Juan Soto Rookie Card Primer

With his arrival in Washington, the first big league Juan Soto Rookie Card shouldn’t be far behind. The prospect has made the Nationals’ offense that much stronger. And depending on how the free agent market shakes down over the next couple of years, he could be looked to be an even bigger anchor for the team.

Juan Soto Rookie Card

After tearing up minor league pitching to kick off the 2018 season, Soto jumped quickly through the ranks. And his start in Washington couldn’t have gone any better. On the first pitch of his first start, he took San Diego’s Robbie Erlin to the opposite field for a three-run home run.

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A Visit to the Wizard: Celebs Sparkle at Philly Wizard World

by Alan Biegel

Want to meet and greet your favorite celebrity? Maybe obtain an autograph, pose with them for photos, or listen to them tell you of their cinematic adventures at a panel discussion? How about cosplaying a superhero and entering a competition? Perhaps purchasing a vintage comic book, trading card, DVD, or “I Am Groot” T-shirt would be more your speed? Would you like to get original sketch art directly from an artist or acquire a painting that contains 30 hidden references to time travel? If any of these options appeal then Wizard World Comic Con is where it’s at.

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Kid Collector of the Week: Kyle from Clive, IA

Our Kid Collector of the Week feature will focus on one kid each week from around the country who is deeply involved with The Hobby. Most collectors got involved when they were young and have fond memories of their early years, so we wanted to highlight kids who are just getting their start in collecting.

Kid Collector of the Week is brought to you by Southern Hobby who shares a passion for inspiring the next generation of card collectors.

This week we talked to 12-year-old Kyle of West Des Moines, IA. He frequents Anders Olson’s The Rookie Sports Cards in Clive, IA.

Anders says, “Kyle is a regular at The Rookie and it is not uncommon for him to spend Saturday afternoons at the shop talking sports and collecting his favorite cards. Kyle is passionate collector with exceptional knowledge of the Hobby. I am lucky to have several young collectors visit my store and I feel like the future of the Hobby is in good hands with great sports fans like Kyle.”

B: How did you get involved in The Hobby?

Kyle: My dad has collected his whole life and he passed it down to me.

B: How long have you been collecting?

Kyle: About five years.

B: What do you collect: baseball, basketball, hockey, football, non-sport, other?

Kyle: Baseball and a little football.

B: What is the first card you remember?

Kyle: The 2008 Bowman Complete Series because my dad gave it to me as a gift and that was what brought me to loving collecting.

B: What is the best card you’ve ever pulled?

Kyle: A 2017 Alvin Kamara Certified Auto Patch numbered to 199.

B: What’s your dream card, the one you really really want right now?

Kyle: A Mike Trout 1st Bowman Chrome Auto.

B: What is something you think that The Hobby could be doing to get more kids your age involved?

Kyle: Reaching out to more kids in different ways, with fun events or raffles for kids. For example, if you get a card or buy a pack then you could have the opportunity to get cool gifts or experiences.

B: What’s your favorite part about going to your local card shop?

Kyle: Looking at new cards and getting cards off the bid board.


If you know of a kid who is really involved in collecting, please email Scott Bedgood sbedgood@beckett.com or reach out to us via Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to feature as many as we can. Thanks!

2018 Leaf Trinity Football Details

If you’re a fan of watching cooking competitions on TV, you’ve probably encountered the chef who likes to prepare a dish “three ways.” 2018 Leaf Trinity Football is kind of like the hobby equivalent.

2018 Leaf Trinity Football Autographs

The product is all autographs. However, they’re done with three different styles.

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2018 Topps 80th Anniversary Wrapper Art Checklist and Details

2018 Topps 80th Anniversary Wrapper Art revisits some of the company’s iconic art that’s greeted collectors over the years. Yes, cards of wrappers.

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Original 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. RC Polaroid Sells for Almost $14,000

Anyone can have a 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Card. But how about an original photo used as the foundation for the card? The Polaroid, which was used as the basis for one of the most iconic cards of all-time sold at auction on May 19 for nearly $14,000.

1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr Polaroid

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Serena Williams Signs Exclusive Autograph Deal with Upper Deck

Serena Williams is the latest athlete to sign an exclusive autograph deal with Upper Deck and their memorabilia arm, Upper Deck Authenticated.

