writing about rap as a hobby while he was a middle school teacher in Houston. After writing for a few local publications, Serrano eventually landed at Bill Simmons’ now-defunct site Grantland. It was while at Grantland that Serrano wrote The Rap Year Book.

He expected it to do fine, but he never could have predicted the reception it got. His legion of fans showed up in droves to buy the book. Serrano was able to convert his Twitter following into dedicated fans of his work, and it blew away the expectations of he and his publisher.

“I didn’t figure it would do much more than 1,000 or 2,000 in that first week. We ended up doing 1,000 in a day and I started freaking out,” says Serrano.

The publisher actually didn’t even print enough for all of the sales in the first week, but it still resulted in the book making the NYT list.

For his next book, Serrano didn’t want to explore the same topic as before so he turned to his other passion: basketball.

“I really enjoyed looking at basketball videos on YouTube and it seemed like a way to get money out of it,” joked Serrano.

Serrano describes the book as a collection of 33 different basketball-related essays exploring fun, hypothetical, and often hilarious topics.

“I took this very serious approach to things that are definitely not-so-serious. So each chapter is a basketball question that needs to be answered,” says Serrano. “For example, I debate which version of Michael Jordan is the best Michael Jordan. Since Jordan is the greatest ever, which year was he the best?”

Other chapters deal with scenarios, like a one-on-one game between Shaquille O’Neal and Hakeem Olajuwon that was supposed to have happened in the 1990s but was called off due to an injury Olajuwon suffered. So, Serrano dedicated a chapter to what would have happened if that game had taken place.

Predictions for the 2017-18 NBA Season           

Serrano is the guy who misses the NBA the day after the Finals ends, so for him the upcoming NBA season can’t start soon enough. He’s looking forward to the new-look Thunder, the continued dominance of the Warriors, and most importantly the Spurs and Rockets playing again in the playoffs.

“I’m really excited about Spurs vs Rockets again in the second round of the playoffs. Houston will have home court advantage because they will be better,” says Serrano. “I think the Thunder have a really interesting team that will either be really good or a total disaster.”

2017 Panini Impeccable Football Checklist Offers High-End Autographs, Memorabilia and Metal

Jump directly to the 2017 Panini Impeccable Football checklist and team set lists.

2017 Panini Impeccable Football is the follow-up to last season’s well-received brand debut. With that early success, not a lot has changed as far as overall focus goes. Premium autographs, premium memorabilia and precious metal cards garner much of the product’s attention.

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2017-18 Upper Deck Subway Vancouver Canucks set a treat for local collectors

2017-18 Upper Deck Subway Vancouver Canucks Hockey Bo Horvat

By Stephen Laroche | Beckett Hockey Editor

Tim Hortons is not the only restaurant chain getting in on the opportunity to give collectors a little bonus when they make a purchase as fans in Vancouver can go to their local Subway location to get their hands of packs of 2017-18 Upper Deck Subway Vancouver Canucks hockey cards.

With packs that retail for $2 each, Canucks fans can try to build a full 16-card set that features key members of the team along with their mascot, Fin. Part of the proceeds from the sale of these packs will benefit the Canucks for Kids fund. Read More…

2016-17 Topps Now WWE Checklist, Gallery and Everything Else About the Print-on-Demand Set

Jump directly to the 2016-17 Topps Now WWE checklist.

2016-17 Topps Now WWE sees the continued expansion of the on-demand line. Starting with SummerSlam, the online-exclusive will feature big matches and key events.

Like baseball, UFC and other Topps Now products, the cards are offered for a limited time. When that sales window closes, those that are ordered are the only ones printed.

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2017 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Fall Comic Convention Set Basks in ’80s Geekery

2017 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Fall Comic Convention Set

The 2017 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Fall Comic Convention set highlights some of the most popular properties for kids growing up in the 1980s. Toys, TV shows, movies and any combination of the three are spoofed in the small set that also happens to be an online exclusive.

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Joe Orlando Named Collectors Universe CEO

Joe Orlando has been named the new CEO of Collectors Universe, Inc., the parent company of PSA.

Prior to his promotion, Orlando had been president of PSA since 2002 and PSA/DNA since 2003. He originally joined the company in 1999.

Steve Sloan, Collectors Universe marketing director, has taken the position of PSA’s vice president.

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7 Players Who Could Finally Make a Hobby Breakthrough This MLB Postseason

Major League Baseball’s 162-game regular season schedule makes plenty of heroes. But that doesn’t always make for heroes in the hobby. It’s not just the number of home runs a player hits or how many no-hitters a pitcher tosses that determines whether people start chasing their cards en masse.

Other variables also come into play like the team they play for and their age. If nobody’s around to hear a tree fall in an empty forest, how do people hear about a slugger playing in a small market without many nationally broadcast games?

When the postseason starts, the field shrinks and the spotlight is more direct. Heroes can be made over the course of a best-of-seven series, even without much coming before it. David Freese, anyone?

The 2017 MLB postseason has no shortage of great players, many of whom have already caught the attention of the hobby masses. But there are a handful of stars whose on-field achievements over the past few years hasn’t translated into similar status in the hobby.

Here are seven players who could finally breakthrough into top-tier status as the Boys of Summer give way to the Heroes of Fall. They aren’t strangers and they shouldn’t be common box fodder but they’re certainly overlooked to a certain extent. A World Series might finally make more notice how good they really are.

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2017-18 SPx Hockey Keeps the Card Counts Low, Dark Designs High

2017-18 SPx Hockey

2017-18 SPx Hockey continues with the brand’s long tradition of premium construction and bold designs. There might not be holograms like there were when the line launched in the late 1990s, but the cards are thick and come with a variety of looks that highlight things like intricate foil and Shadow Box cards.

Each 2017-18 SPx Hockey hobby box has just four cards, which are divided up into single-card packs. Each box promises both an autograph and a memorabilia card as well as one base or insert card, which Upper Deck has dubbed a “technology” card. The final pack has a second one of any of these three options.

Besides SPx-branded cards, UD Black makes the jump over to the release.

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2017 Donruss Certified Cuts Football Rookie Ink Autograph Short Prints

2017 Donruss Certifed Cuts Rookie Ink Red Ink Deshaun Watson

Most of the 2017 Donruss Certified Cuts Football Rookie Ink cards come serial numbered so you know exactly how many are out there. But there are three levels of parallels for the autograph cards that aren’t.

Panini has taken out the guesswork on how many of each of these parallels, easily identifiable by their different colored ink, exist, releasing a short prints list.

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