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Getting Started

How do I sign up?

Click REGISTER at the top of the homepage. Enter your email address, create a password, create a username, and enter your first and last name. You can also use your Facebook account to register. You must be at least 18 years of age to register and agree to the Beckett Terms of Service. A verification email will be sent to your email address. Click on the link in the email to validate your account.

If you did not receive your validation email, contact and the validation email can be resent to you.

Did you forget your password?

Click FORGOT PASSWORD? at the top of the homepage. Enter the email address you used to create your account and click SUBMIT PASSWORD RESET REQUEST. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

What?s new on

All aspects of Beckett are now accessible on one site: Online Price Guides, Organize, Trade, Message Boards, Marketplace, Beckett Grading Services, Registry, News, the Beckett Store for print magazines, books and subscriptions.

Detail pages have more info and activities

Grading Card Pricing part of OPGs

Advanced search options in Organize

Customizable page layouts in Organize

See Beckett Marketplace Dealers who have items available for sale

Traditional Forums are now accessible through one easy tab

Friends & Traders appear right on your Profile Page


What is the Beckett Marketplace?

The Beckett Marketplace gives you the opportunity to search for and purchase cards and other collectible items from collectibles dealers across the country. A single shopping cart makes checkout quick, easy and secure. Use the radio buttons underneath the search bar to specify searching on or the Beckett Marketplace, or simply click the Marketplace tab to begin shopping.

How do I find Marketplace items?

Finding items in the Marketplace is similar to finding items on Click on the Marketplace tab to access the Beckett Marketplace. Enter key words and/or use the filters on the left-hand side of the page.

When entering key words into the search field, remember that the search engine is looking for an exact match to what you typed in. So, if you're not sure of a spelling, or the exact name of a set or player, that's ok. Just enter a key word or two of what you do know, then use the filters to help narrow down your search results and find your card(s).

How do I find a dealer's home page?

On the Marketplace home page, you will see a zone called FIND A DEALER. Search for your favorite dealer by entering their name and clicking the SEARCH bar. If you would rather browse for different dealers, click the BROWSE bar to page through our dealer listings. You can also look for dealers in a particular area by entering the state or zip code. If there are any matches, they will show up when you click SUBMIT. Click on their store name to get to their home page.

Another way to get to their home page is by clicking the store name when you see it in any of your searches. If you click their feedback score, you will be taken to their feedback page. This page provides feedback details about orders they have shipped. Please note that feedback is new as of December 2011, so it will not reflect any past orders.

Who do I contact about my Marketplace Order?

If you have a question about an order you placed through the Beckett Marketplace, please contact the Marketplace Dealer directly. You will find contact information on their home page.

To find a dealer, use the Find a Dealer zone on the Marketplace home page. Search by the dealer's store name. When they appear in the search results, click the name and you will be taken to their home page.

If you still need assistance, please contact us at

How does my shopping cart work?

Items will remain in your shopping cart , even if you logout, for 7 days. After 7 days, your cart will expire and you will need to start over with your shopping.

If you have an item in your shopping cart, it will remain available for sale on the Marketplace until you check out. If someone else purchases the item while it is in your shopping cart, upon checkout you will receive the message: We're sorry. An item you wanted is no longer available and has been removed from your cart.

Please note that the shopping carts are internet browser and computer based sessions. This means if you start your shopping cart using one internet browser (e.g., Firefox), don't finish and try to start shopping again using a different internet browser (e.g., Chrome), you will not have your same shopping cart. This also applies if you move to a new computer. The new computer will not have your same shopping cart either.

What is the Return/Exchange Policy for the Beckett Marketplace?

The following policy only applies to items purchased from the Beckett Marketplace.

You may return most items sold on within 7 calendar days of delivery. These items must be returned in an undamaged, sellable condition. Please contact the marketplace dealer right away if you wish to make a return. You will find contact information on the marketplace dealer's storefront page.

Some marketplace dealers place a re-stocking fee on returns. It is the sole discretion of the individual dealer whether or not a re-stocking fee is applied, and the amount of the fee. Marketplace dealers are encouraged to post their return policy, including information about any re-stocking fees, on their marketplace storefront page. You may also contact the marketplace dealer directly to ask them about any fees prior to making your purchase.

When does my Marketplace order qualify for free shipping?

A Marketplace order will receive free shipping if:

1. The total number of single cards in the order from one dealer equals $50 or more.
2. The Marketplace Dealer is participating in Free Shipping.

