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Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!

RE: Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
Well here is some non PC stuff

PMG /50
[Image: CallowayPMG.jpg]

Legacy /50
[Image: GeorgeLegacy.jpg]

Mirror Emerald /5
[Image: FitzEmerald.jpg]

[Image: TurfsUp.jpg]
[Image: HoltCaughtInTheDraft.jpg]
[Image: BruceStarfactor.jpg]
[Image: FaulkArtofaChampion.jpg]
[Image: YoungRingLeaders.jpg]
[Image: DavisCharacteristic.jpg]
[Image: FaulkProBowl.jpg]
[Image: BlakeChainReaction.jpg]
[Image: SandersPower.jpg]
[Image: BledsoeBackToSchool.jpg]
[Image: JohnsonNFLStats.jpg]
[Image: PriceXandO.jpg]
Finally Completed!!!
[Image: CruzRainbow_zpsabe5dffb.jpg]

RE: Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
Love me some old school inserts! Only have my Fred Taylor rookie stuff uploaded though (98) Undecided ... Really like the 90's diecut stuff.. Eventually I'll upload all my Cramers Choice and other cards..

[Image: 1998%20bb%20ref%20atomic%2078of100.jpg][Image: 1998%20BC%20Interstate%20Refractor.jpg]

[Image: 1998%20Donruss%20Crusade%2032of100.jpg][Image: 1998%20Ultra%20Platinum%2030%20of%2066.jpg]

[Image: 1998%20Ex2001%20Essential%20Credentials%...f%2060.jpg][Image: 1998%20fb%20gold%20a%2024%20kt%2020%20of%2024.jpg]

[Image: 1998%20Finest%20No-Protector%20Refractor.jpg][Image: 1998%20Finest%20Super%20Bowl%20Refractor.jpg]

[Image: 1998%20Finest%20Mystery%20Refractor%20FT%20Side.jpg][Image: 1998%20Finest%20Mystery%20Refractor%20BS%20Side.jpg]

[Image: 1998%20flair%20legacy%2053of100.jpg][Image: 1998%20FT%20legacy60of100.jpg]

[Image: 1998%20Metal%20PMG%2010%20of%2050.jpg][Image: 1998%20Skybox%20Rubies%2011%20of%2035.jpg]

[Image: 1998%20PO%20Con%20ROY.jpg][Image: 1998%20Revolution%2091of99.jpg]

[Image: 1998%20TGL%20Red%2033%20of%2050.jpg][Image: 1998%20Supernovas%202%20of%205.jpg]

[Image: 1998%20crown%20royale%2033of99.jpg]


RE: Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
(07-16-2011, 12:52 PM)lambeau legend4 Wrote: @ collinsfanatic..... oh, the die-cuts, the rubies, the legacies, the prisms..... Oh how the love 90's inserts!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that Skybox Ruby & that Flair Legacy parallel!!! Man... I wish I had the Favre versions of some of those inserts!!
Awesome cards!! Thanks for the post!

I know what you mean they are hard to come by. I just bought my first Collins PMG and it cost me 24 bucks.
Finally Completed!!!
[Image: CruzRainbow_zpsabe5dffb.jpg]

RE: Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
Collins I love that Calloway!!
[Image: SigXacvol2.png]
New York Giants Fan & Collector.

RE: Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
I love this bradford

[Image: 07091107.jpg]

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

RE: Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
[Image: DSC02906.jpg]
Always liked this card

[Image: DSC02742.jpg]

[Image: DSC02732.jpg]

[Image: DSC02708.jpg]

[Image: DSC03389.jpg]
/50 such a cool set

[Image: DSC03456.jpg]
New Pickup!

[Image: DSC02414.jpg]
Two awesome QBs

[Image: DSC02363.jpg]
purtty lol

RE: Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
WOW!! Great cards everyone!!

@ krayzie83 - those are some "KRAYZIE" Fred Taylors!! Love the precious metal gems, legacy & brilliants gold, but that crusade insert is B E A UTIFUL!!

@ collins - love the different array of thowback inserts! I really like that Bledsoe! I wonder if they made a Favre like that?

@ phillies - that is a sweet bradford!

@ boston sports - that Bo Jackson is a classic & that Troy Brown is a real gem!! I have some serious love for those ruby parallels!

@ giantfan - ...... jus, damn! Thats quite a stash!

Here's a few more on my end.
First some more from my Packers pc & then some more random stuff.
Great stuff everyone!! Keep'em coming!! Smile
[Image: banner.jpg]
Collecting everything BRETT FAVRE
Packers HOF Autos
**LF/WTB: Packers '97, '98 & '99 Precious Metal Gems & Flair Legacy Collection Parallels!!**

RE: Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
I posted this on another thread before but I'll do it again just because it's awesome.

Favre Wild Card

Did I mention that I got the 1000-stripe for $56 in 1997? Big Grin I have more goodies (Favre and others) to share tomorrow or Monday when I get back to my cave.
[Image: UWashBanner2.jpg]
Banner by mattfastiggi
Collecting: Brett Favre (7,771 unique as of 6/1/2015), Packers, UW Huskies (Shaq Thompson, Shelton, Peters, Kikaha, Sankey, ASJ, Trufant, Locker, Brunell, Dillon, etc.)

RE: Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
Here is just a tiny taste of some of mine, Didn't know I had some many that I liked! I'll post more later once I get them scanned!!!

[Image: scan220.jpg]
[Image: scan221.jpg]
[Image: scan222.jpg]
[Image: scan223.jpg]
[Image: scan224.jpg]
[Image: scan225.jpg]
[Image: scan226.jpg]
[Image: scan227.jpg]
[Image: scan228.jpg]
[Image: scan229.jpg]
[Image: scan230.jpg]

[Image: scan231.jpg]
[Image: scan232.jpg]
[Image: scan233.jpg]
[Image: scan234.jpg]
[Image: scan235.jpg]
[Image: scan236.jpg]
[Image: scan237.jpg]
[Image: scan238.jpg]
[Image: scan239.jpg]
[Image: scan240.jpg]

[Image: scan241.jpg]
[Image: scan242.jpg]
[Image: scan243.jpg]
[Image: scan244.jpg]
[Image: scan245.jpg]
[Image: scan246.jpg]
I collect Emmitt Smith jersey and auto cards!!!

[Image: 128275960523260m.jpg]

My Lil Emmitt Smith PC - http://www.beckett.com/forums/thread-899584.html

RE: Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
I love the old cards. I love the players today, but the guys back in the day were some tough SOBs. Some played both ways and they played with poor equipment but still put their bodies on the line. Here are some of my favorites:
[Image: 2011-05-12115857.jpg]
[Image: 2011-05-12115826.jpg]
[Image: 2011-05-12115725.jpg]
[Image: 2011-05-12115655.jpg]
[Image: 2011-05-06_094857.jpg]
[Image: 2011-05-06_094935.jpg]
[Image: 2011-05-06_095536.jpg]
[Image: 2011-05-06_095617.jpg]

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