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Full Version: PC additions - June additions at #292
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Awesome Max Kepler 1/1, buddy! Great stuff and glad my points helped you get something you wanted!
Twins PC additions from the last couple of weeks:

Some new Max Kepler
[Image: 20160312_155707_zpsnzjyiuvr.jpg]

Stewart Black /25, Stewart Red /5, Revere auto was the "bonus" from one of those repack boxes, Berrios /298, Turner /250
[Image: 20160312_155611_zpsh657uykh.jpg]

Some new Sano:
[Image: 20160312_155509_zpsnm2azvhl.jpg]

And some more Sano:
[Image: 20160312_155425_zpsuzujqpcf.jpg]
Some new stuff from this week:
Dozier /199, Puckett /318, and the Puckett SP
[Image: 20160318_224332_zpsjgovgcbh.jpg]

Berrios /298 and the Cederoth is /5. The rest are base and base inserts.
[Image: 20160318_224439_zpszrvo8yar.jpg]

And Keplers: Spring Fevers are /100, Red /99, two more blue /199 and an orange /49
[Image: 20160318_224542_zpsxgzfp2su.jpg]
Added a few more Keplers - Opening Day 16:

[Image: 20160325_222515_zpsfmw4dgyv.jpg]

Berrios /99, Berrios /199, Sano Blue OD, Sano Alternate Reality
[Image: 20160325_222439_zpswcemy07v.jpg]

And picked up the final 2 Cederoth Mini Chrome Red Refractors to have the whole print run:
[Image: 20160325_215447_zpsmf91lmbw.jpg]
Some new Keplers
[Image: 20160415_204310_zps9v8rqpv8.jpg]
[Image: 20160415_204222_001_zpsxnbs1rat.jpg]

And some new Miguel Sano pickups - gold press proof /99, RR pink, GQ mini variation, base studio, Walmart Marketside, Promising Pros green /99, studio red /199
[Image: 20160415_204359_zps5jkyli5p.jpg]

Buxton Strata /125, Puckett test proof /49, Berrios /175, Berrios /250
[Image: 20160415_204434_zpsnhvytski.jpg]
Been busy the last couple weeks. Some new Keplers

[Image: 20160428_211711_zpsk9nkeunw.jpg]

Some more new Keplers

[Image: 20160428_211817_zpsubobbgje.jpg]

Sano /99, Sano /199, base RC, Berrios /25, Perkins /5, Buxton mini insert (Thanks, Joe!!)

[Image: 20160428_211858_zpseo4t8v5q.jpg]
A few more new pieces have come in over the last few days

The Randy Bush is a buyback /20 and a handful of new Kepler cards (better pictures on my separate Kepler PC thread)

[Image: 20160502_213442_zpsiekc3q7e.jpg]
Yeah,I'd say you've been busy, Jared! Nice additions all around! Your guy Berrios pitched well last night!

Hey, If the Yanks and Twins (and Astros) keep playing the way they've been in April (all three are 3-7 last 10 gamesSad ) we may have a battle on our hand for 'worst place' and eventually, who gets the First Draft Pick.( Trying to see a little good thru the bad.)
Unfortunately, our teams may have a pre-All-Star-Game fire sale, should this keep up.
So, I got rear-ended a couple of weeks ago and they decided my car was totaled. Combine not knowing how much new car debt I'll be taking on with spending a bit more on the Kepler super than I wanted to, and it's been slow going the last few weeks ... kind of, anyway.

Sano Gold Press Proof /199, Sano Bowman base, Sano '14 Draft Black (Asian), Buxton Bowman Green /99, May refractor auto /500, Berrios purple /250, Berrios blue /150, Berrios Top-100 Gold /50 and Sano green auto /399
[Image: 20160524_002510_zps9nwhhjm2.jpg]

And some more Kepler pieces ... greater detail on the Kepler PC post
[Image: 20160524_002621_zpsqdjaeqoe.jpg]
[Image: 20160524_002642_zpsicodem7y.jpg]
Dude, sorry to hear about your accident. Hopefully you're okay and your car sacrificed itself in order to keep you well! Also, Hope your replacement car doesn't screw up your finances.
I feel your pain my friend, I have to do the dreaded car shopping soon, too. My oldest daughter is off to college this August and it would be easier for everyone if she had her own wheels. (Easier for everyone except for me ... Another car payment and higher insurance Sad )
But back to funland, for a moment ... Congrats on some Great card additions (as well as great Kepler pickups in this and your solo-Kepler post)
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