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1993 SP hobby boxes

RE: 1993 SP hobby boxes
(01-09-2022, 01:37 PM)RattPoison2 Wrote: Not a Jeter fan by any means, but I stumbled upon a couple Jeter '93 RCs when I sorted thru some shoe boxes.
I'm thinking once the price to get a card graded levels off I may send it to BGS.
We hope grading will level off one day.  Doesn't look like anytime soon though.
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RE: 1993 SP hobby boxes
Have to think COVID and everyone cooped up for over a year contributed to Beckett being overrun with submissions.
Too bad they weren't prepared to hire more people sooner, but I understand they were shut down because of COVID.
People getting cards graded nowadays must have more money than sense. Ya'all must have oil wells or something.

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