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Full Version: Post pics of ur Favorite NON-gu/auto !!
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It seems like everyone is always collecting, selling, buying, trading or posting gameused & auto cards. It seems like the non-gu/auto cards get no love except from serious team or player collectors.

Well, I wanna revive the "insert card" world of card collecting!

So post ur favorite non-gameused/auto cards. It can be inserts, base, subsets, parallels or rc's.

I'll start off with a few of my Favorite Favre's....


1997 Stadium Club "Triumvirate" refractor ( love the intricate die-cut design)

1996 Stadium Club "Fusion" (Love the design & all the tiny die-cut piece's & also how it matches up with the Robert Brooks version to form a two card set!)

1996 Leaf "Shirt off my back" /2500 (Very rare insert for 1996 with 2500 being a low print run for that time, & I really like the cloth texture of the card!)

1997 Flair Showcase "Legacy" /100 (Flair Showcase was an absolutely classy design & the legacy parallel's r one of my all-time fav's!)

2010 SPX "Shadow Box" (LOVE LOVE LOVE these cards!! Great design, like the plastic facing & the 3d design)

1997 Metal "Precious Metal Gems - Red" (Another one of my al-time fav parallel sets! Metal was a really cool set with awesome background pics relating to the players team. The parallels are super rare & there other insert were really sweet too!!)

So there are a few of my favorites. Lets see what you got!!
[Image: faulkf3.jpg]

[Image: faulkf4.jpg]

[Image: faulkf5.jpg]
Man, that Stadium Club Triumvirate Favre die-cut card is so nasty!!! I love die-cut cards and that's probably one of the best looking ones I've ever seen. I want one! Smile
Thanks nine! Yeah, I was real stoked when I finally got one. And the incredible thing about that card, is that all those little tiny die-cuts have no major flaws... very very microscopic chipping, but most importantly no creases, major chipping or flaking!!

Kelly - Those are some sweet Faulks!! I love that Playoff Xtream Team accetate card & those Playoff Illusions cards were DA BOMB back in the day!! Thanks for sharing!
Well you asked for it

[Image: MarinoBTN.jpg]
[Image: MarinoBrightLights.jpg]
[Image: MarinoDivide.jpg]
[Image: MarinoZTeam.jpg]
[Image: CJ2KEliteDieCut.jpg]
[Image: CaddyEliteDieCut.jpg]
[Image: EliteStaffordDieCut.jpg]
[Image: EpixEmerald.jpg]
[Image: EdgePopWarner.jpg]
[Image: GalleryOfHeroes.jpg]
[Image: HolidayMatchUps.jpg]
[Image: CollinsHotHands.jpg]
[Image: BestCutsAtomicRef.jpg]
[Image: BigNumbers.jpg]
[Image: ProBowlDieCut.jpg]
[Image: RookieStallions.jpg]
[Image: V2.jpg]
[Image: starrubies.jpg]
[Image: CollinsHorizontal.jpg]
[Image: collinsshowcase.jpg]
I have some very cool cards-they're just not scanned and my scanner is a piece of poop!
@ collinsfanatic..... oh, the die-cuts, the rubies, the legacies, the prisms..... Oh how the love 90's inserts!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that Skybox Ruby & that Flair Legacy parallel!!! Man... I wish I had the Favre versions of some of those inserts!!
Awesome cards!! Thanks for the post!
I love threads like this! Always some awesome cards, I'll have to go back and scan some of my favorite inserts and parallels since I normally just scan my GU and Autos. The inserts and parallels don't get enough love!!!
(07-16-2011, 12:50 PM)koolkellygirl Wrote: [ -> ]I have some very cool cards-they're just not scanned and my scanner is a piece of poop!
Lol, I know the feeling. I jus recently invested in a new scanner myself. Well, if u get a chance to scan some more stuff, I wud love to see what else ur hiding in ur collection!! Smile
Damn collinsfanatic! Way to break out the sweet die-cut cards. Smile

Shoot, now I'm wondering if I should go after some die-cut cards... crap...
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