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About Beckett Grading

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Grading Cards - BGS

  Cards BGS Grades

Beckett Grading Services can grade virtually any card from any set. For a listing of odd sized cards that we can grade, click on one of the links below.

  1. Baseball
  2. Basketball
  3. Football
  4. Hockey

We are able to grade thicker cards up to 6.5mm (1/4").

Star Basketball Cards:

Beckett Grading Service will grade individual Star basketball cards from 1983-1986, excluding the "Best of the Best" and "Magic Johnson" sets. Beckett reserves the right to pass on grading any Star basketball card, for any reason, and will refund all grading fees on cards that are deemed as "Service Unavailable." Beckett will not grade any Star basketball sealed bags. Star grading will be done in our Dallas offices only unless pre-approved by Beckett Show Management prior to each show.

Autographed Cards:

Beckett Grading Services will grade cards with "certified autographs". That is, cards issued by major manufacturers that carry additional design elements indicating the manufacturer has certified the autograph of the card. The autograph itself will not be authenticated, but will be given a separate numerical grade based on the quality of the ink signature. There is a $2 additional charge per autographed card.

Minor League Cards:

Beckett Grading Services will grade most Minor League cards up to 9" by 11.5".

**Also, cards showing evidence of counterfeiting, tampering, or restoration will be charged the full amount according to the service option selected and will not be cased in the graded card holder.**

 Certified Autograph Cards

Registry Stacking

  About Card Stacking

Stacking is the ability to enter multiple copies of the same card into a registry. You can do this by going to My Graded Card Registry and then clicking on Add New Graded Card Registry. Once you have named your registry, you will need to check the box next to Enable Card Stacking. And remember, once you enable stacking, there is no way to disable this function. Click on the Choose a Player or Set for this Registry button, and then pick your sport, player, set, etc and click Go! Select the set you wish to enter cards into, and begin entering your BGS serial numbers.

 Disabling Card Stacking
 Registry Limits
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Grading Cards - BCCG

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Grading Cards - Vintage (BVG)

 How Final Grades are Determined
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Graded Card Registry

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 Entering Cards
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