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Database Statistics

Total Number of Cards383,391

Total Number of Sets7,591

Value Statistics

Total Value$1,438,180.92

Average Value$3.75

Database Statistics

Total Number of Cards34,394

Total Number of Sets1,284

Value Statistics

Total Value$229,552.35

Average Value$6.67

Database Statistics

Total Number of Cards221,434

Total Number of Sets2,207

Value Statistics

Total Value$868,457.10

Average Value$3.92

Database Statistics

Total Number of Cards58,343

Total Number of Sets1,825

Value Statistics

Total Value$133,051.52

Average Value$2.28

Database Statistics

Total Number of Cards69,220

Total Number of Sets2,275

Value Statistics

Total Value$207,119.95

Average Value$2.99

Why Purchase an Online Price Guide?

  • Up to date pricing on all new Trading Card Games including Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Timely pricing that provides collectors the knowledge to make savvy purchases and a better understanding of the TCG market.
  • Integrated with Organize and the Beckett Trade system, allowing collectors to catalog, trade and value their collections with ease.
  • Access to Beckett’s first ever online graded Trading Card Game Price Guide.

The Beckett Gaming Online Price Guide is a one-of-a-kind database offering collectors a hub of checklists and pricing of Trading Card Games, including Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and more. The Beckett Gaming OPG not only educates collectors, but enhances their ability to value their collections and to make savvy decisions within the TCG market.

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