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2013 Press Pass Autographs/Fanfare

2013 Press Pass Autographs/Fanfare
Does anyone know of an article/checklist that outlines quantities of black/red/green ink used for player autographs in the 2013 Press Pass Autographs and Fanfare printings. Ive seen an article on the 2011 issues but nothing on 2013. Thanks in advance for the help!

RE: 2013 Press Pass Autographs/Fanfare
Should be able to tell from the Beckett Listings. Example on Ansah: The base Fanfare auto is not numbered, but when it lists the Fanfare Red Ink it mentions a print run of 7. And for the Target Exclusive that is serial numbered to 10, it list the regular with a print run of 9 and the red ink with 1. Hope this helps.
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