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(02-17-2015, 11:04 PM)mgruber2 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice PC additions!
Thanks. Draft was nice and full of Twins for me - four on the draft side and four on the prospect side. All worth collecting.
Nice little way to end the week:

Stewart Orange /25, Vargas auto is /199, base Sano auto, purple Vargas, Reed /75, Burdi /99 and the two Berrios are /25
[Image: 20150221_221341_zps11b4ujd2.jpg]

This was a $5 Facbook group buy - the Salcedos and Lanigan will go in my Twins PC. The rest will eventually be up for trade. The Davis and Reddick are of /199 and the ITGs are /190 (I think):
[Image: 20150221_221545_zpsefhhih2z.jpg]
Today's mail included 3 Blue Wave Buxtons, a Cederoth auto /100 and a Stewart White Ice /5
[Image: 20150223_224122_zpscbjbxssx.jpg]
Beautiful! Some great pick ups! ... And Your feb 17 post ... Nice itg pick ups, too! Adam Warren and Gary Sanchez ... For a $5 buy?!? Incredible!
Thanks, Doc. Some of those FB group pickups have been really, really kind. I couldn't believe the total BV on the ITG and Tristar lot though.

Got a few more coming this week and I'm guessing early next week - nothing huge, but some stuff I've been building toward and another ITG piece I've been waiting on for a while.

Any guesses?
A lot of fun pickups this last week. A few more coming in the next few days, too.

First, some Buxton, Minier and Sano.
[Image: 20150301_164834_zpsnlex7mfb.jpg]

Some low-end color and refractors of Stewart, Berrios and Burdi.
[Image: 20150301_165039_zpseb5bnrz1.jpg]

Some Jake Reed - including the Orange Chrome /25 and Orange Elite /10
[Image: 20150301_165230_zpsxethywyx.jpg]

Some Cederoth - some base lots, some paper color, the Silver Wave /25 and the Shimmer or White Ice or whichever one it is /15
[Image: 20150301_165422_zpsuvq525xl.jpg]

And last but not least ... 2 more Max Kepler ITG. A second silver and the Gold /10. (More on this one on my Kepler collection post)
[Image: 20150301_165507_zpsovxi1onc.jpg]
Alright! Some more Max!
Nice additions! Loving the Stewart ICE
(03-03-2015, 06:33 AM)DrMitchJ Wrote: [ -> ]Alright! Some more Max!
I know. I was pumped to see it come up on Ebay. Now I'm down to ITG 1/1s, a couple of hard-to-find Tristars and expensive Bowman Chrome. Patience will now become my greatest virtue ... and I have no patience. LOL
(03-03-2015, 09:23 AM)mnc99 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice additions! Loving the Stewart ICE
The Ice are pretty sweet looking. If I've read everything right, all I need for the Stewart non 1/1 rainbow are the Red Paper and Red Chrome. I've gone a bit Twins prospect crazy this year.
Two packages showed up in the mail today ... pretty happy with the results:

Jake Reed auto /100 and Topps Museum Quad patch /25
[Image: 20150303_195821_zpsl3mu5arv.jpg]
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