Serena Williams UDA Signed The Show 600

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Behind-the-Scenes Gallery: NFLPA Rookie Premiere

The annual NFLPA Rookie Premiere welcomes a fresh crop of elite NFL rookies into the league and Hobby each season in May. Presented by Panini, this year’s event ushered in 40 of the top quarterbacks, running backs, receivers/tight ends and one lone defensive player.

Rookies strapped on their NFL uniforms for the first time, posed for countless photos, shot promotional videos, and, of course, signed thousands of autographs for Panini football card products releasing throughout the year. More than 50 percent of all assets used for the cards of these rookies were gathered at the Rookie Premiere.

Here’s a gallery of what went on during the event in the Los Angeles area over the weekend.

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30 Teams | 30 Weeks: #24 Milwaukee Brewers

The seventh team in the Topps 30 Teams | 30 Weeks countdown is the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Brewers spent the first part of their existence in the American League, winning an AL Pennant in 1982. In 1998 the Brewers switched to the National League where they’ve been ever since. Our Legendary Lineup is full of 80s players like Paul Molitor, Rollie Fingers, Robin Yount, and others.

But there are also some more modern-day players like Ryan Braun and Corey Hart on the list. Both Braun and Hart played on some good Brewers teams, especially the 2011 team who won the most games in Brewers history.

Check out the Brewers and all the other teams over at 30Teams30Weeks.com.

2017-18 Leaf Masked Men Hockey Checklist Showcases the Evolution of the Goalie

2017-18 Leaf Masked Men Hockey is all about goalies and the history of netminders. It’s a unique spot in the hobby where many chase goalies simply because of the position. Football quarterbacks might be the closest thing as far as collecting base goes, but that’s more about star power than anything else. With that in mind, Masked Men aims to fill that niche. This time around it’s a mix of autographs, memorabilia and metal cards showcasing some of the most dramatic and iconic masks through the years.

2017-18 Leaf Masked Men Hockey

Each 2017-18 Leaf Masked Men Hockey box comes with six cards: three hits and a trio of metal cards.

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2018 Topps Triple Threads Baseball Is the Triple Threads You Know

2018 Topps Triple Threads Baseball doesn’t change things up much. It sticks with the same general configuration, doesn’t stray far from recent designs and continues to stress a large checklist that’s populated by a large amount of low-numbered autographs and memorabilia cards.

2018 Topps Triple Threads Baseball

Once again, boxes have a pair of packs. On the basic side, both start a trio of base cards and two parallels. After that, it’s a couple of hits. One pack comes with an autographed triple relic (/99 or less) and a jumbo relic (/36 or less). The other has a triple relic (/36 or less) and either an autographed jumbo relic (/99 or less) or rookie autograph (/99 or less). Add it all up and it’s four hits per box.

And like it’s been from the beginning more than a decade ago, this is one of those products that brings plenty of risk when you break down the cost but some big rewards when you get into the premium inclusions. As examples of this, at the case level (18 boxes), there’s an triple autograph relic with three different signatures and a one-of-one autograph relic.

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2018 Baseball Cards Release Dates, Checklists and Set Information

2018 Baseball Cards Release Calendar

Looking for 2018 baseball cards release dates, checklists, easy price guide access and set information? What if we told you that all that was just one click away?

You’ve come to the right place because it is.

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2018 Topps Now Baseball Covers the Action As It Happens

2018 Topps Now Baseball is the third season for the on-demand line. And like it has from the beginning, it transforms big games, events, trades and milestones into cards within hours of it happening.

In essence, it tells the story of the season from start to finish–and probably even beyond in some regards.

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2018 Topps MLS Soccer Checklist and Team Sets Lists

2018 Topps MLS Soccer takes the flagship approach to presenting the league. That means a lot of the overall focus is on the base set. That said, there are inserts, autographs and memorabilia cards in the mix as well.

2018 Topps MLS Soccer

With the first mainstream cards of the expansion LAFC, the product looks ahead to the future. However, some design nods to 1988 Topps Baseball take it to the past, as well.

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2017-18 Panini Instant Basketball Kicks Off at the NBA Draft, Carries On Throughout Season

2017-18 Panini Instant Basketball marks the second full season of NBA action and event brought to the print-on-demand program.

Kicking things off, 2017-18 Panini Instant Basketball featured the first NBA cards of Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball and many other top 2017 draft picks. Once the season started, the product shifted into storytelling mode, offering cards for big games, performances and special events as they happen. Some other stops and special cards land upon the way.

