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20-21 Absolute & Revolution

20-21 Absolute & Revolution
Got a box absolute and revolution-

20-21 Revolution

notable cards

-Anthony Edwards rookie revolution

-Onyeka Okongwu rookie revolution fractal

-Jalen Smith 91/149 impact

-Killian Hayes

-Cole Anthony groove

20-21 Absolute

-Tyrese Haliburton common RC

-Ricky Rubio jersey

-Killian Hayes error card?? 8/10 autograph

-Josh Green 147/199 tools of the trade autograph

-Payton Pritchard jersey card

-Payton Pritchard RC common

The Killian Hayes is a sticker auto and I think it is his auto, however, it is not his picture.  Player on the card wears jersey #38 and doesn't look like Killian

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