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Made the smart choice...

Made the smart choice...
As I'm posting this I realize it should be in the vintage section but what the heck, I'll leave it.

Anyway, hit the mall to make some returns today and stopped at Target. Was gonna go for a Chrome or Update blaster but decided not to. On the way home I hit a small LCS that I don't necessarily go to since they all but converted to coins over cards. Well, I looked thru what they have left of cards and found a nice vintage that was marked for $20! Figured since I decided against the blaster that it was meant to be!

Whaddya think?!

[Image: 20141229_155427_zpsgmjrhuxv.jpg]
[Image: 9tnms3F.png]
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RE: Made the smart choice...
I'd say it was a great find for $20. Congrats!
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RE: Made the smart choice...
Great pickup!
[Image: u0vgF6d.jpg]
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RE: Made the smart choice...
Love it!!
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RE: Made the smart choice...
So much better than any blaster. That's such a nice card of an extremely important milestone.

RE: Made the smart choice...
No better league leaders card than that one! Baseball history!

I have done that a number of times... Hold off on the blaster at target, and then spend the $20 on comc or eBay! Always leave happy!
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RE: Made the smart choice...
well done

RE: Made the smart choice...
excellent find

RE: Made the smart choice...
Great deal, beat deal I've ever found at my LCS was a 1981 Montana rookie for $20
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