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Beckett Grading Services

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Grading Service Levels & Pricing

Turnaround times are estimated and subject to change. All prices are per card.

Collectors' Special
$18 /card
$16/card without subgrades
Turnaround time:
60+ business days
$22 /card
$18/card without subgrades
Turnaround time:
60+ business days
$40 /card
$30/card without subgrades
Turnaround time:
10-20 business days
$100 /card
$80/card without subgrades
Turnaround time:
10 business days
$140 /card
$100/card without subgrades
Turnaround time:
2-5 business days

Why Choose Beckett Grading

Beckett is the most trusted name in the industry for grading. For six years in a row, Card Trade readers named Beckett Grading the “Best Grading Service” in the world. That’s because Beckett operates with integrity and knowledge—as it has for decades.

Increases Value

Grading increases the value of your cards compared to raw card prices, while making your valuable assets easier to sell. We offer best value market grading that helps you get the most for your cards.

Verifies Authenticity

As part of the grading process, Beckett authenticates your cards.

Industry Reputation

Beckett Grading is the #1 most trusted source in collecting. We are the most-recognized name in the industry for our objective grading services.

State-of-the-Art Protection

Our crystal-clear holder and high-end label include advanced security features and archival material for maximum protection and enjoyment of your cards. Beckett’s holders stack together for easy storage of your card collection.

Mike Trout Card
Out Grading Process background

Our Grading Process

Beckett Grading Services uses an easy-to-understand 1 to 10-point grading scale, with descending increments of one-half point (for example 10, 9.5, 9, 8.5, etc.).

Submit Items For Grading

Pop Report

Updated daily, our Population Report is available at no extra charge. Cards graded by Beckett can be verified on our Graded Card Lookup page.

Beckett Guarantee

Beckett Grading provides collectors with the finest, most thorough, consistent and accurate grading efforts available in the industry.

Comprehensive Grade

Cards are graded on four key categories: centering, corners, edges and surface. Beckett Grading is the first to use this unique system which assures accuracy in grading.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are certain that your collectible is eligible for authentication/grading by Beckett Grading, get in touch with one of our Sale Representatives for more information. As we expand, we are looking to authenticate everything and anything.

Beckett Grading grades all sports cards that have been cataloged from the 1880s to the present. In addition to sports cards, Beckett is a leader in grading gaming cards such as Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering as well as non-sports cards like Star Wars and Marvel.
Beckett also offers on-site review services to give our customers greater clarity on the condition of their card before they decide to have it graded. We offer single-grade and subgrade services. If you opt for subgrades, you will receive an overall grade and individual grades for centering, edges, corners, and surface.

Beckett offers two grading options. The first is grading the card with subgrades. Each card will receive individual grades for centering, corners, surface and edges. Grades from each of these key categories will be considered in determining your card's final overall grade. The second grading option is a single grade, where cards will be graded with the same high standard, but will receive only an overall grade.

Most commonly, customers submit through our online submission form. However, if you prefer, you may also download a PDF submission form and fill it out offline.

Steps to submit your cards:

  1. Download a submission form through our website or print out your confirmation email if you submitted through our online submission form.
  2. Enter all required information. Please do not write in the box marked "Beckett Use Only". You can find detailed instructions for each section linked to the submission form web page.
  3. Make sure you have the current grading, shipping, and insurance costs. We make it easy to access this information on our website or by calling 972-448-9188 and selecting the option to inquire about current costs.
  4. Package your cards. Please do not send your cards in "screw down" type holders. We strongly suggest placing the card in a penny sleeve and then into a semi-rigid holder. This will provide the optimum protection for your card while it is in transit to Beckett Grading.
  5. Choose a form of payment: check, money order or credit card. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Please do not send cash.
  6. Ship your cards to the address at the top of the form.
    For Submission Rules and Instructions, please read the Beckett Grading Submission Form. For help submitting a grading order, you may also contact your Regional Sales Manager.

If you have an autograph card and want the autograph authenticated and the card graded all in one go, you can select the dual service option while filling out the submission form. As part of this dual service, each signature will be certified by our autograph authenticators before grading begins.

At Beckett, we know how important your collection is to you; we take no chances when it comes to potential foul play. Once your card is graded and slabbed, you can trust us to uphold its integrity.
Our tamper-proof holders provide peace of mind by guaranteeing evidence of tampering in the case that someone tries to open or damage your item.

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