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Jonathan Toews
12-11-2012, 01:47 AM
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RE: Jonathan Toews
Still haven't recieved been a year or so i think. oh well. don't see his FB page anymore that was up before. scam maybe? seemed like it was him tho. Just thru the conversation we had. If it was him. I am disappointed.

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06-06-2015, 04:03 AM
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RE: Jonathan Toews
(05-22-2011 01:47 PM)parallelguy Wrote:  I was sitting at my computer checking orders and then all of a sudden I got a message that Jonathan Toews accepted my friend request on FB. Figuring it was just the normal Fan Page, it was him and he ran a contest to guess his next favorite team next to Chicago. I guessed Colorado because he was a big Sakic fan and I was right. I won a autographed Photo. He sent me a message of how I wanted it signed, then asked me about my website cause he was looking for other autographed photo's and was a little shy about asking other players. I still can't believe it. Best day I've had in awhile.

Congratulations bro, getting his autograph almost as good as meting him in person!
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06-11-2015, 08:24 AM
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RE: Jonathan Toews
I've got an autographed Duncan Keith hat and puck that I bought from his charity website. I think that's fair: You have a charity, I donate a little money to it, and you send me some autographs.

You might search around to see if Toews has anything similar. I quick look from me didn't turn up anything, but I appreciate a player saying, "I'm not pocketing this money. It's going to my charity." That's pretty rare from my experience. However, Keith is a pretty rare player.

I appreciate Chicago players that begin competing within the city's sports organizations and stay with these teams throughout their careers.
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