2017-18 SPx Hockey Checklist and Team Set Lists

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2017-18 SPx Hockey continues with the brand’s long tradition of premium construction and bold designs. There might not be holograms like there were when the line launched in the late 1990s, but the cards are thick and come with a variety of looks that highlight things like intricate foil and Shadow Box cards.

2017-18 SPx Hockey

Each 2017-18 SPx Hockey hobby box has just four cards, which are divided up into single-card packs. Each box promises both an autograph and a memorabilia card as well as one base or insert card, which Upper Deck has dubbed a “technology” card. The final pack has a second one of any of these three options.

Besides SPx-branded cards, UD Black makes the jump over to the release.

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2018 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Has an Eye for Action

2018 Topps Stadium Club Baseball loves the photo. The world of sports is filled with dramatic and dynamic photography. Some of that is captured on sports cards, but a lot of the times they’re vying for attention with other design elements.

Not 2018 Topps Stadium Club Baseball.

The set’s focus is clear. Great photos. Other elements are in packs as well, like the promise of two autographs per hobby box. But, overall, the product sticks with what made it such a hit when it first arrived in 1991.

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Local Card Shop of the Week: S&S Sports Cards

Steve Burris opened his card shop in Broken Arrow, OK in 1998. He quickly added Adam “Tattoo” Thomas to the staff to manage the store and now, 20 years later, they are still going strong. I was able to speak with Adam recently about their success and what they are doing to keep the hobby strong in Oklahoma.

Local Card Shop of the Week is brought to you by Southern Hobby, who has been serving the collecting community for nearly 30 years.

JS – Thanks for taking the time to speak with me Steve/Adam. You opened your store back in 1998. What led you to make that decision back then?


AT – The previous owner of the store had passed away. Steve and I were both customers of the store at the time. Steve purchased the store from the previous owner’s wife. He had another business and wanted to know if I had any interest in running the store while I was attending college. Shortly after I started running the store, we became business partners.


JS – You both have been collecting for around 30 years so you have seen a lot of innovation in the hobby over the years. What are some of the major differences about your store when it opened in 1998 vs your store today?


AT – The most obvious difference is the influence of the internet. We both were selling on eBay before we took over the store. We just merged our ideas and online practices together to sell under one account. We have always embraced buying and selling on the internet and it’s a big reason we’re still open after 20 years.

JS – Adam, the S & S website lists you as the primary buyer for the shop? Can you tell us about any interesting purchases you’ve made since you’ve been at the shop? Have there been any collections that have wowed you?


AT – Buying singles, memorabilia and collections is a huge part of our success in business, so we’ve seen about everything. Two of the most memorable purchases we’ve made were (1) an Upper Deck Authenticated collection that contained over 1,400 signed UDA pieces, including over 50 Michael Jordan pieces and over 50 Mickey Mantle items; and (2) brought in by a young lady, she had two 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle cards in vg-ex condition. She wanted to keep the nicer one for her son and sold us the other one. The interesting part was that she had inherited the cards from her grandfather and the box she brought the cards in. Her grandfather mailed the cards from his house in New York to his new house in Oklahoma. His parents said they didn’t have room to bring his cards on the trip, so he mailed them to himself.


JS – The state of Oklahoma has the Oklahoma City Thunder as a professional sports team. However, I know the state is very passionate about their college sports as well. What are some of the major players or teams that your client base focuses on?


AT– Our entire state is very passionate about football: both college and professional. For us, the most popular team is the Oklahoma Sooners. They are followed by the Dallas Cowboys, Oklahoma State Cowboys and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Any Sooners are very widely collected. But like anywhere in the country there’s lots of interest in the hobby’s elite players such as Aaron Judge, Derek Jeter, Lebron James, Carson Wentz, and any other big time star.


JS – What one particular player, past or present, would you say is the most beloved in Oklahoma and can be found in a majority of local collections?


AT – Pretty much every collection in our state has some type of Mickey Mantle card. He was born and raised in the state, and everyone is interested in Mantle items. When Kevin Durant played for the Thunder, he gave Mantle a good run for the most popular player in the state. This Christmas, the number one most asked for player was Baker Mayfield. So, we’re patiently waiting for 2018 football products to come out, due to the interest in Mayfield.

JS – What have been some of the hottest products in your store in the last 12 months and why do you think collectors have been drawn to those?


AT – In baseball any Bowman release is extremely popular. The first autographs with collectors have really moved into a category by themselves in regards to highly desirable cards in the hobby. With Panini having exclusive contracts to produce football and basketball cards, the more popular products are one’s that resemble Topps Chrome. The variation colors in Prizm and Optic both sell very well in basketball and football. Also, the early 2017 releases of the higher end college football products sold very well due to having 3 Oklahoma Sooners in the products.


