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Recent pick-up with (scan) 10-29-13

Recent pick-up with (scan) 10-29-13
I will continue to add to this over the next week all items are loaded in my org. Thanks for the look... To all collectors I have trades in the works with I finally have a couple days off from work so I plan on knocking out all active trades I have going on. Sorry to all that have been so patient with me over the last week with the active trades.

Thank Richard

So here is a few of the new items shouts out to hongkonfooey and CrakumsGT

[Image: image_zps7f8935e0.jpg]

[Image: image_zps4fd9ac6a.jpg]

[Image: image_zps90aa4928.jpg]

1.  Ken Griffey Jr (90s inserts)
2.  Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat RCs/inserts)
3.  Bryce Harper RCs(all colors)
4.  Nolan Arenado RCs(all colors)
5.  Barry Bonds (90s inserts)

RE: Recent pick-up with (scan) 10-29-13
I'm interested in the Tulo
[Image: m5GDmvD.png]

Want List
- 2006 Craig Biggio SP Authentic By the Letter "B" "O"
- 1991 Topps Desert Shield Chipper Jones


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