2017-18 Panini Instant Basketball 65 Isaiah Thomas

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2018 Topps Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story Checklist and Details

2018 Topps Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story trading cards is an online, on-demand set offering some early images from the spinoff film.

A new card is available every weekday (Monday to Friday) on the Topps website in the weeks leading up to the film’s release. When all is done, the checklist encompasses 25 total cards.

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2018 Topps Now MLS Checklist and Details

The aim of 2018 Topps Now MLS is to cover the soccer season as it happens. It’s about the stories, the milestones, the players and the results.

It’s the third year for the print-on-demand line, which is exclusive to the Topps website.

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2018 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Variations Gallery

2018 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Variations offer a second (and rarer) look at some of baseball’s top young players. Short prints in comparison to their regular cards in the Target-exclusive product, the SSP cards use a second photo to make it distinct.

2018 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Variations

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2018 Bowman Mega Box Lands as Target Exclusive — Checklist Added

2018 Bowman Mega Box cards offer a patterned spin on the year’s Bowman Chrome Prospects. Like last year, these special boxes are exclusive to Target stores (although many have made their way to eBay since) and should start showing up on May 23. At least that’s the scheduled release date. They started popping up a few days before.

2018 Bowman Mega Box

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Glancing Back at History: Secretariat’s Sprint Into Immortality

Forty-five years ago, Secretariat sprinted to immortality in a race that had to be seen to be believed. And even then …

By Mike Payne

Here’s the thing about greatness: It can come from anyone, anytime or anywhere.

It can be anticipated, like Henry Aaron’s chasing down Babe Ruth’s home run mark, or it can be a complete surprise, such as USA Hockey’s gold medal performance in the 1980 Olympic Games.

Yet sometimes greatness can be a combination of both – a surprise only in the way it’s achieved.

And that’s where Secretariat comes in.
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2018 Topps On Demand Royal Wedding

Cards are common at weddings. However, they normally say ‘Hallmark’ on the back and are given to the bride and groom. 2018 Topps On Demand Royal Wedding are wedding cards done different. It’s a set of trading cards highlighting the marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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2018 Upper Deck CFL Football Comes with Two Autographs, Two Memorabilia Cards Per Box

2018 Upper Deck CFL Football gets a major overhaul from the past couple of years. The checklist is still streamlined as far as inserts go but the number of hits rises from one to four. Hobby boxes go from promising just one memorabilia card to having two autographs and a pair of game-used cards.

2018 Upper Deck CFL Football UD Game Jersey Autograph

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2018 Panini Unparalleled Football Patterns Itself with Big Designs, Several Parallels

2018 Panini Unparalleled Football expands of some of the concepts introduced in 2017. For starters, the wide-ranging parallels return throughout the product, highlighting popping foil patterns over the more traditional color route.

2018 Panini Unparalleled Football

Also, the checklist covers a lot players who are often overlooked when it comes to football cards. This means Rookie Cards for dozens of veterans making their hobby debuts.

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Harrison Ford Han Solo Signed Auto Sells for $1,855

A 1977 Topps Star Wars #144 Harrison Ford as Han Solo Signed AUTO BVG BAS recently sold on eBay for a whopping $1,855. The ever-increasing popularity of Star Wars, coupled with the anticipation over the new Solo film has lead to an uptick in the prices being paid to obtain Star Wars memorabilia.

This card was sold by Probstein123 and was authenticated by Beckett Authentication Services, making it a record-breaking sale for this type of item.

“The Beckett slab makes all the difference,” says Beckett Authentication’s Steve Grad. “Beckett and Star Wars go hand-in-hand and this is proven by this beautiful example of Harrison Ford’s signature which is encased in the Beckett Holder.”

With Disney planning several more Star Wars films in the coming years, you can expect many more items to follow suit and increase in price.


2018 Topps Throwback Thursday Plays ‘What If?’

2018 Topps Throwback Thursday looks back at some of the old sets and designs in the company’s portfolio and uses them to create new cards.

Packaged as an ongoing series of online-exclusive mini sets, each is done in a print-on-demand format. Available for a week on the Topps website, individual sets of six cards cost $19.99. Bulk lots of three sets are a discounted $49.99. Those looking for specific cards rather than full sets can usually find them listed on eBay even while they’re still available from Topps. Several dealers and collectors break apart sets and sell the singles.