JS – What have been some of the biggest hits pulled at S & S? I am sure there are some beauties over the last 20 years!


AT – We’ve seen some monster pulls over the years; Michael Jordan 2003/04 Exquisite Noble Nameplate auto patch #/25, Honus Wagner cut auto 1/1, Babe Ruth cut auto 1/1 and George Washington Allen & Ginter DNA hair are just a few. One of the biggest pulls happened two days ago. I brought back a 2018 UDA Monumental box from the Upper Deck CDD conference and we hit a pair of Tiger Woods UDA Autographed Tournament Worn Golf Spikes numbered 1/1. Very cool item!


JS – Your Facebook page also mentions the “S&S Sports Cards Private Selling Page”. Can you tell us a little more about that?


AT – We are always purchasing cards and collections. Whether it walks in the door, or at shows or online, we buy cards every single day. We wanted to find ways to reach every type of collector in our local area so we set up a couple of separate Facebook pages aside from our main store Facebook page. We have a couple of employees in the store who post cards for sale all day on this page and a few others. We posts cards, memorabilia or other sports collectibles on these pages at all different prices. We’ll post cards for sale from $1 to $1,000+. We have some random days where every card posted will be $1 no matter the card. We realize that not every collector has the ability to spend large amounts of money on cards and this page gives us a place to post hundreds of cards everyday in various prices to cater to all collectors.


JS – It appears that you are offering your customers both the in-store experience of a card shop and also a full online experience as well. Your page advertises a Live In-Store Auction, Group Breaks, Autograph Signings and more. How important have you found the social media and online component to be to your success?


AT – Social media in our industry is a huge part of our success. We post on 4 or 5 different social media platforms every day and recently found areas in which we can do more. Every business must have some level of social media presence and must utilize it every day. You have to go where the customers are and you must grab their attention. Many stores fail to embrace social media, because it’s too complicated or time consuming. Businesses using social media is becoming the norm in our industry and if you fail to embrace it you’ll be left behind.


JS – Let’s talk a little about your personal collection. You started collecting about 30 years ago so you have been a part of several ups and downs. What is your primary focus now on a personal level? Are you more into vintage/junk wax/modern? What are some of the highlights?


AT – Steve and I decided to stop collecting on a personal level once we partnered up. Neither of us has added anything to our collections in 20 years. Before that he was into vintage baseball and football and I was into to harder-to-find basketball cards.


JS – Aside from your personal collection, you have also seen a lot of product changes over the years. What changes have been most surprising to you in the industry? What products have changed the hobby for you?


AT – The biggest changes for the industry has been the decision by the professional sports to go to exclusive contracts from the manufacturers. I’m a huge believer that competition is good for every industry. It makes companies stay sharp and innovative. I completely understand the reason for the exclusive contracts, but I don’t believe it’s been good for our industry. Allowing the manufacturers to operate without competition has already created issues and several of the contracts still have 8 or 9 years remaining.


JS – In conjunction with the changes you’ve seen, what would you like to see from card companies in the future to help the hobby continue to grow and keep it strong?


AT – It’s very obvious that the manufacturers are slowing trying to squeeze out traditional brick and mortar stores. I understand most local card stores are fading away across the country and our influence to these manufacturers is diminishing. Of course, the freebies and promotional items they send us are great and are great incentives for us to give to our customers. They have all embraced social media at a very high level and use it religiously regarding their company. I would really like to see the card companies use their social media platforms to help get people into hobby stores. Most store owners I’ve met don’t order very many products directly from the manufacturers. Usually, due to case quantity or price, but we still carry those products in our store. They could have lists and advertising of stores that carry their product and support their brands. Also, the card companies’ customer service departments are severely lacking. I hear a complaint every day about someone not being able to get in touch with a company’s customer service. If we had a way to contact the companies on behalf of our customer’s, it would be a helpful service we could provide our customers. Lastly, they need to get creative in their advertising. We’re seeing a large amount of men and women in their 30’s and 40’s coming back to the hobby. They collected as kids and want to get back to the hobby they enjoyed in their youth. I would like to see more of a concentration in ways to advertise the hobby.


JS – If you could give a future shop owner one piece of advice, what would that be?


AT – Stay hungry, realize that no matter how long you’ve been in this industry, that you can always learn more and improve your business. Don’t fall for the mindset, “I don’t carry that or know about it, because I don’t like it.” Be open-minded about everything in our industry. We have never carried gaming in the store, because it didn’t work for us. I still learn about it and keep my eyes open to it, because some day we may carry it. We have customers that collect sports cards and game as well. Never trash something you don’t carry, because you never know what other hobbies your customers have. In your local community you are the expert in your field, act like it. Constantly learn, read and seek other ways to make this industry and your store better.


