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(02-03-2015, 11:00 PM)DrMitchJ Wrote: [ -> ]Very nice! Even a slow mail day is better than no mail day!
Very true. I went a little stir crazy this weekend. Mail days will be good, credit card statement probably not so much. lol
Today Ebay mail: Cederoth base auto /699, Arcia black /5, and the patch is /99
[Image: 20150204_213410_zpsizwt6wif.jpg]

This was one of the Facebook group page buys. There's some deals to be had if you keep your eyes open. 3 base chrome and a refractor each of Buxton and Gordon and 5 Gordon Draft Night - $8 shipped:
[Image: 20150204_213326_zpshjholv7m.jpg]

100+ 1979 Topps for my base set - $6.50 delivered. No big names ... but Petey LaCock was there, along with Bucky Dent and a couple of other minor names:
[Image: 20150204_213501_zpsat41etjs.jpg]

Also got a 17-card Tom Brady lot for $4.50, but the picture was blurry and I'm too lazy tonight to retake it. LOL
Nice quad patch!
(02-04-2015, 11:22 PM)ryanmo5 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice quad patch!
Thanks! I watched that one for a while on Ebay. Watched it gradually come down in price and ended up getting a deal on it that I felt comfortable with. I also realized that I didn't have any multi-patch cards in my collection, so I raised my budget just a little.
Nice pick ups.
(02-05-2015, 09:38 AM)mnc99 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice pick ups.
Thanks! But the pic in your signature is what I'm ultimately after. I consider that (in that condition) to be my white whale.
Three boxes of Topps Mini not withstanding I had a pretty decent mail day.

First, some non-baseball. I paid 20 CENTS plus $2.50 shipping for the Weidman (Ebay) and $7.75 for the Gronks (Facebook).
[Image: 20150205_214113_zpspficp9ss.jpg]

A 17-card Tom Brady lot that set me back $4.50j (Ebay, with another Brady lot coming in tomorrow)
[Image: 20150205_214406_zpsrpnf4www.jpg]

A whole bunch of Draft Chrome Blue. (Drunken Ebay purhcase)
[Image: 20150205_214726_zpsjixsabqq.jpg]

And finally, some more Michael Cederoth /200, /150 and /75
[Image: 20150205_214908_zpsqzeipfsf.jpg]
The last bit of my most recent binge is starting to slowly roll in - one more Twins single and a couple of lots coming in from Asia and everything should be here.

Today was my second Tom Brady lot, which included a RC ($6 total shipped, thanks Facebook)
[Image: 20150206_203613_zpsdxo680n6.jpg]
Been a couple of weeks since I've added any photos. Had some minor stuff come in, but mostly more variations of the Chrome minis. But I did have a handful of things come in last week, some more today and it's shaping up to be an interesting week.

Vargas Rainbow, SP, Black, Snow Camo and Gold; Cederoth /150
[Image: 20150217_202526_zpsby9hejl6.jpg]

Today's mail: Reed auto /50, Reed Orange Ice /25. Bought the two Berrios, Stewart and Gordon from an Ebay seller in Korea and he threw in the Cederoth ... I wasn't disappointed in the bonus card.
[Image: 20150217_202659_zpssiqflurp.jpg]
Nice PC additions!
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