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Thank You ninersAllDay
Thank You ninersAllDay
Jeremy is a new member here, but been active on SCF. Jeremy was kind enough to send me some extra, beyond my Rainbow Needs. Thanks Jeremy, you are appreciated. Some of these cards will be for trade. Once everything I have coming in, I will get organized in my organizer.

[Image: Scan0003_zpsda8fa163.jpg][/URL]

[Image: Scan0004_zps2d3c0a5c.jpg][/URL]

[Image: Scan0001_zpsaf3110f8.jpg][/URL]

[Image: Scan0002_zps2ea6cac1.jpg][/URL]

[Image: Scan0005_zps51d16b59.jpg][/URL]
Quinton Patton's GU and Autos


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