JS – What else does S & S Cards offer that helps bring in new collectors and keeps them coming back? Do you have any in-store events or promotions you can share? Anything coming up?


AT – We are always looking at running events in-store and finding ways to help build up our local collecting community. Through our social media platforms, we stay in touch with our local customers every day. As far as events go, we post daily on our S&S Sports Cards Private Selling page on Facebook. We have a weekly auction page on Facebook under S& S Sports Cards Private Auction Page. We run breaks almost every day on S&S Sports Cards Box and Case Break page on Facebook. Our next live in store auction will be Saturday February 3. We have several different Super Bowl Squares contests on Super Bowl Sunday, February 4. Prizes include sealed boxes, memorabilia and store credit. We are having JSA in-store to authentic autographs on Friday, February 23. We have a PSA and BGS grading submission group that we send off once a month. We are currently working on having an Oklahoma City Thunder player coming in and doing a signing soon. That’s not official yet, but working on it. We’ll also have a big event on the night of the first round of the NFL draft in which we give away a ton of prizes and have box breaks all night. That’s some of the events we’ll have the first quarter of this year.


S&S Sports Cards

Steve Burris

Adam “Tattoo” Thomas

2012 W Washington St

Broken Arrow, OK



Facebook – S&S Sports Cards

Twitter – @SandScards


Hours of Operation

Sunday – CLOSED

Monday – Friday – 10am:5:30pm

Saturday – 10am:4pm

Bowman Chrome Autograph Guide to Baseball America’s 2018 Top 100 Prospects

Baseball America has released their list of 2018’s top 100 prospects. Digging deep into all levels of the minors, it breaks down the most promising players working their way to the majors.

When it comes to prospecting and cards, Bowman Chrome autographs are considered by many to be king. The command the same sort of attention Rookie Cards did through the 1980s and 1990s.

For the vast majority of the players on Baseball America‘s list, they already have their first Bowman Chrome autographs. Some of these cards are already five-years old or more.

The players near the top of the list are very familiar with prospectors. Their regular Bowman Chrome autographs easily top $100 with Refractors potentially hitting four figures.

With Andrew Benintendi, 2017’s number one ranked prospect, now full-time Major Leaguer, Ronald Acuna takes top honors. The 20-year-old outfielder recently became the youngest player ever to be named the MVP of the Arizona Fall League after hitting seven home runs in 23 games.

Coming in at number two is Japanese sensation, Shohei Ohtani, who signed with the Los Angeles Angels in December.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Eloy Jimenez and Victor Robles round out the top five.

Ohtani is the only player in the top 25 not to have a Bowman Chrome autograph yet.

In case you’re looking to keep tabs on the players that do have Bowman Chrome autographs and what sets to find them in, we’ve broken down the entire list.

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The Daily: 2001 Fleer WWF WrestleMania Signature Moves Autographs Stone Cold Steve Austin

2001 Fleer WWF WrestleMania Signature oves Autographs Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Card: 2001 Fleer WWF WrestleMania Signature Moves Autographs Stone Cold Steve Austin /500

The crash of the glass. The stomping boots. The T-shirt. Jim Ross’ voice. The salute. The turnbuckle beer bath.

As RAW celebrated its 25th anniversary last night, it was impossible to escape the nostalgia. Some of it seemed forced. Some of it seemed tired.

But if you were a wrestling fan during the WWE’s Attitude Era, there was just something about seeing Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the ring together one more time.


Austin, alongside The Rock, transcended wrestling and took things to another level. While The Rock’s lasting legacy has shifted more to Hollywood blockbusters, Austin is the wrestler of the pair.

His run through the WWE helped change the business around and take it to new heights. His feuds with Bret Hart, The Undertaker, Brian Pillman, Mick Foley, The Rock and McMahon headlined dozens of pay-per-views and plenty of unforgettable moments.

Despite being one of the industry’s giants, just one Stone Cold Steve Austin autograph card exists. And it came out a long time ago.

The 2001 WWF WrestleMania Signature Moves Autographs Stone Cold Steve Austin arrived in the first set from Fleer taking over the license. They didn’t get his signature in any of their future sets. And he’s one of the few superstars Topps hasn’t had in any of their sets since getting the WWE back in their portfolio in 2005.