A message will alert you when your order qualifies for Free Shipping. Select Free Shipping from the shipping options drop down menu.

How will I know when I have reached the $50.00 order amount?

When adding items to your shopping cart, you will see a message telling you how much more you need to add to your cart to receive Free Shipping. Also, when you have met the Free Shipping amount, the message will change to let you know your order is eligible for Free Shipping.

The message says I am eligible for free shipping but still does not show Free Shipping on my order. What do I do?

Be sure to use the drop down arrow to see the shipping options available. Select Free Shipping from the list of shipping methods.

If you still have problems, please contact

How can I use the Beckett Marketplace to find my WANTS?

When you create a collection in Beckett's Organize, be sure to include quantities in the WANTS column for cards that you want. By doing this, you will have some quick and easy ways to find those cards on the Beckett Marketplace.

1. When you visit a Marketplace Dealer's storefront, you will see a zone called WANTS. These are all of the cards you have identified as WANTS in Organize that are available for sale from this dealer. You can quickly add them to your shopping cart directly from their homepage.

2. COMING SOON. On the Beckett Marketplace homepage, look for the section: Why Shop at the Beckett Marketplace? If you have WANTS in Organize, you will see exactly how many cards are available for sale on the Marketplace with a quick link to view them all!

How do I know that a Marketplace Dealer is participating in Free Shipping?

When you search for a card on the Marketplace and see your search results, you will notice the dealer's name underneath the card description. If the dealer participates in Free Shipping, you will see a truck icon next to the dealer name. No truck, no free shipping.

If instead of showing a dealer name, you see Various, it means that more than one dealer has the item available for sale. Click on the item name. You will be taken to the aggregate page which will list all of the dealers who have the card available. Again, if you see the truck icon, the dealer participates in Free Shipping.

Is the Free Shipping threshold always $50.00?

Usually the amount of the order needed to receive free shipping is $50.00. Occasionally, we run a special where we reduce the amount to $25.00 for a specific period of time. We will send out email notifications of these specials and post the information in various places on the website. Sign up for Beckett emails if you are interested in knowing when there is a special happening on Beckett and on the Marketplace. Go to My Account, Notifications tab, to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Do you have sales on the Beckett Marketplace?

Our Marketplace Dealers are able to put items On Sale. They can do this in a couple different ways.

1. Dealers can put an individual item on sale offering a percentage discount off the price. For example, you may see a 10% discount on a particular card. You can find these On Sale items through two different links on the Beckett Marketplace homepage. One is under the Other Ways to Shop drown down menu. The other is under the On Sale tab in the Available on the Beckett Marketplace section.

2. Dealers can also offer a Quantity Discount. This will allow a discount on a single card if you are purchasing higher quantities of that card. It does not apply to the entire cart, but rather applies to the specific card. You will see a message within your shopping cart if an item qualifies for the Quantity Discount.

What is Guest Checkout

Guest Checkout allows you to purchase from the Beckett Marketplace without creating an account on You will go through the same checkout procedures, but no actual Beckett account will be created.

You can register at any time by clicking the Sign-Up link at the top of the page, or we also have a registration option available during checkout.

My Account

How do I update my account information?

Click My Account to update:

Email address



Biographical information

External account information

Addresses and Phone Numbers (marketplace address information must still be updated through the Marketplace My Account link or at time of placing an order)

Trade Settings

Online Price Guide Subscription auto-renewals

Credit Card information (marketplace payment information must still be updated through the Marketplace My Account link or at time of placing an order)

Email Notification Options

How do I set up a Preferred Shipping or Preferred Billing Address?

When you are logged in, go to My Account and click on the Contact Information. If you already have an address entered you would like to use, click on PREFERRED SHIPPING and/or PREFERRED BILLING. This will set it up as a Preferred Shipping or Billing address. If you do not have an address listed yet or the one listed is not your preferred address, use CLICK HERE to enter a new address or click the large (+) sign. Enter your name and address, and click MAKE PREFERRED BILLING ADDRESS and/or MAKE PREFERRED SHIPPING ADDRESS. Be sure to click CREATE NEW ADDRESS before leaving the page.

Online Price Guides

Where are my Online Price Guides?

If you have an Online Price Guide subscription, pricing can be found in search results; on Item, Set, and Player detail pages; in Organize; and in Trade. You can also click the Price Guide tab for quick access to search filters.

Which items will have pricing?

