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Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
Really like those CE Edge Tech's, awesome design.
The Bears were usually too awful a team in the 1990s golden age of the insert to get many of the really neat cards made, but here's a handful that I do have scanned from around that time:

[Image: singlefan.jpg] [Image: conwaypinrook.jpg] [Image: emmitt.jpg] [Image: singsmasher.jpg] [Image: salaamfuture.jpg] [Image: paceiron.jpg] [Image: thousand.jpg] [Image: waddle.jpg] [Image: trophy.jpg] [Image: harbaugh1.jpg]
I think I've finally lost interest.
I love that Upper Deck Fanimation, and The N. Anderson/E.Smith ProSet College Connection card!
(07-23-2011, 08:44 PM)deuce6000 Wrote: Awesome Emmitt's lou.
Hey Thanks a lot Deuce, I really appreciate it.
(07-23-2011, 11:19 PM)hodee5 Wrote: What is this? The new Emmitt Smith thread??? But they are some mighty fine cards! If I had to pick one of those, it would be the Playoff Stars of the NFL acetate die cut....that is a work of art my friend.....love that card! But I guess I'll throw a few Marvin Harrsison's in the mix....

2000 Prestige Human Highlight Film Gold DC #d 14/50
[Image: harr148.jpg]
Haha Hodee5 it's starting to seem like an Emmitt thread, isn't it! I was afraid some might see like that. The bad part about it is I have some more scans I wanted to post,LoL! I really like the Playoff Stars of the NFL DieCut set too, Such a beautiful set!
I have always loved the 2000 Prestige Human Highlight Film Gold DC cards, I need to pick up the Emmitt card of it, But can't find it. Yours of Harrison looks amazing!
I collect Emmitt Smith jersey and auto cards!!!

[Image: 128275960523260m.jpg]

My Lil Emmitt Smith PC - http://www.beckett.com/forums/thread-899584.html
alright, we gotta bring this tread back lol, Ive been trying to get some sweet Brady inserts, but cant find anything lol
[Image: Avcnw.png]
Football- Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Brandon Bolden
I have 3 different ones, the first being basketball just because growing up I always wanted this Jordan and finally got it through a trade on here.
[Image: MichaeljordanultraScoringKings.jpg]
[Image: LawrencetaylorRc.jpg]
[Image: CharliechoochooJustice.jpg]
(07-16-2011, 04:09 PM)uwash97 Wrote: I posted this on another thread before but I'll do it again just because it's awesome.

Favre Wild Card

Did I mention that I got the 1000-stripe for $56 in 1997? Big Grin I have more goodies (Favre and others) to share tomorrow or Monday when I get back to my cave.
are you kidding.....that is re-dunk-you-luss....

[Image: bbd5_1.jpg][Image: beachebay3-1.jpg]

95 Playoff Helmet Diecut.............

[Image: ScanImage009.jpg]

More Emmitt!

96 CE Crystal Cuts

[Image: a1a1.jpg]

Some day I'd love to try to complete this set.....always had a thing for the film cards......

2000 Stadium Club Gameview #d to 100

[Image: insert11.jpg]


[Image: insert24.jpg]
Think snow! 2000 Revolution

[Image: harr572.jpg]

99 Leaf R&S Slideshow #d to 25

[Image: harr381.jpg]

How you feelin? HOT HOT HOT!
1997 Flair Showcase Hot Hands

[Image: harr207.jpg]
More Emmitt!!!!!!!

1996 Score Board Jumbo

[Image: emmitt.jpg]
Our son Derrick, 3 years and counting Medulloblastoma survivor....
[Image: blackandwhite2-1.jpg]
Trade Pail
1995 select certified edition GOLD TEAM PROMO!!.....the scan does not do it justice

2000 donruss preferred qbc graded series mint 9 w/2 9.5 subs/2 9 subs

[Image: marinosfront.jpg]
and the backs..again does not do the gold team justice...it is beautiful
[Image: marinosbackjpg.jpg]

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