The Signature Moves Autographs Austin comes numbered to 500 copies. While not exceedingly rare from a quantity perspective, there’s nothing else to go around. And much of the copies that are out there are locked up in personal collections. Not surprisingly, these cards have steadily climbed over the years and now command prices in the hundreds.

The Daily highlights a key player or personality in the world of sports or collecting from the past 24 hours along with one of their key cards.

15 Vladimir Guerrero Cards to Be Reckoned With

When they first arrived, Vladimir Guerrero cards were hot. He was a top prospect on one of baseball’s top teams at the time (RIP Expos). Guerrero was explosive both at the plate and in the field. His first MLB cards were also part of sets that were hot for years thanks to both Guerrero and Andruw Jones.

And for several years, Vladimir Guerrero lived up to the hype. He was one of baseball’s best players and his cards remained popular. But outside of those first few cards, Vladimir Guerrero cards have never really enjoyed prolonged top-tier hobby status.

Top Vladimir Guerrero Cards

Star? Yes. But mega hobby mover? Early on, yes. But overall, not so much. Just as the outfielder was coming into his own as an Expos superstar, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa started chasing the single-season home run record. Then there was Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez. Guerrero earned MVP honors with the Angels during this era but it was a fairly quiet one in collecting circles.

By the time those and other sluggers slowed or had their names attached to various PED scandals, the best years of Vladimir Guerrero’s career had passed.

But if you look at the numbers, you’ll find a player who was dominant during an era where many would argue numbers were inflated. You’ll find someone who might be deserving of a second look.

With that in mind, here’s a breakdown of 15 of the best and most notable Vladimir Guerrero cards.

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2018 Topps UFC Knockout Includes Autograph, Relic Per Pack

2018 Topps UFC Knockout is another installment for one of the cornerstone MMA trading card brands. And like last year, it’s getting a little help from another Topps brand for some of its autographs and memorabilia cards–Tier One.

2018 Topps UFC Knockout

The high-end product has both an autograph and a relic card in every pack.

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2017-18 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Box Busters

Join Eric Norton and Matt Bible as they open some 2017-18 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey.

What will they find? Watch and find out.

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2018 Topps Baseball Silver Packs – How to Get Them and Program Details

2018 Topps Baseball Silver Packs are a bonus for collectors buying 2018 Topps Series 1 and 2018 Topps Series 2 hobby boxes. The cards are an added incentive, providing exclusive cards not available anywhere else.

2018 Topps Baseball Silver Packs

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The Daily: 2008 SP Authentic Danny Amendola RC

The Card: 2008 SP Authentic Danny Amendola RC #129 /1399

Most players today have dozens of Rookies Cards. These cover everything from entry-level base cards to autographed memorabilia rarities that come out of boxes costing hundreds of dollars.

Exceptions do exist. Danny Amendola has just one Rookie Card.

Upper Deck was the only company to put Amendola in a base set in 2008. And for good reason. He wasn’t taken in the draft and signed with the Cowboys as a free agent. Even then, he was relegated to the practice squad. Under normal circumstances, there’d be limited interest in a huge stash of cards from a player with limited prospects.

So the 2008 SP Authentic Danny Amendola Rookie Card was it and few people probably gave it much thought for several years. Not only is it Amendola’s lone RC, but it’s numbered to 1399, letting the collecting world know exactly how many there are. It has no parallels.

The only other Danny Amendola card from his rookie season is a bonus card in the Dallas Cowboys version of the 2008 Topps Football factory set.

After moving from team to team for a few years, Amendola joined the New England Patriots as a free agent for the 2013 season. Since then, he has become one of Tom Brady’s favorite targets. That’s raised Amendola’s stature tremendously and has led to some big moments.

That includes a pair of fourth quarter touchdowns in New England’s comeback win against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship. These were big TDs. The first helped turn the momentum in the Patriots’ favor. The second won it.

And now it’s off to the Super Bowl where Amendola will try to win his third ring. But even if he doesn’t, he already has more Super Bowl wins than Rookie Cards.

The Daily highlights a key player or personality in the world of sports or collecting from the past 24 hours along with one of their key cards.

2017 Panini Contenders Football Short Prints

Wondering what the 2017 Panini Contenders Football short prints are? The list continues to take shape.

2017 Panini Contenders Football Mitchell Trubisky Variation SSP

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10 Iconic Cards Turning 25 in 2018

Has it been 25 years since we were first welcomed to Jurassic Park? Since Michael Jackson reinvented the Super Bowl halftime? Since Crystal Pepsi disappeared (not counting the McRib-esque stealth reboots)?

A lot has changed in the last quarter century. And yet, for many of us, 1993 feels like just a short time ago.