While we make every effort to price all of the most commonly traded raw (non-graded) single cards in our database, there will be some that do not have Beckett Price Guide values. For recently released products it typically takes up to two weeks to analyze the market and to assign values and, for most cards serial numbered to 15 or less (and other non-serial numbered scarce issues), scarcity and/or lack of market activity prohibit us from assessing an accurate valuation. Also many ancillary cards that primarily trade as complete sets, such as minor league team sets, will not have single card values assigned. Some additional sports, such as soccer and boxing will be included in our checklist data but not yet fully priced as will be some non-sports properties such as action figures. Finally, most complete sets and unopened material, such as boxes, cases and packs, have not been assigned market values.

How can I report a card or pricing error?

Contact with information about the error. Be sure to include the item description, what the problem is, and a scan of the front and back of the card if possible. The information will get to our analysts who will check it out and update if necessary.

Where can I find Graded Card Pricing?

Graded card pricing is now available with each Online Price Guide subscription. You will see it on the Item Detail Pages in the Graded Pricing block, as well as raw card pricing. Remember that not all cards will have graded card pricing, and not all cards will be priced in every condition.

How can I print a checklist?

If you have an Online Price Guide subscription for the set or player, you can print a checklist from the detail page. For example, search for Nolan Ryan. Click on one of his cards to get to the detail page. Click Ryan, Nolan from the Item Details block. Click Checklist on the left-hand side of the page and then print the page.

Why can't I print a checklist?

You must have a subscription to the Online Price Guide in order to print a checklist.

Are Online Price Guides refundable?

No, we do not refund Online Price Guides. Please be sure to look at your order carefully before purchasing. Check for the type of subscription, the length of the subscription, and that you are ok with the cost of the subscription. The Online Price Guides are set up for auto-renewal, which can be turned off at anytime by going to My Account and clicking Subsription Management. Simply uncheck auto-renewal and Save Changes on the page.

How do I turn off auto-renewal?

The process for turning off auto-renewal is different depending upon how you made the purchase, either credit card or PayPal.

CREDIT CARD PAYMENT: To turn off auto-renewal, login to Click on My Account in the upper right hand corner of the page. From the tabs showing, click on Subscriptions. Uncheck the box for auto-renewal and click Save Changes.

PAYPAL PAYMENT: To turn off auto-renewal, login to Click on My Account in the upper right hand corner of the page. From the tabs showing, click on Subscriptions. In the right hand column, you will see a link called MANAGE WITH PAYPAL. This link will take you to PayPal where you will login to your PayPal account.

These instructions are directly from PayPal:

1. Once you are logged in, click Profile at the top of the page.
2. Click My Money, then click Update beside My preapproved payments to find your payment.
3. Select the payment, and then click Cancel.

Do Online Price Guide subscriptions auto-renew?

Yes, all online price guide subscriptions auto-renew, except for individual cards. You may turn off auto-renewal at any time by going to My Account, clicking on the Subscriptions Management tab, and unchecking the auto-renewal box. Be sure to click Save Changes before leaving the page.

Where can I find Complete Set prices?

When available, COMPLETE SET prices are found in the HEADER LINES tab on the SET DETAIL pages.

But many sets in our database do not have complete set prices as they are not typically traded in that manner, thus making it tough to gauge market activity.

What is Beckett Preferred?

Beckett Preferred is a package of Beckett products and services offered at a discounted price of $399.00.

The package includes:

  • A 1-year Total Access Online Price Guide subscription - instant access when purchased. A $279.00 value.
  • Five 1-year Beckett magazine subscriptions. A $225.00 value. Please allow 7-8 weeks for delivery of the first issues. Each magazine has a different release date, so not all will be sent at the same time.
  • A $90 Beckett Grading Services gift certificate. The gift certificate code is provided in the confirmation email as well as in My Account in the Orders tab.
  • A $30 Beckett Certified Appraisal gift certificate to receive two free appraisals at the 5-day turnaround level. The certificate code is provided in the confirmation email as well as in My Account in the Orders tab.

Benefits of getting the Preferred package:

  • 24/7 access to pricing and checklists on
  • Free access to Beckett's Organize Tool
  • Complete integration with Beckett's Online Trade system
  • Checklists and pricing updated daily
  • First pricing online for all new products
  • Complete editorial coverage delivered toyour door
  • Monthly reviews, previews, Hot Lists, and more
  • $100 savings on your Beckett Grading Services order
  • Two free Beckett Certified Appraisals at the 15-dayturnaround level.

