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Been a little slow - I'm running out of draft needs and the 15s don't really too many players I'm actively pursuing. But, there's always a little something.

Arcia Blue and Purple Opening Day Variations
[Image: 20150402_230453_zps0hdgy46x.jpg]

The Arcia on the left is the Gold "prize" from last year's online game. It's #'d to 75, but not in OPG. On the right is another from that game, but is apparently /10. Also not in OPG.
[Image: 20150402_230304_zps3hyot1b4.jpg]

Some more Berrios /25 and /50
[Image: 20150402_230532_zpsuhtrcedr.jpg]

A couple Nick Burdis
[Image: 20150402_230613_zpsvph9tmxx.jpg]

These aren't new, but just tracked them down:
[Image: 20150402_230809_zps4ifiu47k.jpg]

These, too:
[Image: 20150402_230840_zpsxzmxtopq.jpg]

And finally, some more Cederoth
[Image: 20150402_230638_zpsyi2oawht.jpg]

But more importantly about the Bowman Cederoth ... it's "TRUE Ebay 1/1" lol
[Image: 20150402_230658_zpswghi4zbi.jpg]
The latest pickups - Berrios orange /25, Berrios mini yellow /25, Arcia Red Ice /25, and Vargas /49.

[Image: 20150418_173047_zpsg845etaq.jpg]
A small, yet fun, mail day today. Vargas base auto, Cederoth Prizm, Purple /149, Blue /75 and the Vargas Donruss is /25. Hoping for a pretty decent week of arrivals this week.

[Image: 20150420_190754_zpsgzngscdu.jpg]
Always nice to pick up PC GQ on-card autos! Those panini Prizm draft picks are really nice, too.
(04-21-2015, 06:19 AM)DrMitchJ Wrote: [ -> ]Always nice to pick up PC GQ on-card autos! Those panini Prizm draft picks are really nice, too.
I wasn't a big fan of the Prizm base cards this year or the base Prizms, but the colored Prizms are pretty sharp looking. Especially those blues. And, unlike Bowman, the number of variations is manageable.
One new arrival yesterday and handful showed up today.

Duplicate color of Stewart and Berrios (couldn't not buy them at a quarter a piece), and a couple of base GQ mini Vargas, to go along with the variation:
[Image: 20150422_221141_zpsbkuqwqel.jpg]

Some Prizm color of Stewart 10/10, one of the elusive Ebay 1/1s
[Image: 20150422_221120_zpsv6xqu4gd.jpg]

And perhaps my favorite of the bunch - the Nick Burdi Pure auto. These are pretty cool looking in person.
[Image: 20150422_221046_zpspzotmrqz.jpg]
Today's pickups ... the future 1(a) and 1(b)? I'd be cool with that.

[Image: 20150423_200502_zpst4fkhdzv.jpg]

And this is why I shouldn't be allowed to drink and Ebay ... 2 days, 2 copies of the same card.
[Image: 20150423_200603_zps51hzevrh.jpg]
Weekend mail included a second red mini Cederoth (now have 2/5), a Gonsalves patch /35 and a Vargas parallel /499. Slow weekend, but still not bad.

[Image: 20150426_144528_zps52qpuo9q.jpg]
I really love the Leaf Trinity Pure glass cards. I've picked up a few Yankees and a couple of prospects here and there. Nice look, the edges are usually sharp and the 'card' is usually centered Smile I guess the only flaws they pick up would be surface scratches and botched autographs.
Yeah, the glass autos are awesome. I might pick up some more if the price is right just to have them. Twins prospects or not.
Got back from a work conference in Reno to a pretty decent (yet small) mail day.

[Image: 20150503_004809_zpsaqo2xvc0.jpg]

Here's where it gets confusing:
[Image: 20150503_004940_zpsfgz5ux30.jpg]

Which one is the REAL eBay 1/1?
[Image: 20150503_005024_zpsxqfo24rh.jpg]

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