When you collect something, it’s usually somewhat continuous. By their very nature, trading cards have a strong sense of continuity. Even if there’s a break, most generally pick up just like they left off.

So if you were building sets, chasing Rookie Cards or scouring card shows for your favorite players in 1993, there’s a good chance you still have some vivid memories.

And that makes it crazier when you realize these cards are turning 25-years old in 2018 (for split-year sets like basketball, we’ve gone with 1993-94 releases).

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The Mess on Ryan’s Desk: 1966 Donruss Green Hornet & the Best Bruce Lee Card Ever

1966 Donruss Green Hornet 44

I’m not the biggest Green Hornet aficionado. Reruns never made it to my neck of the woods like the Adam West Batman and Lynda Carter Wonder Woman did. That said, I know a legend when I see one.

And Bruce Lee as Kato is legend.

Plop him amidst some miniaturized building like he were Godzilla or a Power Rangers villain du jour and it’s even better. Like “Raddest Card of All-Time” level. Okay, maybe not quite the best ever, but this 1966 Donruss Green Hornet card has an epic level of coolness.

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2018 Topps US Winter Olympic Team Trading Cards Celebrate Lindsey Vonn – Checklist Posted

2018 Topps US Winter Olympic Team trading cards offer collectors a glimpse of what to expect when the American athletes descend on PyeongChang, South Korea in February. In addition to the autographs and memorabilia cards that have become a regular part of Topps’ Olympic sets, this release pays special attention to Lindsey Vonn.

2018 Topps US Winter Olympic Team

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2018 Topps WWE Road to WrestleMania Trading Cards Recap the Year That Was

Jump directly to the 2018 Topps WWE Road to WrestleMania checklist.

2018 Topps WWE Road to WrestleMania is the first set of the year for the world’s largest wrestling sports entertainment company. Releasing as the lead up to WrestleMania 34 picks up, the product focuses on recapping the past year’s storylines and major events.

2018 Topps WWE Road to WrestleMania

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The Daily: 1988 Fleer Update Chris Sabo XRC

The Card: 1988 Fleer Update Chris Sabo XRC #87

Has it always bugged you that nobody figures out that Clark Kent is Superman just because of a pair of glasses? Yes, the comics have explained it, but comics also find ways to bring everybody back to life so whatever that explanation is about Kent’s secret identity is still odd.

But then the 1988 Fleer Update Chris Sabo pops up–perhaps the only card to feature him without his trademark goggles. And it’s a total Clark Kent-Superman situation. He’s not recognizable.

And for a generation who grew up watching Sabo on TV and seeing him shuffling through stacks of 1990 Donruss, 1989 Topps and 1991 Upper Deck (especially that team card), it’s weird. It’s like Linus without his blanket, the Fonz without a leather jacket or Laverne without an ‘L’ on everything she wore.

Today, it’s Chris Sabo’s 56th birthday. The 1988 National League Rookie of the Year put together a solid career that included three trips to the All-Star Game and a World Series ring. It was by no means a Cooperstown-esque trip through the majors but Sabo was solid.

He had some big moments, like Game 3 in the 1990 World Series when he hit a pair of home runs:

There was also moments like this one in 1996 when Sabo got caught with a corked bat:

Sabo got a seven-game suspension for the incident, although he disputed he knew it was in there.

As for Sabo’s cards? They peaked early. That’s what happens when you’re one of the big rookies during the peak of the hobby boom and speculation is high. Besides Fleer Update, Donruss, Score and Topps also include Sabo in their 1988 traded sets.

The Daily highlights a key player or personality in the world of sports or collecting from the past 24 hours along with one of their key cards.

2018 Panini Stars and Stripes USA Baseball Has Draft Prospects, National Team Legends

2018 Panini Stars and Stripes USA Baseball tracks the national team, both past and present. That means lots of prospects making their way through the ranks as well as players from the past who represented the USA in international play.

Autographs and memorabilia are a big part of the set’s hobby version with one hit in each pack.

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2018 Upper Deck Historic Inspirations Willie O’Ree Honors NHL Legend’s Debut with Arena Giveaway

60 years ago, on January 18, 1958, Willie O’Ree made history by being the first black player to play in an NHL game. The night before the anniversary, the Boston Bruins honored O’Ree and his legacy in a pre-game ceremony.

Upper Deck was in on the celebration as well. They created a special Heroic Inspirations Willie O’Ree card that was given to those at the game.

2018 Upper Deck Heroic Inspirations Willie ORee

Upper Deck noted on their blog, that the card will also be available at select dealers in the Boston area for those not able to make it to the game.