The Online Price Guide and magazine subscriptions do not auto-renew. International orders are $469.00.


What is Organize?

Organize is an online tool to record and organize your collections. With Organize, you can:
1. Create collections and group them in folders.
2. Use Organize to view Beckett Value with an Online Price Guide subscription
3. Set cards up for Trade or Sell
4. Create want lists for Trade, or shopping on the Beckett Marketplace
5. Enter and organize graded cards
Organize is available as a 1-year subscription for $50.00 per year. It is FREE with a Single Sport, or Total Access Online Price Guide subscription.

Not sure if you're ready to subscribe? Test Drive your first 500 items on Organize for free!

How do I add a collection while in Organize?

Click on ADD COLLECTION in the left navigation and give the collection a name. You can then choose whether or not you want the collection to be Public or Private and whether or not you want the collection to be stored in a folder for easy organization, and then click CREATE COLLECTION.

What type of items are in the RECENTLY TRADED collection?

Recently Traded includes items you have traded for and any items you have traded away. To help you keep these items organized, we have added a comments box to the Trade layout that contains details of the trade in which the card was involved.

How do I rename a collection in Organize?

Right click on the collection name in the Your Collections area and click RENAME and type your new collection name.

How do I delete a collection in Organize?

Right click on the collection name in the Your Collections area and click DELETE.


Go to Manage Collections, locate the collection you wish to delete and click the Trashcan icon in the Actions column.

How do I add a folder while in Organize?

Click on ADD FOLDER in the left navigation and give the folder a name and click CREATE FOLDER.

How do I rename a folder in Organize?

Right click on the folder name in the Your Collections area and click RENAME and type you new folder name.

How do I delete a folder in Organize?

Right click on the folder name in the Your Collections area and click DELETE.

Can I change the columns showing in Organize?

You can use the Layout button to change the views in Organize. They are set up to present the columns that will help you the most based upon the view type: Default, Pricing, Trade, Selling, Buying, Grade, Shopping, and a Custom Layout is also available.

Set up your Custom Layout by selecting Custom Layout and then clicking the plus button (+) to add the column to the view. You can then drag the columns in whatever order you want and click OK.

Use the CHOOSE COLUMNS link to make any changes to your Custom Layout.

Is there an advanced search function in Organize?

In addition to key word searches in a specific collection or all collections, you can also use the advanced search function. Click on the icon that looks like a magnifying glass. You can select from the various columns appearing in the current layout. Determine if you want an exact match (equal), partial match (contains), or any number of search criteria (begins with, ends with, does not contain, etc.). Then enter your key word(s) and click FIND. You can also add multiple search levels in the advanced search.

Please note the option to search by Beckett Value or Condition is not available.

How do I make my cards available for sale?

Sorry. Selling is not currently available in the Trade Tool.

How are items added to Organize?

Use the main search or the Price Guide tab as you would for your Online Price Guide searches. When you find the card, player, or set, click the Add to Organize icon on the right hand side of the listing. You will be prompted to enter the items into an existing collection or you can create a new collection on the spot. The items will be added into the collection you indicate.

You can also go to the Item, Player, or Set Detail Pages and add items to Organize from those pages by clicking the Add to Organize button underneath the image.

Please note: Items are no longer automatically entered into the Recently Added folder. You can certainly select to add them there, but it is no longer an automatic feature.

What are the MOVE TO and ADD TO buttons?

The MOVE TO button will move items from one collection to another, or from Recently Added/Recently Traded to an existing or new collection. Select the items you wish to move to another collection, click the Move To button, and then select the collection. The ADD TO button will add an item to another collection(s). Select the items you wish to add to another collection, click the Add To button, and then select the collection. This does not duplicate the item, but simply allows it to appear in more than one collection. Therefore, if you delete this item from one collection, it will also be deleted from any other collections it has been added to. If you wish to duplicate an item so it creates a new record, use the Duplicate icon. This is the icon to the far right of each item in Organize. It looks like two arrows pointing around in a circle. Click this button and it will create a copy of the item which you can edit.

How much does an Organize subscription cost?

A one-year subscription to Organize is $50.00 per year. This subscription is set up to automatically renew, so you will not have to worry about losing access each year. If you do not wish to have it auto-renew, you can turn it off through your My Account, subscriptions tab. See the Online Price Guide FAQs for more detailed information about turning off auto-renew or contact us at

You can access Organize for FREE with a player, sport or Total Access Online Price Guide subscription.