Because sets are printed to order, production numbers can vary from set to set. Sometimes it’s by a significant amount, depending on the focus of the set and its checklist. Usually those with hot rookies sell the most, as demonstrated by the Aaron Judge Effect in the 2017 Topps TBT release. Other variables can also come into play.

Design samples don’t always come from baseball. Topps has a rich history in football, basketball, hockey, entertainment and more. They may not have the same mix of licenses as the past, but they can still apply a familiar look to a new product and player mix. This was apparent in the first set of 2018 Topps Throwback Thursday cards, which used the 1968 Topps Football design and used it for current MLB players.

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The Mystery of the 2018 Bowman Chrome Shohei Ohtani Kanji Autograph

When Topps first teased Shohei Ohtani autographs in 2018 Bowman Baseball, they showcased a pair of Blue Refractors. One had the Japanese phenom’s regular signature. The other was written in Kanji.

Through the first couple of weeks of the product’s release, plenty of Ohtani autographs came out of packs. But none in Kanji (at least not shown publicly).

Some speculated the special cards might have been held back for another promotion or for some other reason.

But then one popped up. In fact, it’s the same one that Topps initially previewed (022/150). And that’s leading to more questions on just how rare this particular version of the card is.

2018 Bowman Chrome Shohei Ohtani Autograph Blue Refractor Kanji 600

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1993 SP Derek Jeter Rookie Card Sells for $99,100

A 1993 SP Derek Jeter Rookie Card graded a PSA 10 almost hit the six-figure mark.

The card, which is not only one of the most popular of the modern era but also one of the most condition sensitive, finished at $99,100.

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2018 Topps Tier One Baseball Checklist Sticks with Autographs and Memorabilia

Jump directly to the 2018 Topps Tier One Baseball checklist and team set lists.

2018 Topps Tier One Baseball sticks with all the hallmarks of the brand. That means an autograph- and memorabilia-only setup.

2018 Topps Tier One Baseball

Each box has three cards. Two are signed and the other is a relic.

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2018 Panini Classics Football Checklist Combines Old and New

2018 Panini Classics Football is a set for the ages in that it puts its focus on several different generations. Checklist-wise, there are plenty of veterans and rookies. But there’s a strong contingent of retired stars and Hall of Famers as well.

As far as design goes? It’s nostalgia. As a whole, they’ve got a vibe that’s rooted in the 1950s or ’60s.

Bringing things full circle, 2018 Panini Classics Football does have modern additions like autographs and memorabilia cards. And let’s not forget chrome.

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The Continued Evolution of Topps BUNT

Topps BUNT is no longer a “new” thing. The digital baseball card app is beyond the phase of being something that’s new and shiny. It’s established.

And just as it was when it debuted in 2012, it’s not baseball cards as usual. Is it similar? Yes, but it goes beyond what people traditionally think of when they hear the term “baseball cards.”

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Topps Living Set Baseball Is the Checklist That Never Ends

It’s alive! Okay, maybe not in the breathing sense. But Topps Living Set Baseball is slated to carry on indefinitely. Open-ended at this point, that means that it could continue for years.

Topps Living Set Baseball

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Exclusive Star Wars Promo Cards at 2018 Nickel City Con

The 2018 Nickel City Con, which runs from May 18-20 in Buffalo, will have no shortage of Star Wars stuff. From comics and other collectibles to an appearance by Jeremy Bulloch, the Force will be on hand in plenty of ways.

There’s also four different exclusive Nickel City Con Star Wars promo cards.

2018 Topps Star Wars Nickel City Con Promos Front

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2018 McFarlane Madden 19 Ultimate Team Series 2 Figures Include Watson, Barkley Debuts

The 2018 McFarlane Madden 19 Ultimate Team Series 2 figures lineup features a mix of toy veterans and some fresh faces. This also marks the continuation of McFarlane’s pivot to combine their highly detailed pieces with the Madden video game line from EA Sports.

That means additional content behind the figures are included to help those who play the game.

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2018 Topps Five Star Baseball Stars Only Autographs

2018 Topps Five Star Baseball brings back the super premium brand with a checklist that’s virtually all on-card autographs (only cut signatures aren’t).

2018 Topps Five Star Baseball

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2018 Topps Update Series Baseball Finishes the Flagship

2018 Topps Update Series Baseball rounds out the season’s flagship line with more rookies, more traded players and some in-season highlights. This is true not only in the main set but in other areas as well. It also brings the Topps Silver Pack promotion to Update for the first time.

2018 Topps Update Series Baseball

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