O’Ree has several cards but not a lot. Most have been released in the last 20 years or so. Although his pro career lasted 21 seasons, he appeared in just 45 total NHL games. So the closest thing he had from his playing days was a Beehive photo and a couple of minor league issues.

Pinnacle included O’Ree in 1997-98 Beehive Hockey, an over-sized revival-style product. Included on the checklist was an autographed card.

In the years since, O’Ree has appeared in products from several manufacturers.

Comments? Questions? Contact Ryan Cracknell on Twitter @tradercracks or by email.

Awesome Inserts: 1998-99 SkyBox Premium That’s Jam

At the close of the ’90s, SkyBox cards were weird in the most complimentary of ways. Different companies express creativity in different ways. The folks at SkyBox went about it by going over the top with its designs and themes in many of their sets.

And then there’s 1998-99 SkyBox Premium That’s Jam, an insert set that takes its inspiration from an actual jam jar. As in the stuff you put on your toast and mix with peanut butter. That jam.

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2018 Topps Baseball Team Sets Checklists and Breakdown

2018 Topps Baseball cards come in several forms. You’ve got your regular packs and boxes. Then there’s the factory set that collects Series 1 and Series 2. 2018 Topps Baseball Team Sets break things down even further, delivering 17 cards for all 30 MLB teams packaged in a simple hanger pack. There are also separate Superstar Sets for both the American League and National League.

2018 Topps Baseball Team Sets New York Mets

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The Daily: 2001 Bowman Chrome Justin Morneau RC

2001 Bowman Chrome Justin Morneau RC

The Card: 2001 Bowman Chrome Justin Morneau RC #169

Justin Morneau has officially called it a career — at least when it comes to on-field play. The 2006 American League MVP last played in 2016. While the latter part of his career was hampered by injuries, Morneau’s legacy is a big one, particularly with fans from Minnesota and his home country of Canada.

Taken in the third round of the 1999 draft, Morneau got his first taste of the majors in 2003. 2006 was a breakout years for the first baseman. Although his 34 homers, 130 RBI and .321 batting average weren’t tops in the league, it was enough to earn him MVP honors.

Over the next several years, Morneau would display a similar balance of power and average. The second half of his career had many ups and downs. But a direct correlation could be tied to his health. When Morneau was playing, he rarely struggled.

That couldn’t be more true than in 2014 when Morneau, now with the Colorado Rockies, won his first batting title.

The British Columbia native last played in 2016 while wearing a Chicago White Sox uniform. Now he’s back with the Twins, stepping into an assistant’s role.

Although Morneau has his fans, it has been a while since his cards were hot. He’s got a half-dozen Rookie Cards from 2001. None stand out head and shoulders above the rest as far as values go. For the 2001 Bowman Chrome Justin Morneau RC, the base version is done as a Refractor. This is how all Rookie Cards were done in the product.

The Daily highlights a key player or personality in the world of sports or collecting from the past 24 hours along with one of their key cards.

The Cards You Need of the 2018 NFL Hall of Fame Finalists

The NFL has announced the 15 finalists for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year. This 2018 class includes first time nominees Ray Lewis, Randy Moss, Brian Urlacher, Steve Hutchinson and Everson Walls. Will Terrell Owens finally get in? Hall of Fame players are amongst the most popular players collected in the hobby. Adding a possible Hall of Fame rookie card is a great investment for any collection.

Here are a few options to look for in this class.

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2018 Topps Series 1 Baseball Checklist, Team Set Lists Are Here

Jump directly to the 2018 Topps Series 1 Baseball checklist and team set lists.

The flagship 2018 Topps Baseball is sticking with a streamlined, modern design. Configuration wise, it keeps with many of the traditions established and carved out over the last few years. It starts with 2018 Topps Series 1 Baseball.

2018 Topps Series 1 Baseball Mike Trout 350

2018 marks the 67th consecutive year for the flagship release dating back to 1952.

What’s in store for 2018 Topps Series 1 Baseball? We’re glad you asked.

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2017 Topps Transcendent Party Exclusive Cards and Details

2017 Topps Transcendent Baseball has a lot going for it. It’s packed with autographs, rare cards and other goodies. And so it should for its $25,000+ price tag. Perhaps the biggest part of the product was the invitation to an exclusive party in Atlanta where guests not only got to meet Hank Aaron, but score some exclusive baseball cards in the process.

2017 Topps Transcendent Party Invitation

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2017-18 Panini Prizm Basketball White Sparkle Prizms Arrive

The 2017-18 Panini Prizm Basketball rainbow is complete. The White Sparkle Prizms have been released but you need to look to one of last year’s basketball products to get some.