Test Drive Organize for free with 500 items or less.


How can I find someone to Trade with?

Search for an item you want and click on the item description. This will take you to the Item Detail Page. Look for the C2C Trade zone. You will be able to find other collectors who either HAVE the item, or WANT the item. Click on the green arrow to start a trade with them.

How do I set items up for Trade?

1) Enter items into a collection in Organize.

2) Use the Trade View for best results. To trade away, open the collection and enter quantities into Haves and Trade columns. To trade for them, enter quantities into the Want column.

3) You no longer need to make a collection public to make the items available for trade.

How do I start a Trade?

Once you find someone you want to trade with, go to their Profile Page and click Trade With Me which will open a Trade Window. Using the Add Items button to get to the Select Items window, add items to each side of the trade. You can find items using the search field or any of the filters in the Select Items window. Once finished click Send Offer.

How does the counter-offer work?

The counter-offer gives you the opportunity to make changes to the trade. You can add or delete items from either side of the trade. Or, you can add cash to one side of the trade. Once you have made your edits, click the Send Counter-Offer button to send the trade back. Each side has an option to counter-offer until the final trade is accepted.

What happens when a trade is Accepted?

Once a trade is accepted, you can print out an invoice and ship the items to the other member. Once you have shipped them, go back to the Trade Tab and mark the trade as Shipped. When you receive items from the other trader, mark the trade as Received. As soon as you do this, the trade will move to the Completed Tab. From there you can leave feedback for the other trader.

NOTE: We recommend using some sort of delivery confirmation when sending out a Trade, and Never send cash if it is part of the trade. Always use check or money order, or use PayPal.

How do I sell items on

Sorry. The selling feature is not currently available through the Trade Tool.

Does it cost anything to Sell?

Sorry. Selling is not currently available in the Trade Tool.

Does it cost anything to Trade?

No fees are charged for Trades where only items are included in the transactions. Fees will be applied once selling and the option to add a dollar amount to a trade is made available.

Beckett Certified Appraisal

What is Beckett Certified Appraisal?

The Beckett Certified Appraisal service allows you to receive an appraisal value from a Beckett Sr. Market Analyst for any of your favorite trading cards, including scarce and low print run cards never before valued in a Beckett Price Guide.

What types of items do you appraise?

1. All standard issue trading cards, including low print runs and 1/1's, show versions, print variations, unique patch variations, and more.
2. All items featured in the Beckett Online Price Guide database.
3. All items featured in the Beckett book or magazine Price Guides.

Who actually performs the appraisal of my item(s)?

A Beckett Sr. Market Analyst will perform the appraisal based upon the information you submit through the online order form. Rest assured your card appraisals will receive the highest attention from the top analysts on our staff - the same staff responsible for final pricing featured in all of our sports card Price Guides.

How much does it cost to get an item appraised?

One business-day turnaround time: $25.00 per card
Five business-day turnaround time: $15.00 per card
Five business-day turnaround time for 5 cards or more: $12.00 per card

Holidays and weekends are not counted as business days. Please refer to the List of Holidays on the Beckett Certified Appraisal homepage for more information about Beckett holidays.

What is the turnaround time to receive an appraisal?

You may select from either a 1 business day turnaround time or a 5 business day turnaround time. Cost will vary based upon your selection. Please refer to the List of Holidays link on the Beckett Certified Appraisal homepage for holidays and dates not counted as business days.

What item details do I need to submit to get an item appraised?

The Beckett Sr. Market Analyst will need the following information in order to appraise your item:

1. Item Description - search options and filters are available to find your item in our database
2. Card Serial Number (if serial numbered card)
3. Card Condition or Grade (if professionally graded card)
4. If it is a Graded Card, select the Grading Company and enter the Graded Serial number.
5. Any additional card details (free form text section)
6. Images. You may upload up to four different high quality images. We recommend .jpg files, scanned at 300dpi at 100%. Front and back images are preferred.

How do I submit an order?

Go to, or click the Appraisal tab at the top of any Beckett page. Click START YOUR APPRAISAL NOW! to begin your order. Enter the required information in our quick 4-step process to submit your order.

What happens after I submit my order?

Once you submit your order, you will receive a confirmation email with details about the item(s) you submitted.
An acknowledgment email will be sent when a Beckett Sr. Market Analyst begins working on your order.
When the Beckett Sr. Market Analyst finishes your order, a final email will be sent explaining the results of your appraisal.

