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Full Version: PC additions - June additions at #292
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I've been busy snagging some new Twins and a smattering of other PC pieces. Here's the highlights.

Sano 500 HR medallion, Arcia 2014 Orange Factory Set parallel /199
[Image: 20161129_230938_zpsl090hdwh.jpg]

Polanco Pro Debut auto and BP Diamonds in the Rough Diecut /25
[Image: 20161129_231003_zpsnw6nkfki.jpg]

Stewart Green Chrome /99, Gonsalves Orange Chrome Shimmer, Blankenhorn Black and Gold Refractor
[Image: 20161129_231038_zpsh02qbmvp.jpg]

Melotakis /577, Park Refractor /199, Curtiss /10
[Image: 20161129_231112_zps1qpf8xwk.jpg]

My Giolito redemption came in less than 2 weeks, but Topps for some reason decided to include a Cingrani Finest Refractor auto for having to wait. No complaints.
[Image: 20161129_231633_zpskbefxvdb.jpg]
Been a while since I added anything to my PC that isn't low-end base or Max Kepler.

Was able to pick up this mini red /5 for a steal

[Image: 20170205_145506_zpsznlz1ewa.jpg]
Wow ... haven't added much PC stuff of any value lately. I've picked up a bunch of team issued sets from the 80s and some cool old base stuff, but not much worth sharing. That ended this week though.

The Carew (picked up in a trade) is /99 and the Stewart is the Twitter exclusive refractor /10

[Image: 20170225_204029_zpsrmarmv1p.jpg]
Great pick ups all around, Jared! Especially any new Carew!
(02-27-2017, 07:41 AM)DrMitchJ Wrote: [ -> ]Great pick ups all around, Jared! Especially any new Carew!
Thanks, Doc. I need to add some more vintage Carew to my collection, and I'm still eyeballing another auto, but I had to add this one when the trade presented itself.
Been focusing on adding Kepler pieces - primarily Immaculate - but did manage to pick up this Sano mini /10

[Image: 20170311_212820_zpsaael3ibc.jpg]
Still focusing on Kepler right now, but I did manage to pick up both of these ... and I'm SUPER happy about both of them

'16 Chrome Orange Shimmer Blankenhorn - paid 10% of its surprisingly high BV
[Image: 20170320_222930_zpszjsled7o.jpg]

2015 Elite Future Threads Premium /5
[Image: 20170320_222919_zpswhsrwekk.jpg]
Added my first Alex Kirilloff auto ... here's hoping the Tommy John surgery is successful
[Image: 20170417_214607_zpsj1hzxtm7.jpg]

And picked up two of the Trout Donruss variations for cheap:
[Image: 20170417_214645_zpshdlvhskx.jpg]
Bought into a 2 case jumbo player break with Fernando Romero. Literally nothing but base and base chrome. So I had to go about buying some singles

Base auto, Refractor auto /499, Purple refractor /250
[Image: 69ded570-b3bc-4a20-876e-3907dc818129_zpscnulyznj.jpg]

Gray paper /499, gold paper /50, 70th anniversary blue chrome
[Image: 20170505_212935_zpsalmxho5s.jpg]
Some more Bowman stuff for the Twins PC

Gonsalves blue /150, blue shimmer, orange shimmer /25
[Image: 20170513_232352_zpsyqaua6jk.jpg]

Romero and Gonsalves purple chrome /250
[Image: 20170513_232414_zpsqszmwddp.jpg]

Romero blue /150, accidentally purchased a second Gold /50 and purposely got the Stewart green chrome /99
[Image: 20170517_181839_zpsehswsu6f.jpg]
Wow, I haven't checked out your pick ups in a long while. Great stuff all around.
Kirilloff should be good after TJ ... i picked up a couple of his EEE autos. Prospect pitchers are the biggest gamble there is. The odds are stacked against them.
Hey, you must be pretty happy with your Twins sitting on top of the division!!! Congrats. Max K has been pretty good for the team. Glad I followed him because of you. Great young star in the making!
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