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Full Version: Jonathan Toews
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I was sitting at my computer checking orders and then all of a sudden I got a message that Jonathan Toews accepted my friend request on FB. Figuring it was just the normal Fan Page, it was him and he ran a contest to guess his next favorite team next to Chicago. I guessed Colorado because he was a big Sakic fan and I was right. I won a autographed Photo. He sent me a message of how I wanted it signed, then asked me about my website cause he was looking for other autographed photo's and was a little shy about asking other players. I still can't believe it. Best day I've had in awhile.
thats pretty random and cool as hell. its funny, because sometimes i forget that all these sports players are regular guys too, with facebook accounts and everything!
still waiting for my autographed
nice, i would love to get his signature
i got Brent Seabrook to sign my blackhawks jersey, a hawks hat and he gave me a couple of signed pictures
kool, thats awesome
did you get his auto yet
nope i havent
thats sic, good to see him back in the lineup too..he was looking for auto photo's? odd.?
That's the truth about these people just being regular guys.
Very, very interesting! Can you post a picture of the auto when you get it?
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