Appraisal Certificates can be viewed and printed from your My Account page. Click on the Orders tab and click the BCA Orders button. A list of your BCA orders will appear. Click VIEW to see the order details. You will see a Print button to print your certificate. You may come back to this page anytime to print another copy.

How do I get my appraisal certificate?

Appraisal Certificates can be viewed and printed from your My Account page.

When logged in, move your cursor over the "down arrow" in the upper right hand corner of the page, next to your username.
Click on the Orders tab and click the BCA Orders button. A list of your BCA orders will appear.
Click VIEW to see the order details. You will see a Print button to print your certificate.

You may come back to this page anytime to print another copy.

Do I receive anything to show the appraisal value of the item I submitted?

Yes, you will be able to print a certificate with the date, the item description, the condition or grade, the image you submitted, and the appraisal value. Once your appraisal is complete, login to and go to My Account. Within My Account, click on the Orders tab and select BCA Orders. When you view your appraisal order, you will find a link to print your certificate.

How do I know which condition to select?

1. If your card has been graded and slabbed by one of the third party services, such as BGS, then select the grading company from our pull down list. Then select the grade featured on the label from the Card Condition pull down list.

2. If your card has not been slabbed and graded, often called "raw," then make the condition selection you feel best matches your card's condition. However, keep in mind that most newer cards pulled straight from packs are commonly considered NM-MT and not Mint, so this should be the default condition selected in most cases. NM-MT is the condition level used for raw cards in Beckett print price guides - Beckett HI book value is NM-MT condition for modern era cards. Therefore, it is likely that you will see the same appraisal value whether you select NM-MT or Mint for the raw condition since Mint seldom receives a true value premium unless graded and slabbed.

Collecting 101

What do those abbreviations mean?

! = condition sensitive card
* = announced print run
AS = All-Star
ATG = All Time Great
AU = Autograph
AUTO = Autograph
AUTO2 = Two autographs on the card
AUTO3 = Three autographs on the card
AUTO4 = Four autographs on the card
AUTO5 = Five autographs on the card
AUTO6 = Six autographs on the card
AUTO 8 = Eight autographs on the card
AUTO10 = Ten autographs on the card
AUTO 12 = Twelve autographs on the card
AUTO ON CARD = an autograph featured on the card itself as opposed to a sticker autograph or cut autograph
AW = Award Winner
BAP = Be A Player
CL = Checklist
CO = Coach
COA = Certificate of Authenticity
COR = Corrected
CRC = Cup Rookie Card
DK = Diamond King
DP = Douple Print or Draft Pick
ERR = Error
EXCH = Exchange
FW = Future Watch
GLV = Glove
HH = Hometown Heroes
HL = Highlight
HOF = Hall of Fame
HOR = Horizontal
IA = In Action
ITG = In The Game
JSY = Jersey
LL = League Leader
MEM = Memorabilia
MEM2 = Two swatches of memorabilia
MEM3 = Three swatches of memorabilia
MEM4 = Four swatches of memorabilia
MEM5 = Five swatches of memorabilia
MEM6 = Six swatches of memorabilia
MEM7 = Seven swatches of memorabilia
MEM8 = Eight swatches of memorabilia
MEM10 = Ten swatches of memorabilia
MEM12 = Twelve swatches of memorabilia
MG = Manager
MVP = Most Valuable Player
NNO = Unnumbered
NNOF = No Name on Front
NOF = Name on Front
OLY = Olympics
OPC = O-Pee-Chee
PROS = Prospect
RB = Record Breaker
RC = Rookie Cards
ROY = Rookie of the Year
SP = Short Print
SR = Star Rookie
TC = Team Card
TL = Team Leader
UD = Upper Deck
UER = Uncorrected Error
UNI = Uniform
VAR = Variation
XRC = Extended Rookie Card
YG = Young Guns

Beckett Auction Services

Why should I choose Beckett Auction Services over other auction sites?

The Beckett name has always stood for high integrity and unmatched ethics in everything we do. You can trust Beckett Auction Services to provide a fair and competitive auction environment for both consignors and bidders.

We also have immediate access to assist in getting cards graded through the top-rated Beckett Grading Services, plus getting items authenticated through BAS and providing a guideline for low print run cards through the price guide experts of Beckett Certified Appraisal. No other company can match the combined level of hobby expertise as Beckett Media - all under one roof!

Let the marketing power and reach of the Beckett name do all the work for you!