Panini has released special 2017-18 Panini Prizms White Sparkle Prizms packs as an incentive for buying boxes of 2016-17 Preferred Basketball through their online store.

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The Daily: 1970-71 Topps Jo Jo White RC

The Card: 1970-71 Topps Jo Jo White RC #143

The basketball world lost one of its greats yesterday. Boston Celtics great Jo Jo White passed away at the age of 71. The point guard spent the majority of his professional career with the Celtics, suiting up for the team for a decade between 1969 and 1979. Along the way, he helped the team win a pair of NBA Championships in 1974 and 1976. In 1976, White was named the Finals MVP.

White was a standout on the amateur level as well. At the University of Kansas, he was a second-team All-American twice. On the international stage, White was part of the USA’s gold medal win at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City.

In 2015, after a long delay, White was inducted in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Jo Jo White’s Rookie Card is part of the 1970-71 Topps Basketball checklist. The set stands out immediately for its tallboy format. This is also the set that has Pete Maravich’s Rookie Card.

The Daily highlights a key player or personality in the world of sports or collecting from the past 24 hours along with one of their key cards.

2017-18 SP Game Used Hockey Checklist and Team Set Lists

Jump directly to the 2017-18 SP Game Used Hockey checklist and team set lists.

By Stephen Laroche

Whenever some collectors break open a box or pack and gets a memorabilia card, thoughts often race toward the story behind the swatch that sits in their hands. Sometimes, it is easy to discover that it was simply worn by the player in a photo shoot. The description could simply say that it was worn in a game. With 2017-18 SP Game Used Hockey, many of the cards are tied to actual NHL events. This gives a certain satisfaction of knowing the origin of the material embedded within.

2017-18 SP Game Used Hockey Brock Boeser Authentic Rookies

That is not to say that this edition of one of Upper Deck’s longest-running brands only offers up memorabilia cards when it is released in mid-January. In fact, there is plenty to discover inside from extremely limited base cards and Rookie Cards along with lots of ink and parallels.

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2018 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: We Hate the ’80s Checklist Proves What’s Old Is New Again

Garbage Pail Kids were born in the 1980s. If you grew up during the decade of Just Say No, wore acid wash jeans and can name the two Coreys are, you know who Adam Bomb and New Wave Dave are. Even those who aren’t card collectors today probably had a few GPKs stuck to their Trapper Keeper or bedpost. 2018 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: We Hate the ’80s comes full-circle, spoofing the very nostalgia that Goonies hold dear.

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2017-18 Select Basketball Earns Its Stripes

2017-18 Select Basketball sees the line return with its now traditional tiered approach to chromium. Colored Prizms are plentiful. Among them is the addition of Zebra Stripe Prizms.

2017-18 Select Basketball

Hobby boxes, which come with a dozen packs, have three total autographs and memorabilia cards.

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2018 Topps Premier League Platinum Soccer Brightens Things Up with Refreshed Line

Topps Platinum is back. The brand has been on a bit of a break following Topps’ exit from the NFL market (for physical cards). 2018 Topps Premier League Platinum Soccer brings with it the same foil emphasis that set the line out during its earlier days.

Hobby boxes come packaged in a mini box format. A master box has a dozen packs, which are divided into a pair of six-pack mini boxes.

In addition to autographs and memorabilia cards, the checklist also has some inserts and a handful of parallels.

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The Daily: 2004 Bowman Chrome Draft AFLAC Autograph Refractors Andrew McCutchen

2004 Bowman Chrome Draft AFLAC Andrew McCutchen Autograph

The Card: 2004 Bowman Chrome Draft AFLAC Autograph Refractors Andrew McCutchen #AA-AM /125

If you’re a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, you were probably still mourning the loss of Gerrit Cole when word of Andrew McCutchen being traded to San Francisco came down. If you’re a Giants fan, you’re probably happy San Francisco was finally able to close a big deal. They’d been in the thick of the rumor mill for several deals this off-season, including Giancarlo Stanton but nothing major had come to pass until now.

In Pittsburgh, it’s the end of an era. The 2013 National League MVP had been the face of the franchise for years. He’d been their biggest star since Barry Bonds. And now, like Bonds, he’s off to the Giants.

Not only was McCutchen a great player on the field, but an active member of the community. So much so that his contributions were honored with the 2015 Roberto Clemente Award by Major League Baseball.

The first Andrew McCutchen Bowman Chrome autograph has a bit of a complicated history. 2004 Bowman Draft had redemption cards randomly inserted for Chrome AFLAC sets. A total of 50 Gold Refractor redemptions were supposed to be inserted. But a mixup led to more than that being included.

