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Little Sun Promo Set

Little Sun Promo Set
Trying to get some info on the Little Sun Sigh School Baseball Prospects Promotional set and help would be greatly appreciated.

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RE: Little Sun Promo Set
From Beckett:

This 30-card set features a selection of top high school ballplayers including future star Derek Jeter. 3,000 sets were produced and each set was distributed in a sticker-sealed, plastic snap case with a serial numbered checklist card. In addition, each youngster featured in the set received a limited number of special 31-card sets that included the basic 30 cards plus an unsigned version of their Autograph insert card.
I collect Hall of Fame baseball player cards and cards of current and retired superstars.

My Huge Wantlist: http://www.zeprock.com/WantList.html

RE: Little Sun Promo Set
Jeter is the $$ item here. Lots of $$ for the AU..

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