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Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!

RE: Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
[Image: DarrylsPictures402.jpg]

[Image: DarrylsPictures502.jpg]

[Image: DarrylsPictures033.jpg]

[Image: DarrylsPictures039.jpg]

[Image: DarrylsPictures064.jpg]

[Image: DarrylsPictures060.jpg]
Mahalo LL4

RE: Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
Love all of these and recognize quite a few from my Ricky PC! Smile

Here's some of my faves:

[Image: img374a.jpg]

[Image: img374c.jpg]

[Image: img342.jpg]

I like cards serial numbered 34/xx
[Image: RD1.jpg]
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RE: Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
[Image: DSCN0803.jpg]
i dont know if this is a mem card but
[Image: DSCN0692.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0005.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0004.jpg] the red on this card is so beautiful in person

[Image: p18mannbanner.gif]

RE: Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
This is from a trade with Goochie
[Image: supermail001-1.jpg]
[Image: 1c4478fb-d731-4d9f-ba14-899045a13077_zps5489e52d.jpg]

RE: Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
[Image: LarryFitzgeraldRookie-1.jpg]

[Image: 2010toppstributesambradfordrookie08of75b...rallel.jpg]
this is just a beautiful card...
being numbered 08/75 is just a bonus, really..

Does it count as auto'd if it's not by the player?

[Image: TSuggs2003SkyboxLE1of1.jpg]

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RE: Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
@ volatty - Sweet vintage cards!! U can never go with vintage, especially when their all HOFers!

@ broncoboy - love the Atwater! That finest set was one of best ever made, imo. I love how all the different position players had different words to describe them, and then on top of that, not only did they have refractor parallels, but embossed & die-cuts. A finest embossed die-cut refractor.... hmmm... doesnt get much better than that!!

@ Rdub34 - Love those Rickys! That Elite die-cut is especially sweet!! But only 3 pics?? C'mon, I know you have more hidden gold over there! Lets see'em!!

@ p18mann - I love the look & design of those upperdeck masterpiece cards! That is one classic set!

@ gonzo - Thats a sweet jenkins! Gotta love the super refractors! I know u must have some more hiding in ur collection tho. Terry Glenn, Eddie George, Orlando Pace... u must have some sweet looking inserts from some of them OSU boys! I'd love to see'em!!

@ giantfan - haha! Spider!! Thats sooo cool!! You know with a name like spider you were made for sports, lol.

@ jaykayzee - Thats a sweet Fitz!! & #d 1/5... Awesome!! I remember those Skybox LE cards!! That was a cool set & had some really nice gu'd parallels too!

Great additions everybody!! If u have more, PLEASE show them off. As many as you want! & C'mon beckett members... I know there's WAY MORE people out there that have/collect cool inserts/parallels/rc's ect... Pull'em out of the pc, scan'em & post in this thread & show'em off for everyone to see!!

The more the merrier!! Smile
[Image: banner.jpg]
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RE: Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
[Image: EdgeDragon.jpg]
[Image: FinestGoldEmbossed.jpg]
[Image: GemsOftheNFL.jpg]
[Image: HitList.jpg]
[Image: CuttotheChaseGold.jpg]
[Image: BombsAway.jpg]
[Image: BuildingBlocks.jpg]
[Image: COLLINSGOLD175.jpg]
[Image: ContendersLeather.jpg]
[Image: PassingGrade.jpg]
Finally Completed!!!
[Image: CruzRainbow_zpsabe5dffb.jpg]

RE: Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
[Image: tangteamphoto_NEW.jpg]

1962 tang team photo

even thought its not a card but it is listed in beckett

[Image: jsonnentagbannercopy.jpg]

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Total 1/1 cards 3/36


RE: Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
It's not one, it's a set SBXIII

[Image: 100_4824.jpg]

[Image: img103.jpg]
[Image: 100_4824.jpg]

RE: Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
OK here are some of mine. Have tons not scaned.
MVP promo. Not numbered but very hard to find. about 100 of each player.
[Image: 99mvpgadsdenpromo3-1-11.jpg]

Star Ruby Just sick card in person.
[Image: 99PremStarrubyGadsden5-29-10.jpg]

Loved these in 1999 i think
Acitate card this is the Gold #/25
[Image: 99ABsoluteGoldCC7-29-08.jpg]

1998 Briliant 24 kt Gold #/24
Again hard to find and just looks awesome in person.
[Image: 9824ktgoldOG7-18-08.jpg]

Pulled this myself. Love the Die cut design
[Image: 97CEextreamDiecut1-17-10.jpg]

Another great card one of my 1st marinos.
[Image: 97PinnV21-17-10.jpg]

Cool Diecut again. who doesnt love the die cuts.
[Image: 00MomentumOsDyer1-9-10.jpg]
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[Image: catch.gif]

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