Those who pulled one of the Gold Refractor redemptions were given the option of opting for a set of four Refractor Autographs. McCutchen was one of them. Numbered to 125 copies, it’s not an easy card to find.

The Daily highlights a key player or personality in the world of sports or collecting from the past 24 hours along with one of their key cards.


Kid Collector of the Week: Jax from Columbus, KY


Our Kid Collector of the Week feature will focus on one kid each week from around the country who is deeply involved with The Hobby. Most collectors got involved when they were young and have fond memories of their early years, so we wanted to highlight kids who are just getting their start in collecting.


Kid Collector of the Week is brought to you by Southern Hobby who shares a passion for inspiring the next generation of card collectors.


This week we talked to 8-year-old Jax from Columbus, KY. Jax is a huge Red Sox and Andrew Benintendi fan and he talked with us about his beginnings in the hobby.


BM: How did you get involved in The Hobby?


Jax: My Grandad and dad collected before me. I love baseball so I started collecting.


BM: How long have you been collecting?


Jax: For 1 year.


BM: What do you collect: baseball, basketball, hockey, football, non-sport, other?


Jax: Just baseball right now.


BM: What is the first card you remember?


Jax: My dad’s Roger Clemens card.


BM: What is the best card you’ve ever pulled?


Jax: Andrew Benintendi 2017 Topps Chrome Variation card.


BM: What’s your dream card, the one you really really want right now?


Jax: 2015 Andrew Benintendi Bowman Chrome Auto.


BM: What is something you think that The Hobby could be doing to get more kids your age involved?


Jax: Have more stores. Me and dad have to look on eBay a lot. Not too many kids can do that.


BM: Which local card shop do you go to the most?


Jax: We don’t have anything local. Walmart and Ebay right now.



BM: What’s your favorite part about going to your local card shop?


Jax: I ask every time we go to Walmart if I can get cards. I also search online all the time. Just love collecting. Have over 50 Benintendi cards among other cards and hope to add to my collection for years to come.

10 Rad Things Kids Today Can Learn About the 1980s with Garbage Pail Kids: We Hate the ’80s

By their very essence, trading cards can an educational tool. Whether it’s stats or stories, they convey information in a visual way.

Most of us probably wouldn’t think of Garbage Pail Kids as being something to learn from — other than maybe the dozens of ways a booger can be transformed into a visual gag.

2018 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: We Hate the ’80s has plenty of opportunities for parents to teach their kids today about the totally tubular, raddest, most awesome decade ever. It just so happens, that’s when the GPK phenomenon started.

Pop culture has been infused with Garbage Pail Kids from the earliest days. However, it’s usually with a few cards here and there. GPK: We Hate the ’80s is full-blown pop culture nostalgia. The entire checklist is centered on lovingly poking fun at the fads and trends that made the decade so colorful, out there, glitter-filled and groundbreaking in a lot of ways.

Most of the set’s subjects still resonate today to a certain level. But there are also some more obscure references that have been somewhat forgotten in the decades since. At the very least, they haven’t been passed down like Transformers, Star Wars and the Garbage Pail Kids themselves have.

So parents who are in the 35-ish to almost 50-ish range, consider this an opportunity to teach your kids about the decade you grew up in. Here are ten highlights that you can find on the checklist.

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2017-18 Panini Kobe Eminence Basketball Highlights Bryant’s Career in Grand Fashion – Checklist Posted

2017-18 Panini Kobe Eminence Basketball is all about one player — Kobe Bryant. It’s also as premium as you get with each box including at least eight autographs from the Lakers legend. Cards laden with an ounce of gold or platinum are also part of the mix.

As one might expect, 2017-18 Panini Kobe Eminence Basketball isn’t cheap. Each single-box case runs significantly more than $10,000.

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2017-18 Upper Deck Authenticated Supreme Hard Court Basketball Brings UD Back to NBA

2017-18 Upper Deck Authenticated Supreme Hard Court Basketball isn’t a card product. It’s definitely in the realm of memorabilia. However, it does have some similar attributes to trading cards, primarily in that it’s blindly packaged.

It also brings Upper Deck back into the NBA business beyond their traditional UDA offerings like autographed photos and signed balls.

2017-18 Upper Deck Authenticated Supreme Hard Court Basketball uses pieces of an old Charlotte Bobcats floor. Some have autographs and some have additional gear.

Each 5 x 7 piece measures a quarter-inch thick and features a current or retired player. The checklist includes Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Ben Simmons. All three are Upper Deck exclusives when it comes to autographs. And with the product having the NBA’s blessing, it means they’re also in full NBA uniforms.

2017-18 Upper Deck Authenticated Supreme Hard Court Michael Jordan Autograph

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